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  • Need User exits for MB21 Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks, I have designed custom screen for MB21 transaction which calls the standard screen. I want to pass some data from the custom screen to the standard screen but for that i need a user exit to do the same I tried get/set parameters but they wo

  • Add another field in the screens of Transaction MB21/MB22/MB23 Updated:11-30

    Dear all, We have a requirement to add an extra field BDZTP(Time that reservation quantity required) while creating, changing or displaying reservations manually. We are currently using SAP 4.6c. I tried looking for screen exits and BADIs for the tra

  • Runtime error in MIRO while using User/Screen exit Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have implemented an exit in ABAP for MIRO which when transported to Quality server through runtime error. I have used EXIT (SMOD) : LFDCB001 which contains FM -> EXIT_SAPLFDCB_001 and include -> ZXM08U31. In this exit I have written my code

  • How to find out a screen exit Updated:10-11

    hi seniors can any one tell me abt screen exit n thier search. pls hurry points will be rewarded offer valid for today only. Sameerhi, How to Find a Screen Exit in a Given SAP Standard T-code Program REPORT YSMOD2 . TABLES: MODSAP, MODACT, TSTC. PARA

  • Creation of sales order- screen exit Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have a requirement like while creation of sales order need to develop one screen field in additional data B.i developed that field. and now while creation of sales order it will save in vbak table. now the problem is that screen field will

  • Screen-exit for profit center creation - transaction KE51. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Background: The client has the requirement of importing profit centre master data from legacy system into SAP ECC system. Few of the legacy data could not be filled into existing sap fields, hence the requirement has been to populate the data

  • Screen exit/BADI for adding custom field in IW31/IW32 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, The requirement is to add the permit field in the Header component of IW31. Searched SDN and found user exit IWO10018 for the same which includes a screen exit. The activation of the same is adding a tab in the screen while user wants the fie

  • How can i add field to screen exit ? Updated:10-11

    ver 4.7 trans.  me21n add field in screen exit . i implement screen exit MM06E005->SAPMM06E->0111 in the layout i try to add field  by pressing button in the toolbar ( dictionary field window ) , but when i press "save" in me21n  , i get m

  • Fields not greyed out in display mode in screen exit Updated:10-11

    Hi all, i am working on an screen exit for CJ02 transaction. the values in the customer subscreen are getting updated in database and even it is reflecting in fields when viewed again. the problem is that in display mode (CJ03) the fields are still e

  • Add one column to the screen exits Updated:10-11

    Hi All     I am doing Screen Exits, here i have to add one column to the screen and it have to retrive the data from the specified fields anyone plz give me the solution.Hi which screen exit? MaxRead other 3 answers

  • Problem in  transporting MIGO BADI screen exit? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have implemented MB_MIGO_BADI for screen-exit of the MIGO. Whem transporting I am getting an error that                                                                                Table ZMIGO_BADI_EX_SCREEN_FIELD could not be activated  

  • Screen - exits - step by step simple examples Updated:10-11

    hi , i am new to user exits. pls help me by giving step by step example for creating a subscreen with 2 fields , and incorporate with some standard sap transactions. there are many who discussed the same topic in the forum ,but i find confusing. *so

  • How to write the code for screen-exits Updated:10-11

    halo fellow SAPiens, I want to add a screen for t-code AS01......for which i have created a sub-screen in the function grp (related to AS01) i need to link the sub-screen with the Standard SAP prgm..........i.e  call the sub-screen........

  • Screen exit for transaction XK01 Updated:10-11

    Hi,   I want to add a field for the transaction 'XK01'.   How to find out the screen exit for this transaction.   If we dont have screen exit for this transaction, is there any other way to add the field.   Ps help regardng this.Hi, Check the BADI CU

  • Screen exit for transaction VA41 Updated:10-11

    dear all, i want to add two fields to the transaction code VA41 contract creation.can anybody tell me screen exit for this or else how to do it? regards, DebeshHi Debesh Tripathy,            In additional data A Tab you have some customer field than

  • Screen exit for transaction MD14. Updated:10-11

    Hi collegues, Does anyone know what the screen exit for transaction MD14 is?  I need to add an extra field to the detail screen of transaction MD14.  The field name to be added is MDBA-LIFNR. Thanks.Exit found.Read other 2 answers

  • Problem with Screen EXITS. Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need to to some enhancements to my std screen for T.code IE03. I found screen exits and Function exits for that . I  create the subscreen in screen exit and linking to the functional exit, Whem i am activiting it raises the error "Incorrect nes

  • Problem activating a project with screen-exit Updated:10-11

    Hi! Could somebody guide me to activate a project that has the enhancement MM06E005, with many screen-exits? In this enhancement, has many screen exits and I only implemented the 0101 screen (it's appears in me23n). When I activated the project, the

  • How to make a field in custom screen as display field in screen exit Updated:10-11

    Hi , I have created a screen exit for CO02 with a field for item text in header level as input field , when value is given and save button is cliked it gets updated in database but the problem is same field shows as input field in CO03 ( display mode

  • Screen Exit / Badi for VF01 in ECC 5.0 Version Updated:10-11

    Dear experts, I want to add some customized field(Bill of lading date) to the screen of billing header and the field should be displayed in the screens of t-code VF01 and VF02 always. I found that the BAdi: BADI_SD_CUST_HEAD But When I try to  create