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  • Problem with MM Scheduling Agreement Inbound Delivery Updated:10-11

    Hello all Gurus, I have a problem with inbound delivery. Whenever I am trying to create inbound delivery in VL31N with the total open quantity of MM scheduling agreement, I am getting a warning message as below "Notified quantity less than goods rece

  • Delivery notes in scheduling agreements Updated:10-11

    Hello, we send scheduling agreement (ME38) to our supplier. Now we create delivery notes with vl31n, which should reduce the open quantity of our schedules. Unfortunaly the delivery notes will not reduce the quantity and we send the supplier a wrong

  • Inbound delivery for Sub-Contracting Scheduling Agreement Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am working on inbound delivery creation --> PGR for sub-assembly (Semi-finished product) which we receive from sub-contracting vendor through scheduling agreement. At time of PGR, it should do MVT#101 for sub-assembly and 543-O for raw comp

  • How to measure performance of supplier when using scheduling agreement ? Updated:10-11

    Hello all, My client has an absolute need to be able to measure the performance of its suppliers based on delivery dates and delivered quantities. That is to say he needs to be able to compare what dates and quantities were asked to what has been rea

  • Order of delivery schedule line counter at schedule agreements from MRP run Updated:10-11

    Currently we are using schedule agreements for our long term external suppliers, but we are facing a problem with the order of new delivery schedule lines created during MRP run. Because of master data settings like, lot size, rounding value, plan de

  • MRP To Generate SCHEDULE LINES for Scheduling Agreement Updated:10-11

    Hi I have followed the below steps but still the Schedule lines is not generated for scheduling agreement. 1Maintain MRP views 1,2,3,4 for the material in material mste.(MM01) 2. Maintain Purchase Info Record for the vendor plant & material combinati

  • About selecting Scheduling Agreement and Forecast delivery schedule Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, i want to write a Report, with 2 parameters for the selection : Sold-to-party and Period For this Sold-to-party/Period, I want to list all scheduling agreement + Forecast delivery schedule. I already found the Function SD_VBEP_READ_WITH_V

  • Error in creating a schedule agreement Updated:10-11

    hi friends i got an error in creating a scheduling agreement the error reads- 'zjk5(the output type ) is not defined' condition records,port definition,partner profiles everything is fine. another error that reads is 'No communication data is set for

  • Batch in scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    Hi gurus, we manage some material with batch. when i create sheduling agreement or when I maintain delivery schedule, I cannot enter the value of batch, In selection screen (for scheduoing agreement o delivery schedule) is not possible to set "displa

  • Change in scheduling agreement schedule lines . Updated:10-11

    Dear All ,         We have activated release strategy for scheduling agreement .Previously while maintaining schedule lines it was not going for release .          But now while maintaining schedule lines in ME38 it is going for release .I want to kn

  • Error in scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    Dear Expert We are creating Scheduling agreement through ME31L system create the SA but when i check it through ME32L system is giving error SA is not created i have check in the table EKET in that also entry is not there but at the time of creation

  • Subcontracting in scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    Dear all, while doing subcontracting scheduling agreement, how can we add the child components to the parent material. in cs01 ,we maintained the bill of material for the parent CS11 we are able to view it. Regards, veluHi, If you have al

  • Error In scheduling agreement proccessing Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends 1. If I enter new schedule line  in JIT  Delivery tab of   scheduling agreement and try to save  it  , it is throwing error that u201CDelivery go ahead was reducedu201D. Message no. V4042. I went ahead and saved the  scheduling agreement 

  • BOM in Scheduling agreement (Type LZ) Updated:10-11

    HI I am using scheduling agreement (Type LZ) for maintaining my sales plan for a period of 4 months. (1st one month - daily & subsequent months as weekly requirements). Ii would create delivery and invoices for each supply. Pricing previously was bas

  • Printing of changed line item in scheduling agreement  smart form. Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I am facing problem in printing of changed line item in schedule agreement. can any body tell me how to find the line item has been changed through programming?what is the procedure to fetch the data for new line item.its very urgent for

  • Picking of the varient pricing in scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    Hello Gurus goodmorning i have a small query i.e when i'm using OR as a document type for  my sales order its picking the varient price and all  are going fine but when i'm trying to do same for scheduling agreement DS in my sales order  its not pick

  • Restriction of Validity start date in Scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am not able to convert the message 06 170( Start of validity period is in the past) in error message , when i am going to define attributes of system messages in purchasing and converting this message into error , system still does not give err

  • Unable to do goods receipt in Scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    Hi , We have a scheduling agreement and a valid schedule line whose delivery date has passed already. When we try to do a GR  , the system does not allow us to do a GR. I have been told to check that "confirmation control key 0004 has been set up for

  • Creation of services in scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    can we create services through scheduling agreement.If yes How we have to create itThanks for your reply but there is no item category D in the scheduling agreement.So how to bring that in that document.      sridhar.ARead other 3 answers

  • List of Issues in Scheduling agreement ?? Updated:10-11

    Hii experts Cam somebody explain me about the crictical issue in scheduling agreements in MM . What kind of issues will occur in SAP SA scenario. Can somebody share their exp on this ... ThanksPlease check the SA issues in these links: Scheduling Agr