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sccm could not find policy in wmi

  • Could not find the policy in WMI for package Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to deploy a language pack to a windows 8.1 machine and it is not installing. According to the execmgr.log it cannot find the policy in WMI? I have tried running the machine policy update within CFG MGR but no change. Is there somethin

  • Deploying SCCM Client through Group Policy Updated:11-30

    Hi  I want to deploy SCCM Clients to PCs using Group policy - I know that i  need the MSI file which is  included in the SCCM setup DVD but i dont have a fast internet to download the whole package as i just need  (CCMSETUP AND ADM Template)  Could s

  • Error "Could not find the Policy in WMI" Updated:11-30

    Hi Team, Seeing attach error in excemgr log. Packages\apps are failing with TS deployment. Its MDT 2013 with config manager 2012 R2. any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks.You need to check the allow application to install in a task sequence checkb

  • SCCM 2012 R2 CU2 Can't Edit WMI Query Code in Report Builder Updated:10-11

    I first posted this in the SCCM but the issue is not solved so I thought I'd try here in the SQL Reporting forum. Original thread here:

  • SCCM 2012 R2 Clients are not retrieving policy Updated:10-11

    Hi - I know this question has been asked many times before - but I have tried almost everything and a no closer to solving the problem. Background: Recently a SCCM 2012 SP1 single stand-alone site was upgraded to SCCM 2012 R2. The site is a single st

  • WMI issues in VMware based Machine Windows 2008 R2 Servers affecting SCCM Clients Updated:11-30

    Dear Brothers,<o:p></o:p> I came to an observation particularly in dealing with Windows 2008R2 Servers Vmware Based Virtual Machines with SCCM Clients.<o:p></o:p> Observation:<o:p></o:p> 1. Windows 2008R2 Virtual Machin

  • Is WMI required SCCM client 2007 agent for working Updated:11-30

    A Quick Qustion Is WMI required SCCM client agent for working what is the neccesity for WMI on SCCM client agent 2007 How SCCM CLient affect if WMI corrupt could any one explaine Its not only a question I am facing sccm client agent corrupted shinuYe

  • SCCM 2012: update client machine policy via powershell? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Does SCCM 2012 R2 have powershell command built-in to trigger update actions of SCCM client (update machine policy etc)? J. Jan HoedtTo update client machine using Power Shell, you can check below link

  • Why the SCCM client always corrupts the WMI repository? Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a Configuration Manager 2012 R2 CU2 installation with hundred of client/servers. From the initial deploy of the SCCM client, we seen that many machines had a Windows slow logon process. We searched online for a fix and many people had

  • Cannot Connect Remotely to WMI Updated:11-30

    I have run into an issue with our Windows 7 machines and am having trouble diagnosing the cause. I am unable to connect remotely to any of the Windows 7 machines' WMI. Every time I try, I get the error "RDP server is unavailable". I can ping the

  • SCCM client not getting installed on some system (SCCM 2012 SP1) Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am new to SCCM. I deployed sccm client via "client push deployment". Client installed on 90% system , but some system are not getting sccm client install. I restarted WMI service and file sharing on those client. 1:- I check the ccmsetup.l

  • SCCM Client Push Installation Wizard does not install the client. CCMSetup folder - not created Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have tried running the Client Push wizard for a single computer or a pilot collection of 8 computers, the result is always the same - no SCCM client is installed on any computer. The computers are running 32-bit Windows XP SP2. The Windows f

  • SCCM Client Configuration Tab missing and actions are also missing Updated:11-30

    Hello All, Stuck from few days in installation of Client in Secondary Site. Actions are missing in tab and Configuration Tab is also missing. 1. Boundaries and Boundaries Group are properly configured 1a. Client Push installation is performed through

  • App-v management server or SCCM 2012 integration? Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are using App-V 5.0 integrated within SCCM 2012 for a while now but aren't happy with it. Hope was that in some update of sccm 2012 it would improve but it does not. That's why the idea arises to use the Ap-V management server again. Below a c

  • FEP 2010 Admin Template Breaks GPResult /H on SCCM 2012 clients Updated:11-30

    We have both FEP 2010 clients, which are being managed by a GPO created from the FEP2010 Admin Template in our Central store, and SCCM 2012/SCEP clients which are being managed by SCCM but we have noticed when running GPResult /h on the SCCM clients,

  • Can't Install SCCM Primary Server Updated:11-30

    On installing the Primary site, which connects to Central Server, I get the following error as "Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation" I was not able to connect to WMI and all the required ports are open. The trust relation is also in p

  • SCCM 2012 R2 - Bitlocker PIN not Suspending when performing patching Updated:11-30

    Hello, After upgrading to R2 version of SCCM, when applying patching to our client machines, even with the "Suspend Bitlocker PIN entry on restart" "Always" on, Bitlocker is not suspending. This worked perfectly in SCCM RTM and SP1 ver

  • W32tm NTP Policy for DCs Updated:11-30

    Hello, I want to create a  W32TM GPO so that if we move the PDC emulator role the new system receives the correct settings to sync with an external source. I'd also like to create a GPO for the other DCs to act as domain peers.  Let me know if you fe

  • Imaged Windows 8.1 computers do not have a functional ConfigMgr Client- Certificates are not being installed Updated:11-30

    Using ConfigMgr 2012 R2 (no CU). OSD was working fine prior to the recent black tuesday patch problems. Domain Contoller (and also CA) as well as all clients got all the recent August patches. Just built 2 machines, one physical (inspiron 15, other h

  • Advertisements do not run on computers where DST is ignored Updated:11-30

    Here's an SCCM advertisement scheduling gotcha- Some control room computers have the box shown below unchecked.  The result is that they stay on standard time year-round. Date and Time Properties -> Time Zone -> "Automatically adjust clock for