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  • Datasocket Server data persists Updated:11-30

    If I write to the datasocket server, the data that was written will persist until it is overwritten. This allows it to be read my mulitple readers I guess. In my situation, however, I need to have the data on the server "erased" after it is read

  • Best practice for data persistance for monitoring without BAM Updated:10-11

    Greetings, We are modeling a business process in a large organization using BPEL Process Manager. The key point is that business people needs to monitor the execution of the business process in several key sectors of the process execution as well as

  • How can I make the data persistent when using plist ? Updated:10-11

    I have a UITableView table1. And when I touch any cell in the table a new UIViewController appears and it have two UITextField's name and description. After entering the data in both the text fields I used the save button to save them. In save method

  • What is the use of Data packet dim with Virtual cube with services Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, Could anybody tell me what is the use of Packet dimension in Virtual cube with services , It cannot contain data persistently ,Just fetch at runtime,Then there is no Physical load happening,Then why it should be automatically created for

  • Problem with Persistent Object as Reference Attribute of Persistent Object Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I have a problem with a persistent class that contains a reference attribute to another persistent class.  I can write the reference object attribute to the DB but when I read the reference attribute back from the DB the object is null.  A

  • Is it possible to import data into Captivate 5? Updated:10-11

    Is it possible to import data back into a Captivate 5 lesson, that was  stored to a server or database from earlier in the Captivate 5 lesson?   We would like to redisplay data from one screen to another.  Some if it  is quiz results, some just respo

  • Fpga data persistence volatility Updated:10-11

    I was just wondering about the persistence/volatility of the various memory methods after cycling power to LabVIEW FPGA Devices?  Is it possible to ensure that data persists after cycling power? Jordan McBain, PhD LabVIEW Controls Engineer Revolution