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  • How do I remove a space before the first word in a sentence using find and replace or GREP? Updated:10-11

    Right, so I am laying out a document in inDesign from a word document and it has a space before every first word in a sentence. It is really annoying and I need a quick way to get rid of them. I wasn't too sure how to do it with find/change but I am

  • File Content Conversion Removes Leading Blank/Space Updated:10-11

    I'm having a problem where file content conversion is trimming leading blanks/space/whitespace from fields when reading in the inbound file.  I've seen where people have posted that you need to use fieldContentFormatting to prevent content conversion

  • Leading spaces in excel file from ALV Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, once I export a record from ALV to excel. Some values I think all values that are TYPE I. How can I remove this leading spaces. Ex: '                                                      100' something like that.. so if you dont expand the c