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  • SAPSCRIPT - Symbol for removing leading spaces/zero's? Updated:11-30

    Hi, How do you remove leading spaces/zeros in a variable that is sent from the print program? Do you use symbols and if so, how (i've never worked with symbols, ever)? Please help. Thanks, JohnI think the "Z" symbol will remove the zeros in the

  • Removing Leading Spaces in the field to be displayed Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could you please tell me how to remove leading spaces in currency field in write statement? the length of the field cannot be changed by writing fieldname(length). is there any other method to do the same. the length should vary according to the

  • Removing leading spaces Updated:11-30

    How can I remove leading spaces on a field before it is saved to the database. I know that I need to use the LTrim function. However, I am unsure as to where. thanks.though there are plenty of ways you could do this depending on your page's setup, a

  • Removing leading spaces in a decimal number Updated:11-30

    I have a decimal number field of length 28 with 9 spaces.I have to print it right justified and remove the leading spaces.I appreciate if anyone can let me the statement for thisHi,   Try this.. DATA: V_P TYPE P DECIMALS 2. V_P = '112.00'. WRITE: / V

  • Removing leading spaces in smartforms Updated:11-30

    When I print numbers in smartforms, they usually have a bunch of leading spaces, which messes up the formatting. E.g. a CURR 15 field containing 5000 will print as "          5.000,00". I saw the formatting options in the BC470 manual but there

  • How can I remove leading spaces? Updated:11-30

    I have a 40 page PDF and I used the Form Wizard to generate fields for me. I noticed that some of the fields have leading spaces in the name. These fields cannot be used via the doc.getField(name) syntax. It simply returns null. If I manually rename

  • Removing leading spaces for type P variable Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am declaring the 2 variables as type P. The below code was working fine, But our client, wants to remove the leading spaces for these variables, v_lower(16)           TYPE p DECIMALS 2, v_upper(16)           TYPE p DECIMALS 2. v_lower = i_plmk-

  • FM to remove Leading spaces Updated:11-30

    Hi,   Can any tell me how to remove the leading spaces from the variable with sample code or any function module. I have field which is of 40 characters. slpit that into two different variables first 4 and rest 36 characters. But there is possibility

  • Remove leading space(blank) REGUH-RWBTR in script Updated:11-30

    hi, i am now dealing with cheque priting in word issue. the output format should be : <b>USD 111,000 AND CENT 45 ONLY.</b> the amount field i use is REGUH-RWBTR in script. but the output come with leading of space. <b>which is as : USD  

  • Removing \n and leading spaces with String.replaceAll() Updated:11-30

    I am trying to format a large XML string that contains carriage returns and lines with leading spaces. Something like this (pseudo example)... s: "<a> ��<b>some text</b> ��<c> ����<d>more text</d> ��</c> <

  • How do I remove a space before the first word in a sentence using find and replace or GREP? Updated:10-11

    Right, so I am laying out a document in inDesign from a word document and it has a space before every first word in a sentence. It is really annoying and I need a quick way to get rid of them. I wasn't too sure how to do it with find/change but I am

  • File Content Conversion Removes Leading Blank/Space Updated:10-11

    I'm having a problem where file content conversion is trimming leading blanks/space/whitespace from fields when reading in the inbound file.  I've seen where people have posted that you need to use fieldContentFormatting to prevent content conversion

  • Delete leading spaces in sapscript Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, is there a way to delete the leading spaces in spascript i have the value: (.........7685524,5) how to delete the spaces?(i have spaces instead of the points) Regards, Soufiane Message was edited by:         Soufiane FAYSSALUse PERFORM-EN

  • Leading spaces in excel file from ALV Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, once I export a record from ALV to excel. Some values I think all values that are TYPE I. How can I remove this leading spaces. Ex: '                                                      100' something like that.. so if you dont expand the c

  • Preserving leading spaces in a report column. Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a report region derived from a sql query. One of the columns in the database can contain leading spaces. However, my report column is not displaying the leading spaces. These are the things I've tried: On the Column Attributes page, under C

  • How to remove leading zeros and leading blanks from numc Updated:11-30

    Hi experts,          i wanted to show personal number into my smartform..The field name is PERNR(8) which is of type N. But, in my smartform I get output as (000234)..if I use &pernr(Z)& leading zeros r removed but then the output is (   234)..Now

  • Removing leading zeros for the quantity field Updated:11-30

    Hi all, In my script form there is a quantity field, of 13 and 3 decimals , on the out put its taking that much space un neccesarily,and messing up. how to make this adjustable in the provided space. It always 3 digits and 2 decimal points in our cas

  • How to eliminate leading space in menu item. Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm using JDeveloper I have created menu dynamically, using RichCommandMenuItem in my bean class. Menu gets generated and works as per requirement. Menu items however, display some leading space as seen in 'Screenshot(s)' section o

  • Subroutine to remove preceding spaces in a field Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am from SAP BW. Can anyone help me to write a sub routine to remove preceding spaces in a field . The data is in excel sheet which we need to load into info cube. But as the data in the field contains preceding spaces,its unable to load and sho

  • APD - How to remove leading zero's in a String? Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I have been stumped by this challenge for a few hours now, so would appreciate your suggestions. I am using APD to produce a CSV file where the source is a query. The output requires 0MATERIAL and this is delivered by the source query. The