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  • Rfc connection error to saposs Updated:10-11

    Hi while testing the rfc connection to saposs msg comes timeout occured Error:  timeout occured Location : Saprouter 37.11 on SAPDEV Componenet: NI Counter :  1460 Return code: -93 Subrc: 0 Release : 640 Version : 37 Plz suggest me.> Location : Sapro

  • Creation of destination to SAP failed. Could not copy SAPOSS in SDCCN t-cod Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, i am trying to generate rfc destination after entering SDCCN transaction when i click create destination to SAPNET R/3 Frontend getting an error as " Creation of destination to SAP failed. Could not copy SAPOSS" can any one explain h

  • RFC error with SAPOSS (test connection) Updated:10-11

    Hello All, RFC error with SAPOSS Test connection Language:EN Client      :001 User        :OSS_RFC Target system settings: Balace load = Yes RFC error is below:                           Connection test SAPOSS Connection type:    R/3 connection Conne

  • SAPOSS  Test connection Updated:11-30

    Dear All, in SM59 : RFC  Connection Test  : for SAPOSS throws an Return Code  -12 Please guide to resolve the issue. Regards SNB.Hi, SAPOSS is configured automatically on the basis of data in OSS1. However, if SAPOSS isn´t working, please make sure t

  • RFC SAP-OSS & SAPOSS Error Updated:11-30

    Hello, RFC SAP-OSS shows this error.... Logon     Connection Error Error Details     Error when opening an RFC connection Error Details     ERROR: partner 'SAP-SOLMAN:sapdp99' not reached Error Details     LOCATION: SAP-Server SAP-SOLMAN_SOL_00 on ho

  • Test conn. SAPOSS error when opening an RFC connection SNC processing fail Updated:11-30

    Dear all,    I configured a Saprouter in DMZ with SNC connection type to establish connection from my company to SAP and vice-versa. Also I accept connection from external company to our SAP systems. During the test in SM59 SAPOSS connection I receiv

  • How to setup RFC Connection for SAPOSS? Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, I tried to setup the RFC connection for SAPOSS based on the following settings, but when I test connection, it failed. Target system : OSS Msg. Server : ... ( this where I stuck which I'm not sure what to fill in) Group : EWA Client : 0

  • SAPOSS RFC Connectiion Issues - Group EWA not Found Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Would anyone else happen to be getting this error today, all our systems appear affected and result in the following when doing a connection test in SM59. Logon     Connection Error Error Details     Error when opening an RFC connection Error

  • SAPOSS problem Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I recently installed Solman 7.1 and I configured SAProuter and when I am trying to test for connection and auth in SM59 it is displaying the following error Connection Error Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' :

  • SAPNET_RFC-SDCC_OSS and SAPOSS Updated:11-30

    hi friends, when i have checked my system through SM59  sapnet_rfc,saposs and sdcc_oss connection test is not ok. All are in red colour.what is the problem? why we need all the above connections ? please tell me process step by step for RFC re-config

  • Settings for SAPOSS RFC Updated:11-30

    what are settings for the SAPOSS RFC e.g. the target host. how do i find it. In case i have to find out target host for a perticular RFC is there a method or way to get to know that.HI Tiest,       The problem is there is no basis team currently and

  • SAPOSS connection / CPI-C error CM_DEALLOCATED_ABEND Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are running SAP R/3 4.5B on the iSeries and have a problem with the SAPOSS connection. / CPI-C error CM_DEALLOCATED_ABEND We deleted the RFC connection SAPOSS and recreated it via note 33135. We applied oss notes 766505 and 455709 trying to fi

  • SAPOSS vs. SDCC_OSS Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I don't understand the difference between the rfc destinations SDCC_OSS and SAPOSS There exist both destinations in the SDCCN. I thought there is only one necessary. 2nd Problem: If I start manually the early watch from my solution manage

  • SAPOSS ID Creation?? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I created an SAPOSS ID in central CUA system, but when i am trying to login from the OS ID i am unable to login. What may be the problem.? Regards RakeshHi Rakesh, CUA is a bit tricky at times. I have often faced this problem. What happens at tim

  • Saposs connection failed while connecting to sap? Updated:10-11

    Hi ,        I have successfully configured sap router.  These are the results afer starting saprouter lsof -w -n -i tcp:3299* COMMAND    PID   USER   FD   TYPE  DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME saprouter 9873 s1dadm    4u  IPv4 5333574      0t0  TCP *:pdrnc

  • RFC SAPOSS for EWA  Error Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, I'll tested the connection using SM59 and this below error occured. I think,the connection is Ok before ,but don't know what happen.Where i need to check and fix it. For OSS connection to SAP or PUBLIC its OK.No errors.Only for EWA group.

  • SAPOSS connection Failed (saprouter) Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, - We have already registered our public ip to SAP. - Saprouter certificate renewed. - Telnet functions ok - Saprouttab ok Saprouter String : /H/xxxxxx/S/sapdp99/H/ Sm59 error = Connection Error Error when o

  • SAPOSS connection Updated:11-30

    I have to open OSS conection to SAP..Please let me know which sapserver I should choose and what to be done at saprouttab file  ...I tried with sapserver2 but It would not work.. unable to connect SAPnet message server Error : partner sapdp99 not rea

  • SAP router connection is not working Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, I cannot connect my systems to SAP, getting the below error.My router is not expired and port 3299 is reachable. SAPRouter "dev_rout" log as follows: trc file: "dev_rout", trc level: 1, release: "720" Wed Apr 09

  • Saprouter Error:Timeout while pending for route completion Updated:11-30

    Please help me with this connection troubleshoot, status of our network are as follows: Settings: Global IP : WW.XX.YY.ZZ --Natted to AA.BB.CC.DD Port Open on Firewall: SAPROUTER 3200 3299 Gateway 3300 3399 SNC Gateway 4800 4899 Host file entry for P