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SAPNET Note 840981

  • Rule cannot delete Updated:11-30

    Hi How to find the Rule used in Validation? I deleted all the Step and Exit and rule condition. but i cannot delete the rule FI_RULEXX. When i try to delete it says below one. I selected one and continued but not solved. Application area             

  • Unable to connect to SAPNet message server Updated:10-11

    Hi, after starting the SAProuter, i have to check if i am able to connect to SAPNet message server. Here is the message delivered after configuring technical parameters: Unable to connect to SAPNet message server Is the problem coming from the saprou

  • Connection from Solution manager to SapNet Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want connect from solution manager to sapnet for downloading support packages. What i need to do ? I think that i need to: 1. official IP address for solution manager host ? Could this ip address be one in all network and routed to solution man

  • Problem to Logon to SAPNet Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I am facing the problem in logon to  SAPNet in solution manager. I have set the parameter for tha sapserv2 with the ip But When I try to logon to the SAPNet,I will shwo the massage. Unable to connect with SAPNet logon me

  • Logon to SAPNet Updated:11-30

    Hello, I installed SAP NW 7.0 Trial Version. I want to get the access key for developer user to create the new programs. But after click the button "logon to SAPNet"  always "unable to connect to SAPNet message Server" display. Please

  • Not able to connect to SAPNet Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to install SAP Not, while connecting to SAPNet systyem is giving message: "Unable to connect to SAPNet message server, (Default connection will be used...)" What can be the reason. Thanks LKHi, Please find the routtab file. SNC c

  • Setting for SAPNet Logon Updated:11-30

    dear guru, can anyone pls let me know the default settings/values for SAPNet Logon... I am trying to connect it through my IDES. but its not working. the default settings maintained here are ..... SAP Router at SAP Name: sapserv3 IP: Inst

  • SAPNet users authorization to access service messages Updated:11-30

    Dear gurus, Sorry if this is not the right forum, but didn't find other more suitable to my question. I need to provide some users, access to download EarlyWatch Alerts from marketplace. Already provide access to access service messages, but users st

  • Report performance while creating report on BEx Updated:10-11

    All all! I am creating a report on BOE 4.0 on top of BEx connection as a source. I have developed reports on top of universe in the past and i know that if we keep calculations on reporting end it hampers the report performance. Is this the same case

  • Blocking of products in CRM from R/3 Updated:10-11

    Hi I have a requirement to block some products in CRM system .My question is what in R/3 needs to be set to make this update in CRM?  As our materials are transferred we would need to ensure the master in R3 is correctly set. When we are changing the

  • Configuration Issue Updated:10-11

    We already implemented EWA in our Solman 7.0 with DB2 Database, but when we run RTCCTOOL in SE38 in Satelite System gives error as below and Solman Component Information .. Kindly suggest do we need really required to upgrade Addonu2019s as suggested

  • Problem in Compresses file.Not able to see the data in file Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am downloading file into application server. Using: OPEN DATASET file FOR OUTPUT FILTER 'compress'. OR DATA: l_command(100) type c.    CONCATENATE 'compress ' p_file INTO lw_command SEPARATED BY space.     ENDIF.     CALL 'SYSTEM' ID 'COMMA

  • B1最新消息及时更新-B1中文社区计划!!! Updated:10-11

    号外,号外,好消息,好消息,SAP中国研究院Business One研发部门大力推出B1中文社区计划, 目的在与更方便快捷有效地与B1顾问及用户进行互动,主要包含以下三个方面的内容: 1. B1共同创新邮箱 B1CoInnovate.CN at (把at换成邮箱符号) 中国合作伙伴在开发解决方案过程中如果遇到问题或对B1的功能提出需求都可以通过该邮箱告诉我们.B1开发团队会为我们的解决方案供应商提供最快速有效的技术及开发支持. 2. SDN中文论坛 为了提升现有中文论坛的影响力,

  • PLD -  VAriáveis Updated:10-11

    Estou desenvolvendo um layout de Nota Fiscal, porém estou com alguns problemas: 1. Não consigo encontrar a Variáveis do CNPJ do PN e da Inscrição de Sub Tributaria: Tentei colocar a Variável 60 para o CNPJ, porém não é aceito. Localizei esta variável

  • Impressão de Nota Fiscal - PLD - Lista de variáveis disponíveis Updated:10-11

    Quando você utiliza o Print Layout Designer (PLD) para editar os modelos de nota fiscal, você deve utilizar algumas variáveis do sistema, que armazenam informações relevantes. Estas variáveis encontram-se no documento "How to modify nota fiscal repor

  • Recebimento Automático de XML Updated:10-11

    Bom dia Alguém sabe qual o status do desenvolvimento da automatização de MIGO e MIRO através do arquivo XML? A previsão dada era para início de dezembro, mas não consegui achar nenhuma nota liberada para isso. ObrigadoBom-dia Alexandre A solução foi

  • Message log for bapi_alm_order_maintain Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Iam getting wbs element and start date from xi proxy as input. Using bapi bapi_alm_order_maintain i need to update basic start date in iw32 . By this bapi the date had been getting updated. Now for example iam getting 10 wbs element from xi 

  • SAP GUI Logon Updated:10-11

    HI, We are supporting a 2 clients where one has sandboxes and  other production system. Is it possible to keep Sandboxes in one gui and production systems in another logon pad. I mean i need 2 SAP GUI-logon pad on my desktop where one logon pad must

  • Service Desk configuration Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I am in the middle of the configuration of SAP Service desk, i am able to create message and message are going from Quality Server to Solution manager server fine, here i can view  the message, i am unable to properly process the message, l

  • Service desk for non-sap (please - any inputs are welcome) Updated:10-11

    hi all,, I know how to setup service desk for SAP use. Can some one provide me some tips on using solution manager - service desk for non-sap as well? eg: the company wants to use service desk for normal activities as well, as laptop not working, ser