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  • SCM client copy- Problem in CIF Updated:11-30

    Hi, Recently we done client copy from production system to test system for both SCM as well as ecc system. Problem is Master data  is with logical system name of production system in APO. We defined only logical system names for ECC and SCM client an

  • Client Copy Error - ERROR: Type 'F' user exit with SYS_ERROR: Updated:11-30

    Hello, We want to create a client copy from client 001 to clien 715. The client copy test runs successfully. The following error occurs in normal mode of client copy. 1 ETA028XClient copy from "03.11.2010" "17:12:43" 1 ETA029 System ID

  • Client copy failed in SCM without livecache Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am executing client copy on a SCM-EWM system with profile SAP_ALL. Client copy failed with error. How can I find what tables are not being copied? The copy fail at post processing steps for this exit program "/SAPAPO/OM_CLNT_COPY_UPLOAD".

  • Logical System and Client copy Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus ,              I just now finished ECC 6.0 successfully , I want to take the client copy . But i hacve one doubt , In client creation one TAB logical system is there , Kindly advice me how to create Logical system and steps . Regards SelvanH

  • Client Copy from BWP to BWT Updated:10-11

    I had a problem with my List Cube Transaction and for that reason, I had a look at the Infoprovider and also the Data Sources. When tried to execute the infoproviders in LISTCUBE, the following messages are being displayed in BWT system: 1. Error rea

  • Client copy with configuration data in R/3. Is there any effect on EBP sys Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We are using classic scenario. Our client is reorganizing their Org structure for that we need to do client copy with only configuration data. In this scenario we are uploading the master and transactional data through ALE in order to retain

  • Unable to log in to newly create client copy Updated:10-11

    I 'm attempting to create a new client from a newly installed ECC 6.0 IDES system. I go into SCC4 and create a new lient '200' and log off. I try to log in to client 200 using sap* and pass and get wrong username or password error. I can see the clie

  • Remote Client Copy Errors Updated:10-11

    Dears, Today I am going to do remote client copy from PRD to QAS. For it yesterday i scheduled Test run in simulation mode.As i am having two CPU for both Dev and PRD so I scheduled it with 6 Parallel Processes. But my Test run failed with errors: Co

  • Remote Client Copy - Ended in Erros Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, We recently performed a Remote client copy. What we normally do is we restore an latest offline backup of the Prod into an instance built exclusively for performing client copies into our QA system. So if our actual PROD is ABC ( producti

  • Remote client copy performance Updated:10-11

    Hello experts, I need an opinion on following possibilities that could speed up remote client copy: Increasing maximum number of processes for parallel processing in dialog mode? Increasing the update processes? Decreasing the undo retention from def

  • Remote Client Copy failed Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am doing remote client copy from (Development Server - ECD 140) to our (Sandbox System - E6S 150) and the client copy keeps failing. I get the below error message. Please advise what is the solution to this problem? I am also copying the log fi

  • Remote client copy - scc9 Updated:10-11

    Hi All am performing remote client copy through scc9, created RFC & tested connection, this server is not in the transport landscape. when i execute scc9 and select profile SAP_ALL from target system (Production server) it runs for 5-7 mins and ends

  • Remote client copy (SCC9) runs a very long time! Updated:10-11

    remote client copy (SCC9) runs a very long time! how to do it quickly process? (eg use imp and exp-oracle tool, as it can be done to understand what the SAP data has been copied and are now in a different location, for Developers)scn001 wrote: remote

  • Remote client copy fails. Updated:10-11

    Remote client copy fails. The error message and info is given below. Help me to proceed. Client copy The client copy you started has terminated Client Copy could not start because of Repository differences Diagnosis The table definitions differ betwe

  • Client Copy back-end system Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, We have made a client copy of the back-end system of SRM (SRM 5.0). Only the back-end and not SRM has been copied. After replication all the master- and customizing data again to SRM from the 'new' back-end I have found an issue with updatin

  • Logical  system name to be updated while client copy--URGENT HELP REQUIRED Updated:10-11

    Hello All,    I have a  query regarding the "Logical System name" updation during Client copy.   When we make a client copy(SRM Masters) for the Production system(SRM),the Old Logical system name for backend(which is attached to the SRM masters)

  • Unable to create IDOCs after client copy Updated:10-11

    I'm unable to create IDOCs after a client copy.  I receive a SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC or insert of duplicate rows ABAP dump. Does anyone know what how to fix this.  Thank you in advance. Runtime Error          SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC Except.    

  • Remote Client copy issues Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have performed a remoted client copy of ECP300 to ECQ system using SAP_ALL Profile and the client copied successfully. After the client copy some users are complainting that not all data moved over or there are some major differences. I know th

  • Remote Client copy: Table does not exist in Nametab Updated:10-11

    Hi! We executed a client copy between 2 SAP EHP4 systems. The both systems are SAP ERP EHP4  systems, but with different Support package. After the client copy we get the following errors: Table ADDRC_DELI_SERV  does not exist in Nametab Table ADDRC_

  • Client copy Locked function module Updated:10-11

    HI, I'm trying to make a client from client 400 to 420. The problem is that the function module is locked by the current user (the same running the client copy); Then when It can't deletes the FM it states that it already exists: "G_GLDB_POSTING_A al