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SAP VF01 FF753

  • Change in Duty Values Updated:11-30

    Hi, As per the Project requirement . In Billing Document inVF01, the duty values are flowing correctly,where as,while on saving billing and in change mode I get duty value is changed and SHE cess is negative.We have used rounding routine 17 in our Pr

  • All VF01 Invocie from SAP to 3rd Party System Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I am trying to send customer invoice to an external system via PI with IDoc type INVOIC02. I have done the basic setting for the output type ZRD0 to transfer the document via. EDI. I have created a partner profile for Logical System u20

  • Need Plant Code for Tax GL MIRO and VF01 in SAP Updated:11-30

    Dear Expert, Our system, for a0 (i.e,s 0% tax) whenever this tax code on po, once  doing miro user adding manually some gl and doing postig For this gl plant picking all tax gl, but apart from a0, example 1a, 5b, 10c i.e., 1%, 5%, 10% for this ftxp,

  • Cost of sales accounting in sap classical GL. Updated:10-11

    Hi Expert, we are facing problem to know the Material Cost against Sales i.e Revenue for Particular Product. kindly help through which module we will configure so that customer will come to know, while producing the finished goods this much of materi

  • Excise invoice number getting reflected in the reference field in VF01 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I require excise invoice number to get get reflected in the reference field of billing document number . (i.e accounting document generated from VF01) Thanks,Dear Muscan,, As per STANDARD SAP PROCESS this functionality is not Possible. The rea

  • How to diplay the text in fi side (fb5ln) ,entered in sd side (vf01) Updated:10-11

    Hi all , I have a critical issue Plz read it carefully give a solution to me .its urgent. 1. The end user actually want the invoice no should be in a text format (ex. sd/kol/2345) which they want to enter while creating a invoice . but sap generates

  • How to generate a Spool based on output type in SAP Script Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Is it possible to generate a spool based on output type for a SAP Script (without explicitly trigger in Tcode VF02 and selecting output type from there ) Actually a background job will be scheduled to process output types selected in VF01 / V

  • Short Dump in VF01 while creating debit memo Updated:10-11

    Hi, we are trying to create the debit memo in tcode VF01,while saving the doc it is giving dump. i went to  ST22 for error analysis,details are "COMMIT_IN_POSTING" error in FM RV_INVOICE_REFRESH. Short text     Invalid COMMIT WORK in an update f

  • Error FF753 Tax code 01 not appear in any G/L account item with FM Active Updated:10-11

    Hi We have fund management configured for one of the company code, while creating billing document through VF01/VF02 we are  getting the Error FF753 Tax code 01 not appear in any G/L account item. This error however does not appear when posting direc

  • Need userexit while saving the billing document (VF01) Updated:10-11

    HI Folks, I need a userexit while saving the VF01 transaction code. My requirement is i need to check if there is any intercompany invoice was created before the delivery related invoice By default SAP creates delivery related invoice . I have checke

  • Unable to do Allocation with Reference to Sales Order For SAP AFS Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts                   Error is showing while doing Allocation for Sales Order .                   Our Business Scenario is ( Sales Order ( VA01)- Allocation Run(J3AT) - Delivery (VL01N) - Invoice ( VF01).                   Yesterday a user C

  • Add or Delete Line Item in Billing Creation (VF01) Updated:10-11

    Hi, During the billing document creation (VF01) for Order-Related Billing (example: Doc Type F5 - Pro Forma for Order), can you manually add or delete line items? Let's say if Sales Order was created with 3 line items and only 2 line items should be

  • VF01 -'RV_INVOICE_CREATE' Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I need to create partial billing document. when I ttry to recording of transaction 'VF01' is failing when i select 'Select list'. Is there any alternative for this.does anybody have sample code for 'RV_INVOICE_CREATE'.what are mandatory param

  • 'update was terminated' while creating billing document VF01 Updated:10-11

    Hi all,          i need a solution urgently ..except for paticular document no all documents that i post using VF01 create successfully document no. but for a paticular document no(may be it is of some type that i am unable to) while creaing billing

  • Purchase Flow to FI in SAP ECC 6.0 Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I google regarding the Purchase and Sales Flow in SAP but didnt saw any document with description. Please suggest if I am going to the right direction in Purchase and Sales Flow step as follow :- Purchase Flow: 1) Purchase requisition raise

  • "Update was terminated" during VF01 after the invoice is save Updated:10-11

    I am experiencing an error of "Update was terminated" during VF01 after the invoice is save. The Update terminations are displayed in transaction SM13. When I check the error is in the 'RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE' with the error text 'BF00 075: No entry

  • Inter SAP clients FI/CO data transfer Updated:10-11

    Dear all, I'm facing an atypic case where my customer is one legal entity but for business reasons has two sap clients. Therefore, FI/CO of both clients have to be interfaced. It includes, AR/AP, incoming payment and COA, vendor, customer master. (fo

  • How to raise debit note in SAP. Updated:10-11

    How to raise debit note in SAP. Please tell in step by step instruction.Hi, 1. In OVAZ assign Sale Order type DR to your sales area 2. In OVKK  Check if the Pricing Procedure determination  is available with Document pricng procedure "A" 3. In V

  • Error message VF 217 when creating downpayment request in VF01 Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, We use milestone billing. I did all the necessary settings in customizing. Here is an example for a billing plan billing date    date description   billing rule   date category billing type 28.02.2010  0009                      5       

  • Create a custom tcode for VF01 Updated:10-11

    Hi, My user requirement is  Need to create a new transaction (for example ZVF01) that will allow a user to create an invoice without being able to change or add any data.  The same validations on preceding documents should be the same as for the stan