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  • Urgent : update of table QALS  through transaction QA12 after save Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts ,   I need to update the table field SELHERST of standard table QALS through transaction QA12 after the save button is clicked  . I have implemented the exit QEVA0010 which is triggered after clicking the save button , and have put the

  • No. of containers not updating in QALS table from goods receipt Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am working on below requirement for client. I am releasing a process order and then saving it. With this, an inspection lot is created in QALS table automatically. Then I am doing Goods receipt through MIGO. While doing goods receipt, I am

  • Updating table of non-sap Database Updated:11-30

    Dear All,               I want to transfer data from Ztable to  non-SAP database table. Is it possible to do it. If yes, Plz suggest ........... Regards, GulrezHi. > Gulrez Alam wrote: >      I have to update a Mysql Database  table (non-SAP ) from

  • How can I directly update a SAP screen table control with values? Updated:11-30

    I have a need to update a table control on a standard SAP screen with values. Here's the scenario: The user will come into a standard SAP transaction (IQS2-change notification) and click on an action button which calls a function module. That functio

  • How does SAP updates MKPF Table Through TCODE MB0A Updated:11-30

    Hello There,    how does SAP updates MKPF Table Through TCODE MB0A ( POST GOODS RECEIPT )? I tried to debug the same by posting GR, but could not figure out. Awaiting Reply SantoshHi , These are the table that are updated through the MB0A ,, DGESV DM

  • "Error in updating Table J_1iexchdr" Updated:10-11

    Hi , When I am creating the excise invoice, It's terminated the program and gives the following error "Error in updating Table J_1iexchdr" What can be the reason? Regards PremHi prem Look if these threads can help RG23C Update Problem Problem in

  • Error in updating table J_1PART2 Updated:10-11

    Hi,    I am getting an error while saving the excise invoice as 'error in updating table J_1PART2'. What would have gone wrong?????? please help!!! Thanks , RamyaDiscussion moved from SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) to Internationalization an

  • Error in updating table J_1IEXCHDR,J_1IEXCDTL in tcode J1IJ Updated:10-11

    Hi, while cancelling excise invoice in Tcode J1IJ , we are getting 'error in updating table J_1IEXCHDR,J_1IEXCDTL'. what is missing or tell the procedure to resolve the issue. Regards,Discussion moved from SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) to I

  • Help Required -- Can we use SQL Query to READ data from SAP MDM Tables Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Please help......... Can we use SQL Query to READ(No Creation/Updation/Deletion  just Read) Data from SAP MDM tables directly, without using MDM Syndicator. Or direct SQL access to SAP MDM tables is not possible. Only through MDM Syndicator c

  • Bapi : BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN not updating table AFVU-USR08 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a requirement to update table AFVU-USR08.I am actualy dealing with tcode IW32/IW33 where in we need to update operation-->enhancement tab.I am using BAPI : BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN to do this.I am testing the BAPI directly( Not called in an

  • Dynamic binding of items in sap.m.Table using JS views Updated:10-11

    HI, I am developing a master detail page for a Purchase Order application. In master page, i display the list of Purchase Orders & on clicking the PO, i should display the detail page. We use different ODATA models for Master & detail page. I am a

  • Populating SAP Database table using JDBC adapter Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks,     I have a requirement to populate a SAP database table say ZTABLE using XI. The Model is the table has to be populated through a file which will be processed by SAP XI. Basically this is a File to JDBC scenario. The database used is ORAC

  • Function module for Production order update (Table AFKO) Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I know similar subject has been posted but please read the following. SAP 4.6c doesn't provide BAPI for production order update. We did develop an ABAP program that update production order and schedule it in a job. We are looking of avoidi

  • ME 808: System error: error during update Table EKAB Updated:11-30

    Hi, Couple of years ago, during carve out, one of the contracts was deleted. A PO created against that contract carries some open quantities. Now our purchasing wants to close this PO, either by changing the quantity to delivered quantity (delivered


    Initially I want to store sap db table as xml file so that an external program can read it. Also i want that when table is updated only updated data is stored in xml file. Edited by: Sandip Mane on Apr 2, 2008 9:19 PM Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo

  • How to update Table MKPF (MKPF-MBLNR) Updated:11-30

    Can anyone help me on how can I update table MKPF? I'm trying to change the value of MKPF-MBLNR during GR Creation. (I created PO, then GR, then MIGO). So during GR creation, MKPF-MBLNR should be changed before going to MIGO. I just needed to modify

  • Update table MARV Updated:11-30

    Hi all. I have a issue about update table MARV. How to update table MARV ? please, Help me Thank very much !HAI,   Nghiem,         if u want to enhace the standard tables like MARV, there are two methods   Include (ii) Append structures U can added A

  • Problem in updating  table's CDHDR and CDPOS Updated:11-30

    Hello Expert's , I have created one z' transaction code to update the  VIEW  name ZV_PO which is the combination of three tables: EKKO, EKPO and EKKN. These tables are getting updated with the changed values. But one thing the sap standard tables CDH

  • How Microsoft access could possibly an SAP CRM table Updated:11-30

    ould anyone know if it is possible for a Microsoft access system to read an SAP table. If so, how? I have to implement an interface btw MS Access and SAP CRM and I am trying to see how to get it to work.Dear Abdul! There are probably many ways to ach

  • BDC for updating table like zstudent Updated:11-30

    Hi Every One ,              How i write the BDC for updating table.   I'm explaining my scenario , there is a table zstudent - it contains few fields like sno , sname , address. Previously student no.(sno's) like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.... now i'want 1hyd,2