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  • Exit for production order creation that update BOM explosion date Updated:11-30

    Hi Guros does any one know a user exit for production order creation that update BOM explosion date = AUFLD. or a UE that run before the BOM explosion. thanks.Dear, I dont think user exist will work for you, You need to find BAdi for it, cl_exithandl

  • BOM Valid Date Updated:10-11

    Hi, While creating BOM due to some human error we took wrong valid date.Now i want to change it. Please suggest me the T-code or any customization to change the same. "I am online"Dear Pawar This are the basic IMG settings in order to used the e

  • BOM validity dates........ Updated:11-30

    Hi there,              When a new alternative BOM is created ......the vaild to date of the item level is comming same as the vaild from date......... As my understanding the valid from date is same as the change number date but from where SAP picks

  • Upload BOM - validity dates items Updated:11-30

    Hi All, we want to upload BOMS with historical data in it. So I need to 'upload' the validity dates, but I'm not sure on how to do this... Is there someone who can point me in the right direction ? thanks in advance ! kr, BjörnHi U follow BDC method

  • BOM Validation date Updated:11-30

    Hi All,     In BOM creation, the validity of all the component are from current date to the max. of 31.12.9999 but I want to have 1. Specific Duration for Compenent of a BOM and 2. Specific Duration for that BOM Can it be possible? SekharDear Mr.Sekh

  • ALE BOM. Updates ALL! items with validity date & change no. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We are having problems where ALE-BOM sent with change in validity date (with change no) to a particular item. What happens is that ALE-BOM will instead update ALL! items with the same validity date and change number. Next,when we process ALE

  • BOM  -  Low Validity Date Updated:11-30

    Hi All.. what is the significance of activating BOM Low Validity Date (OS27) ..?? Is it required if SAP online activities are started as on date..?? While uploading BOM with LSMW, whether we have to maintain BOM validity dates (from n to) ..? or syst

  • Sap hr: Infotypes without validity dates Updated:11-30

    Hi 1)Can u  name some of the Infotypes in sap hr without validity dates, 2)what r the infotypes v have to assign in         a) Trermination         b) pramotion         c)retirement         d)pramotion Akhil.Hi, All of the infotypes in HR need to be

  • Vendor Hierarchy Validity Dates Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a scenario where we need o create Vendor Hierarchy with past validity dates to support rebate aggrements, SAP standard will only allow you to create Vendor Hierarchy with validity date as current date. What is the alternative approach for t

  • Regd : How to find Validity date for a user in central user system Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts; I want to get the list of users with profile SAP_ALL  with following details like validity ,user type ,user name ,user id.. I can get through SUIM for each individual systems.Its very difficult to login to each system ,generate the report

  • Error while updating any SAP / Customised AddOn Master Data Form in SAP B1 Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, I am facing a unique Problem in my addon .I have created two Master Tables Forms and entered the data in that two forms and the entry is done alright. But while updating that Master data system is throwing an error "Conversion Failed w

  • Unable to generate IDOCs in BD30 for BOMs because of Validity Date Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone,    I am having a unique issue with our Bills of Materials. After they are created and set to active, they have validity dates that go from 2001 to 9999. When I go to BD30 to distribute the BOM to the external systems I am getting the

  • BOM "valid from date" in transaction CSKB Updated:11-30

    The business process is like this - 1. We create sales order ( VA01) 2. In sales order, we enter configurable materials as items. 3. Then we freeze/change the BOM for sales order and line item through t-code CSKB. The problem is in CSKB, "Valid from

  • Validity Date at BOM componet Updated:10-11

    Dear all, I'm strugling on changing the valid-to date for a BOM component. Let me explain in detail what the scenario is and what I've done so far. I have a BOM header "Z" with 5 different components, Y, X, W, V and U. Validity dates should be a

  • Change validity dates of BOM version Updated:11-30

    how can i change a validity date of a BOM? ( valid to )Hi, Production Version is the one method. In prod version w can give valid from date & to date. So system will select the BOM accordingly. Another option without using Prod version Check in OS32.

  • Validity Date of BOM code. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to know the tables or the functionality which can help to find the validity date of a BOM code. I am a BW consultant and have tried tables like MAST, STAS, STPO but could not find the 'valid to date'. Plz guide, Regards, Saurabh DiwakarDea

  • To change "To Valid" date in BOM Header Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, Pls tell me the cofig setting where i can go and change the default "to validity" date-31/12/999 proposed by the system Awaiting eagerly for quick replies VijaiHi vijay, please go through the below SDN thread which was replied by our fr

  • Change Validity Dates for BOM Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, Please guide to change the validity dates for a BOM without using ECM. What are the steps needed to be followed. Thanks & Regards, Rohit.Dear Sir, That is what I have done for a material. Apart from making Routing again after deleting t

  • ECN global relase key & valid date Updated:11-30

    Dear Guru's,     I am working in Engineering company as SAP consultant. We were followed Discret manufacturing procedure in SAP, now recently we migrated to REM procedure. Our R& D dept creating  ECN's , Based on this ECN's creating BOM or updating B

  • Validity date in RFQ Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Can anyone explain me what is the correct definition of the Validity start date and end date in the RFQ. The reason I am asking this question is , If you eneter the start date and end date in the RFQ and create the PO with reference to RFQ, t