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  • Insert /delete data from SAP Z table to Oracle table and opposite Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can u help me write this FM from the SAP side? So, I have two tables ZTABLE in SAP and Oracle table ORAC. Let's put three columns in each of them, for example TEL1 TEL2 ADRESS NAME where TEL field is primary from ZTABLE to ORAC... (in FM there sh

  • Help Required -- Can we use SQL Query to READ data from SAP MDM Tables Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Please help......... Can we use SQL Query to READ(No Creation/Updation/Deletion  just Read) Data from SAP MDM tables directly, without using MDM Syndicator. Or direct SQL access to SAP MDM tables is not possible. Only through MDM Syndicator c

  • SAP MM table for MRP Updated:10-11

    Dear Expert, I have question about SAP MM table. I have material with MRP type is PD and lot size is EX, let say this material is X. Then i create reservation from WO using material X. In MD04, we will see there is requirement for material X under th

  • How to create a crystal report based on SAP R3 Tables???????????? Updated:10-11

    Dear All!!!!!!!!!!! I am new to SAP BO crystal reports. I want to extract the data from SAP R3 tables and design the crytal report. When i tried to make a new connection; We have lot of connection as OLAP;OLE DB and etc, I am not sure how to establis

  • Value of new field in SAP internal table does not appear in HTML Updated:10-11

    There is already an existing web application. (has both SAP and HTML programs) I only need to add one field in the SAP internal table and display the value in HTML. I activated and pushed the publish button in SAP. Still, it is not read successfully

  • SAP transparent table stores condition value of Shipment cost Updated:10-11

    HI I need to know which SAP transparent table stores condition value of Shipment cost document (specific for Freight condition which derived from Bulkiness group). Background: Minimum load calculation logic In the pricing procedure for shipment cost

  • Dynamic binding of items in sap.m.Table using JS views Updated:10-11

    HI, I am developing a master detail page for a Purchase Order application. In master page, i display the list of Purchase Orders & on clicking the PO, i should display the detail page. We use different ODATA models for Master & detail page. I am a

  • How to change the lenth of existing field in sap standard table Updated:10-11

    Hi all, can anybody help,my requirement is, how to change the length of existing field in sap standard table.... thanks in advance..Which field are you thinking of in particular?  Are you wanting to increase or decrease the length? Some fields are us

  • SAP PI Table which stores Dynamicconfiguration(filename) for file sender Updated:10-11

    Hello All, What is the SAP PI table in which SOAP header elements are getting stored. In my scenario, i need to find out the message ID for a specific file name which is picked by file sender, as file name is stored under Dynamicconfiguration of SOAP

  • Whats SAP internal table which populate data in reuest tab of manags of DSO Updated:10-11

    HI team , I want to know do any one know about SAP interanl table which might be used to polpulate data in Request tab of DSO manage. Where we see all information about request loaded in DSO , I want to know that underline table name. Regards Ashutos

  • Populating SAP Database table using JDBC adapter Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks,     I have a requirement to populate a SAP database table say ZTABLE using XI. The Model is the table has to be populated through a file which will be processed by SAP XI. Basically this is a File to JDBC scenario. The database used is ORAC

  • Accessing a SAP BW table data to display content in Design Studio Application Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am working on a Design Studio application that contains a link to all the reports for different business users in an organization. The end user should see the links to only those reports he/ she has access to. This access rights are stored in a

  • Read SAP XI table Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody, in BLOG: Pipeline Approach in SAP XI Implementations. writes about reading a SAP XI table via RFC-Lookup in UDF. The speciality is, that the table is osted an XI. Does anybody know, how to set up a RFC connection/communication channel f