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  • How to make use of label printing in sap smartforms Updated:10-11

    Hi Dear, How to make use of label printing in sap smartforms.. I need to print four records from internal table into sap smart forms. It will come as four labels.All page should follow the same procedure... How to do...please help me.. Regards, Nikhi

  • Printing QR-Code barcodes in SAP smartforms Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is it possible to print QR-Code barcodes in SAP smartforms using system barcode font? Can anybody please let me know the font settings for QR-Code in SE73 font maintenance? A sample QR-Code lablel can be found [here|

  • Smartforms page Updated:11-30

    Hi all! I designed a smartform with 2 pages in which the footers are different for both pages.The first page is containing a table in the main area which is retrieving data dynamically and this is running into the second page as well.Now the requirem

  • Smartform : How do i append o/p of  a report(ZA3C) as Smartform Pages Updated:10-11

    Dear all I have three smartform pages with a Driver prog . Now i want 2 append the o/p of mere a report(not   SapScript) as smartform pages . I m trying 2 achieve that by the following BOLD part of my code .   Throw some light on this Thnx in Advance

  • Regarding sap smartforms line items Updated:10-11

    hi, this is regarding line items in sap smartforms when i am executing single line item i am getting out put when i am executing with 2 line items  i am getting error  like bellow You tried to switch to the next table column, but no other column exis

  • Need to print SCC-14  and UCC-128 barcodes through SAP Smartforms Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have Two labels to be printed using smart forms. But in one label the barcode should be of SCC-14 type and in other the barcode should be of UCC-128 type. <b>How to print SCC-14  and UCC-128 barcodes through SAP Smartforms?</b> As st

  • How can i know total number of lines in a smartform page? Updated:10-11

    Hello All, 1. How to find the total number of lines that can be printed on a smartform page? 2. Need to determine the current line on which the text is goint to printed Depending upon the no of lines left for printing i need to call a new page explic

  • How to integrate Lumira Story in SAP JAM Pages? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have developed a dashboard using LUMIRA version 1.18. The story create using desktop version has been shared in LUMIRA Cloud account with other users. Now, the requirement is to publish/integrate this story in SAP JAM page. I am searching on th

  • Smartform page numbering Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I am displaying notification numbers in the ALV format. when the user selects few of the notification numbers and click on display button it should display the notification details using smartform. I have to trigger a new page for every n

  • How i can delete purchase requistion  item from sap smartforms Updated:11-30

    how i can delete purchase requistion  item from sap smartforms.Hello, Smartforms are printable documents,u cannot delete from smratforms. U have to handle this in the print program. RegardsRead other 2 answers

  • Placing the ux3 Shell in sap.m.Page causes its header to disappear Updated:11-30

    Hi Community, I want to have a common Navigation Links for the complete SAPUI5 application , so my preferred choice was ux3.Shell. But while placing the ux3.Shell in sap.m.Page , its header is overridden by that of page . How to avoid this ? Or is th

  • Adding a container to sap.m.Page causes container height to be 0px. Any fixes? Updated:11-30

    In a simple SAP UI5 mobile app if I add a TileContainer to a sap.m.Page, the TileContainer's height is set to zero. Try to save the attached txt file, by changing the extension to .html and then open in the browser. Go to page 2 and inspect the dom e

  • Smartform Pages issue Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a strange issue on Smartform Pages,I have 4 pages in the smartform and i need all pages should be printed one after another, for that i have selected in GENERAL ATTRIBUTES next page as subsequent page, Eg: FIRST PAGE --> SECOND PAGE->

  • Configure sap login page Updated:11-30

    Hi Expert, I want to Add my client in default client with description, how to configure sap login page with my company lobo. Is there any transaction code for that. Regd, Rahul-> have a look at <b>sapnote 205.487</b> -> you can change th

  • How SAP smartforms are different from Adobe forms Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can  anyone explain me how SAP smartforms are different from Adobe forms Tthanks&Regarda Rama DeviHi, Both are same but adobeforma are advance version of smartforms for more details check with the following links Smartforms: tcode:smartforms [Sma

  • Hidding SAP standard page close button Updated:11-30

    Hi All    Please help me to solve tis problem.Can we hide the SAP standard page close button?If yes please tell me how.    I have searched in the SDN and didn't get the complete information.Thank you so much for your precious time. Regards Giri.The a

  • Xsodata service redirecting to sap account page. Updated:11-30

    Hello All, whenever i m trying to access .xsodata service, its redirecting to sap account page. instead of this is it possible to take username and password from popup, and then it will display data directly. i don't want to redirect to sap account p

  • Problem in smartforms while adding page2 Updated:10-11

    Hai, I am having a problem with my smartforms.  I have designed my smart form to print a covering page in page1 (containing consolidated values) and in page 2 i want to print the details related to the page one in a single smart form. If i have only

  • Not able to print Smartforms page Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am not able to print more than one page in smartforms. Even in the print preview, I can see just content of page one ? I have alse made the next page attribute of page 1 as page 2 ? Still it does not work.Tushar, Assume you have 2 pages Page1 a

  • Smartform Pages Types Updated:11-30

    Hi , I need to print the same smarform on different page types like A3 and A4. I know its not possible to do it dynamically in a smartform However my layout fits well on both types. All i need is that the printer pick the right page type. Can I defua