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  • How to Merge Cells in Template in Smartform?? Updated:11-30

    Hi,     Can somebody pls tell me how to merge cells vertically in to single cell in a Template in Smartforms.. Regards, RushikeshHi Rushikesh, SAP does not directly provide option of merging the cells intemplate...Check out following to do the needfu

  • How to merge cells in tables if SmartForms like colspan/rowspan in HTML Updated:11-30

    Hi! Is it possible to merge cells in a tables in SmartForms like colspan/rowspan parameters in HTML? Both horisontal and vertical merging needed both in header and in body of the table. Thanks!No it is not possible. For merging purpose we have to cre

  • Merge Cell in SmartForm Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am working with SmartForms and using TablePainter and I have a question .I would like merge cell in table or remove line in table painter.So,how can i do that.if u want to merge a cell then change line type of the row to include one more ce

  • How to merge cells in SmartForms? Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts,           How can I  merge cells (Row wise adjecents cells)in a table of smart forms.. thanks in adv.... Moderator message: Please post your questions in the right forum and give more meaningful titles in the future. Edited by: kishan P

  • Excel export are merging cells for data on multiple lines ! Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm using Crystal Report XI R2, when we are doing an export to Excel with have an unexpected formatting. For example the value of the name is on 2 lines: => So, on Excel the result is on 2 lines but merged. We want to have this result only on

  • Regarding sap smartforms line items Updated:10-11

    hi, this is regarding line items in sap smartforms when i am executing single line item i am getting out put when i am executing with 2 line items  i am getting error  like bellow You tried to switch to the next table column, but no other column exis

  • How to merge cells in report designer Updated:11-30

    Hello BW Experts, How to merge cells in report designer. Thanks in advance BWerHi BWer, I had to check for some details from Development. You also need to have FEP 14 for the BI 7.x tools on SAP GUI 6.40, which was just released on Friday. You can fi

  • Merging Cells in Report Designer Updated:11-30

    Hi, according to SAP Documentation it shall be possible to merge cells within Report Designer. However I have tried it on several ways but was never able t

  • Report Designer - 'Merge Cells' option missing Updated:11-30

    Hi, In our Report Designer, I don't see 'Merge Cells' option under 'Format' in the menu. We are on SAP GUI 710 FEP 3. Please help. ThanksHi, Any thoughts? Thanks Edited by: Sachin Guptha on Jul 28, 2008 9:29 AMRead other 2 answers

  • Report Designer : merging cells Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a report with a block of information  and after that block -lower on the same page- the results. So in fact it looks like a 3.5 BEx query result in Excell with a navigation block at the top of the page and the results below that navigation

  • Excel Merge throws an undefined error in Excel 2013? Updated:10-11

    Basically, I can't write text into an Excel spreadshoot using the Report Generation tools. Using LabVIEW 2013 (SP1) I am writing to individual cells in an Excel (2013) template. The error is coming from the Report Generation Toolkit>Excel Specific>E

  • Smartview problem: Merged cell in HFM workspace is unmerged in smartview Updated:10-11

    I have an error here in smartview In HFM workspace, the form I designed has merged cell in row1. But I open the same form in smartview, row1 is not longer merged. Does anyone have the same problem? PS: I've already set the option: excel

  • Takes a Long time to merge cells Updated:10-11

    Why does it take me forever to merge 4 cells in a table that has over 100 rows. Is there anything that I can do to speed up the process?Never merge cells? I rarely do this (of course I rarely use tables, too) - instead, I will stack tables vertically

  • Is there a way of merging cells (not columns) in a Flex Datagrid? Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone! I'm new to Flex and I have been searching for a solution to this problem for two days now, so any help would be really appreciated! I have a datagrid of, lets say x columns of fixed size, with the ability to add or remove rows dynamic

  • [CS3/CS4 JS] How can you get the associatedXMLElement of a merged cell in a table? Updated:10-11

    Hi! Inserting a table, and autotagging it, I get a table with a number of cell elements in the XML Structure. Selecting an item in the table, I can find the associated XML by the following line of code: app.selection[0].associatedXMLElement My proble

  • How to make use of label printing in sap smartforms Updated:10-11

    Hi Dear, How to make use of label printing in sap smartforms.. I need to print four records from internal table into sap smart forms. It will come as four labels.All page should follow the same procedure... How to do...please help me.. Regards, Nikhi

  • I need to convert PDF to Excel, however, columns and tabs make many merged cells and many blank columns. In addition to not separate the columns correctly, I see many not separate lines together in the same cell. I'm even thinking that Adobe Acrobat Pro D Updated:10-11

    I need to convert PDF to Excel, however, columns and tabs make many merged cells and many blank columns. In addition to not separate the columns correctly, I see many not separate lines together in the same cell. I'm even thinking that Adobe Acrobat

  • [CS2/CS3 JS] Merged Cell Problem... Updated:10-11

    Hi, Below is a part of my script that has been giving me a problem with merged cells: if (myTable.cells.item(h).bottomEdgeStrokeWeight > 0.5) { myTable.cells.item(h).bottomEdgeStrokeWeight = 2; myTable.cells.item(h).bottomEdgeStrokeType = "Thick -

  • Need to print SCC-14  and UCC-128 barcodes through SAP Smartforms Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have Two labels to be printed using smart forms. But in one label the barcode should be of SCC-14 type and in other the barcode should be of UCC-128 type. <b>How to print SCC-14  and UCC-128 barcodes through SAP Smartforms?</b> As st

  • How to handle merge cells in the excel sheet while uploading Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, I have a requirement where i need to upload the excel sheet. The data is given below. field1     field2     field3     field4 a     x     1     1           2     2           3     3      y1     4     4      y2     5     5      y3          6