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sap routing component allocation program

  • Routing Component Allocation and Assignment of Operation/Seq to components Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, We are creating a Order Bom (uses variant configuration) and Sales order routing using CU51. When in routing component allocation screen using CA02 , we can assign the operation and sequence to the components manually. Requirement is to

  • Get routing component allocation Updated:11-30

    Hi, In a routing when clicking on button "ComAlloc" we can see list of component allocations. In a program I need to get this list, I need the links component/operation. Is there a function module to get component allocations for a routing ? Tha

  • Reference Routing Component allocation to Opertaion table Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I am having one query.My requirement is I want to know for list of ref.operation sets(Group) and header materials,I want to know the operation in which component allocation has done in table.For ex,If 10 operations are there in the Ref,op.s

  • LSMW- Routing - Component Allocation Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus: I have a problem during routing loading by LSMW, the system keeps asking for the bill of material (STLNR in structure BIPMZ) and nodes( STLKN in structure BIPMZ). According to the documentation for program RCPTRA01, these fields can remain

  • Routing component allocation Updated:11-30

    Hi All, A material routing have 6 operations, 0010,0020.....0060. We have allocated one BOM component A to operation 0020 & another component B to operation 0040. Production order created for the material. Can anybody tell from which table/tables we

  • Component allocation missing in Routing, Updated:11-30

    Hi SAP Gurus The component allocation  for a finished material is missing in Routing. this is particular  with usage production BOM's. I have to manually fix it . What can be the error . Pls advise. regards KarthikHi, It seems that the BOM Components

  • Component allocation of material components in routing Updated:11-30

    Dear Sap Gurus, I am having a finished product in which it contains rawmaterials for making but it in my routing i am having operations of 10, 20,30,40,50,60 ( 10-shearing, 20-bending, 30-welding, 40-grinding, 50-bending, 60-grinding ) but in my rout

  • BAPI For CA02 - Assign Component allocation for routing Updated:11-30

    Hello Gurus, I m searching for the bapi for the component allocation in routing. Since  routing is already created my work is to assign component allocation to the operation. i tried with the BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE  and /SAPMP/BAPI_ROUTING_PROCESS BAPI_

  • Bill and Routing Interface concurrent program is not processing component Updated:10-11

    Hi All, While running Bill and Routing Interface concurrent program,not processing the component item(Line Item) from bom_inventory_comps_interface,still it show process flag as 1. where as billing item(Header Item) is successfully done..i have tried

  • Error in component allocation in BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE to creae routing Updated:11-30

    Hi I'm using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE to create BAPI with component allocation.  But my problem is I'm able to create operations but not able to create component allocation. The BAPI is giving me success message, but not creating component allocation. In

  • Component allocation in routing Updated:11-30

    In CA02 (Sales order routing) when I go to component allocation more than once then i get following message. It is ok that you only go once in component overview?? Component overview for routing cannot be called up Message no. CM022 Diagnosis You wan

  • Routing-LSMW-Component Allocation to task list Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I'm creating LSMW to Routing using Standard-Batch Input method, have mapped the required structures. But I was unable to map the Component allocation to task list. Is it possible in the standard one else I need to go for some sort customisa

  • Component allocation in the Routing "BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE" Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using the BAPI "BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE" to create a Routing. It works fine creating the operations, Component allocations and updating the Header data Information. The Problem i am facing is with the allocation of components with Phantom a

  • Component Allocation in Group Routing Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am working on a group routing. After add the group members in "Material Assignment" in CA02, i do the "Component Allocation" one by one for each material number. Is there any method to do it in a group manners or any better me

  • Bom for component allocation in routing Updated:11-30

    I have created Sales order Bom. When I create normal routing and go for component allocation then system asks for Bom creation. Why system is not considering  sales order bom in Normal routing for component allocation?Hi, Sales order BOM will not be

  • Component Allocation in Routing is missing Updated:11-30

    Dear PP Gurus, We are using R/3 4.7 version and we are facing a serious problem in Routing Comp. Alloc. since few years.  There are 3 to 5 operations in the Routing and about 20 to 30 BOM components, each components are assigned to their respective o

  • Create Routing BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE Component Allocation Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am creating  routings by using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE Function Module. But I am unable to update Component allocation data using this BAPI. What all the variables do i need to pass for updating Component allocation Can I have any Inputs Regarding

  • How to install and configure SAP Router Updated:11-30

    Dear SAP Expert ! I want to install SAP Router but i dont know the SAP router package is allocated on DVD ? what is the DVD number ? If you already configure SAP router please let me know how to configure ?Hello Thao what is th exact issue that are u

  • Pre requisites for installing SAP Router Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, As i am going through the implementation phase, I have to install sap router which i am new at. Also i am doing it because i have to connect Maintenance Optimizer to Sap service Market place for which Router would be essentially required.

  • Component allocation Updated:11-30

    Hi , I was asked in one interview, "What is the difference between component allocation & material allocation?". Component allocation means, allocation of components to various operations in a routing or production order. Material allocation