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  • By misstake the trans on /usr/sap was deleted. How to regenerate that? Updated:11-30

    By misstake the trans on /usr/sap was deleted. Does anyone knows how to regenerate the content of that directory(and subdirectories) We do not have a backup as this is an old test systemHi, deleted trans folder will not create a problem and i feel it

  • By misstake the trans on /usr/sap was deleted. How to regenrate that? Updated:11-30

    By misstake the trans on /usr/sap was deleted. Does anyone knows how to regenerate the content of that directory(and subdirectories) We do not hawe a backup as this is an old test systemHi Tina, In unix system we can recover files using grep command.

  • SAP PI  delete the historic/persistence message and payload? Updated:10-11

    Dear all: The other day .i encountered a pi host machine'disc  became full when pi run frequence and runned very long i had a question. how to delete the historic or persistence or  archived  message or payload. thanksHi,         A

  • HELP! SAP Execute Delete Archiving Session failure Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Could anyone give me opinions on SAP problems? When we archived object u201CFI_documntu201D, delete a u201CFilesu201D in tcode u201CSARAu201D, the AIX file system u201C/Oarcle/R3P/oraarchu201D was full, SAP and database have stopped, one ar

  • SAP PP-delete Production orders, planned orders, purchase requitions & othe Updated:11-30

    How to delete Production orders, planned orders, purchase requitions & other orders . Pls send me the T-codes or Paths. Any comments welcome   & Thanks in advance.Dear, 1) Delete Production Order, Please refer this link, [DeleteProduction Orders |

  • Query regarding Standard table vs Z-table in SAP about deletion of data? Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, Can we delete the data form the standard table in SAP. If yes than will it ask for the request to make them effective itself, because when we delete the data from any ztable, it will not ask for the request to make them effective at the

  • Tracing the SAP No deleted Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Some employees SAP no is not available in the system now. (earlier it was exist). Im  getting doubt that some one have been deleted the SAP no using T-Code PU00. if so, how can i trace this with user ID and date please some one help me. Br.

  • SAP workflow: Delete SOFM Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I've developed 1 WF with one attachment in decision task. This attachment is an object key linked to a SOFM. But now I need to erase this SOFM from database. Is it possible to create a new task in WF (before ending) to erase this file from SA

  • SAP-PM: Deletion of objects possible without archiving? Updated:10-11

    Hi all! My question concerns the objects in SAP_PM, in particular the objects represented by the ArchivingObjects PM_EQUI, PM_IFLOT, PM_IMRG, PM_QMEL, SM_QMEL, PM_ORDER, PM_PLAN, PM_MPLAN and PM_NET. I found that it is possible to delete "IA Task Lis

  • Sap hr - deleting custom infotype Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is it possible to delete custom infotype ? If I delete a custom infotype, will I be able to use the same code to create a different custom infotype. Rgds, SantoshHi Remi, Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I have taken long time to reply. I will provi

  • SAP Script - delete paragraph between two lines or move address one line up Updated:11-30

    Hi all, i have a problem concerning SAPscript and formating. In the address window i have an include, which provides a text in a line. after that i have a command line with address and paragraph, which sorts and formats the address. Problem is that t

  • SAP GP: Deleting Content of a step Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I need help for the following problem: I use guided procedures for implementing a workflow. To create User interfaces I use the visual composer. I had created a workflow and add an info callable object to the process template. The problem ari

  • SAP note - delete enhancement-point Updated:11-30

    hi, I would like to implement a note ("992605"). In this note there were some correction instructions (e.g. "ES_MRYF_COMMON_ROUTINES_ALV"; Objecttype ENHS). If I open the link to the object (click on objectname), there are no details w

  • Undeploy SAP CPS - deleting tables? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a question about 'undeploy' SAP CPS in Java Stack. At the moment we are not sure, if we want to run SAP CPS productive, at the system we will install for test. I found informations in SAP Help for undeploy applications with SDM. But i m

  • SAP WM Deleted Outbound Delivery Updated:11-30

    Once Outbound Delivery has been deleted, if I know the outbound delivery number, is there anyway to reference OD# back to the Sale Order#?Dear Steve Yeh       If you deleted the outbound delivery it is not possible to get the sales order number with

  • Deleting SAP System in STMS Updated:11-30

    Hi there, I want to delete a SAP system in TMS but Im unable to do so because the Delete Option is disabled. My navigation is as follows:    STMS -> Overview -> Systems -> < choose the system I want to delete> -> SAP Systems -> Delete

  • Mass Delete of BDocs in SAP CRM system Updated:11-30

    Dear SDC team, We like to hard delete some BDocs which are hanging in the txn SMW01 in CRM 5.2 system. As of now we do not see a option to delete these unnecessary BDocs,  as they are in Intermediate state (I04) . Please tell us if there any standard

  • How to delete the empty orders in v.06 tcode Updated:10-11

    Hi, i am trying to delete the empty orders in V.06 transaction code, but it is not allowing to delete. the same order is able to delete from the VA02 Transaction. so could you please advice me to delete from V.06 transaction.Hello Ganesh, i am trying

  • SAP 7.1 Error - saplogon.exe - Entry Point Not Found Updated:10-11

    'The procedure entry point CleanUp could not be located in the dynamic link library convlib.dll' The above error is received when SAPLogon Icon is clicked. I installed SAP 7.2 and then removed it and installed SAP 7.1 and then unfortunately tried thi

  • SAP GUI 7.1 not working Updated:10-11

    Hi I installed SAP GUI 7.2 and I encountered some issues (another post on this forum). Because of that I decided do uninstall and install 7.1 again with patch 18 What happens is that now, when I install SAP GUI 7.1, and then patch 18 I enter saplogon