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  • SAP report for movement type and material type Updated:10-11

    Hi! I would like to use a standard SAP report to give me a list of all the movement types (much like MB51) but instead of material I would like to select on Material type e.g. ROH. The result should for example be a list of the movement types 501 on

  • Is there any Standard SAP Report?for displaying Billing block/Status-Order Updated:10-11

    Hi, Am a ABAP Developer. I heard that there is SAP Query/ABAP Query/Standard SAP report for the below functionality/requirement. SO, pls. let me know if there is any SAP Query/ABAP Query/Standard SAP report? "This report is suppose to display Credit

  • Open an HTML file from a SAP Report Updated:10-11

    Hi all! I would like to open an HTML file, that`s in a local directory of my PC, from a SAP Report. It is an alv list, where I have added a pushbotton. And I would like to code the utility of open a local html file, when someone push it. Anybody know

  • SAP report showing sales orders on which pricing conditions have been chang Updated:10-11

    Is there a SAP report that shows a list of sales orders on which pricing conditions have been changed. My knowledge is: Review pricing condition transaction data table (‘KONV’) helps is some way.Hi Ashish, I don't know any such a report, but I guess

  • Creating a new column in SAP reports Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need to add a new column in, Financials -->  Financial Reports --> Accounting --> General Ledger.  When I try to create a column, it says Column already exists. Kindly advise me if it is possible to add new columns in SAP reports. TIA,

  • Do we have std SAP Reports for? 1. 4/5 Challan 2. PO & Tax Code? Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, Do we have std SAP Reports for.... if y what are tcodes? 1.Report for Rule 4(5) a transactions - Tracking of challans issued and closure within stipulated period 2. Report for Purchase orders raised with the tax code assignment for checki

  • Transaction code for SAP reports Updated:10-11

    Hello All, What is the transaction code which displays SAP reports? I saw in SDN forums but unable to track it down. Can somebody help me? Thanks. Best Regards, SubhakanthHi Vishnu, Thanks for your reply. But actually I wanted to see all the report n

  • Exporting data to Excel 2007 from SAP report Updated:10-11

    Dear all, Earlier we used to have Excel 2003 and while downloading data from MC.9 Report - Export - Transfer to XXL, we could able to download the data. Now we have installed Excel 2007 and trying to download the data from MC.9 report, its opening ex

  • SAP Report for banking Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Need your advice on the below. We are using same bank account number for wire payments and ACH payments and Bank account balance displays payment for both payments but i would like to see balance with respect to payment method. let me kno

  • SAP report to see orders who have been TECO'ed Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am looking for a sap report to see all the orders that have been TECO'ed by date & plant. I know i can use COOIS & CO26 but i need something that will give me more options to exclude report output by more status types. Using these report

  • Standard SAP report for purchase price variance Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need to know if there is a standard SAP report that shows the purchase price variance. Thanks, RegardsHi Ritika, There is no standard report available to compare purchase order price cost and standard cost of a material. You can check if FB

  • Requirement Standard SAP Report on Total Purchase Order Value Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, Could u please suggest is there any standard SAP report. Requirement has given belwo. I required if we have account assignment  Category A as one of inputs, we will get the reqd output  " Total Purcchase order value." Note 1) Total

  • RFKABL00 SAP Report - Display Changes to Vendors Updated:10-11

    Hi Report: RFKABL00 SAP Report - Display Changes to Vendors In R3, we can run this report either from: 1) SE38 or 2) "Change Vendor: Initial Screen" (i.e. FK02) -> Environment-> Account Changes-> All Fields-> Environment-> Multipl

  • Searching SAP Report to create new entries in IT 1001 Updated:10-11

    hello, due to some changes in our FI / CO system we have to create new relationships between cost centers and org. units. Does anyone know a sap report which could help here? I only knew reports to delimit relationships and / or objetcs but i found n

  • How to copy standard SAP report to a Z report? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Guys, I have a requirement to copy an standard SAP report and make some changes to it. Please let me know how to copy a standard SAP report as a Z report. Is there any simple way or will I have to open the source code and copy it into the new

  • Looking for Standard SAP report Updated:10-11

    Hello forum, Can some one tell me if there is a standard SAP report that would compare or can be used to compare a delivery order with a sales order and show the changes made in terms of quantity? I am looking for the report name Thanks in advance, K

  • Standard SAP report for variance analysis of SD and MM Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I want the standard SAP report for the vendors and customer varaiance analysis for the posting done in MM and SD with the GL balance in FI .It should be same as the report we get from the transaction code MB5L. Thanks in advance MerutaHI, T

  • Standard SAP reports for detailed Service Entry Sheet data Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am searching for standard SAP reports to extract the detailed Service Entry Sheet data out of SAP. For example, I need the deailed information like Service Entry Sheet Number, Purchase Order Number, PO line item number, short text, Posting

  • Standard SAP report for rescheduling. Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, If we see the stock requirement list we sometimes see that the rescheduling coloumn gets populated asking us to reschedule the particular MRP element. My client wants to know if there is any specific SAP report which can give me the list of

  • Problem in Excel after extracting data from SAP Report Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have a problem with Excel file after extracting it from one of the SAP report. When my client extracted data from SAP in to excel he is coming across minus symbol on both sides of the number. for ex:        -447492177- When i extracted same