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  • EDI documents are posted to SAP with BAPI  ...How? Updated:11-30

    how is that EDI documents are posted to SAP with there some step by step doc to do that.....Hi, There are couple of EDI subsystems like Meractor from where you can fire a BAPI to post a document into our SAP system. First the EDI subsystem

  • Send mail to non-sap using bapi's Updated:10-11

    hi friends, Can any one please help me how to send mail from sap to non-sap systems using bapi's.plesae help me .i want the procedure and code regards srikanth.vHi,    Use this sample Code... REPORT ZSENDMAIL. DATA: OBJPACK LIKE SOPCKLSTI1 OCCURS 2 W

  • Problem in retrieving multiple records SAP xMII from SAP using BAPIS Updated:10-11

    Hi friends,          In SAP xMII i called BAPI_USER_GETLIST by passing import parameters 10 and y.In r/3 BAPI returned 10 rows but In xMII it was returned only one Record. i want to display 10 records in sap xmii 1) I created to connection ECC5 in Da

  • Crystal reports and SAP BI--------BAPI error when executing the report Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am getting a problem accessing the data from the SAP BI system into the crystal reports.I created a report in CR2008 on a query built in SAP BI.When I execute this query,I am getting the following error. Database Connection Error:'BAPI Erro

  • SAP Standard BAPI Issue ---BAPI_PROCORDCONF_CREATE_TT Updated:11-30

    Hi We are using the standard BAPI--  BAPI_PROCORDCONF_CREATE_TT to do Process order confirmations , which is invoked by an MII BLS using data from the MES system. Everything worked like a charm ( Partial confirmations, Final Confirmations, Goods Move

  • Thru Java connector to update SAP by BAPI Updated:11-30

    Dear... How to bring the data from external application through the Java connector to SAP?  Pls help....Hai Check the following Document & Links Bapi to create customer master  BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA1 Or you can use

  • SAP ALE / BAPI eWay Updated:11-30

    Hi, I installed SAP ALE and BAPI eways. But In enterprise designer -> Repository > SeeBeyond -> eWays , these two eWays are not listed down. Is there any specific reason for this. Please let me know any body have idea about this.? Thanks.Yes. Onc

  • Creating a sales order in sap via bapi Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I need to create a sales order through internet in sap. What do I need? I can write programs both with abap and C#(as well as VB) well and had the knowledge a little, introduction level of java. How can I interact with sap from C#, is there a

  • Sap ecc(bapi) to Java application (jms) scenario in sap pi Updated:11-30

    Hi Team, How to configure SAP(ECC) to JMS scenario with steps.If have any documents please send me. I have urgent requirement please help me. Thanks in advance Regards.. RaviRFC -to- JMS ScenarioRead other 4 answers

  • SAP Standard BAPI for LT12 Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Is there a standard BAPI or BADI to perform LT12 transaction Regards Amey Kulkarnithere is a function module  L_TO_CONFIRMRead other 2 answers

  • SAP BANKING: bapi for simulating a loan Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am looking for a function that simulates a creation of a loan (without actually opening a loan). I want to enter the loan amount, product type, intetrest rate and period and the function will return the monthly repayment. Thanks, TalHi,   Iam n

  • SAP QM BAPI's Result Recording Updated:11-30

    Hi , I am trying to add characterisitcs to Inspection lot through a bapi. BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS. but it is not updating any data .Hello, First off, make note of the following at the bottom of the function: * für Hacker   DATA: L_COMMIT TYPE QKZ

  • Create Service entry sheet using BAPI in SAP Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Scenario : SES will be created in third party system , once it created, txt file will be generated and placed in their server.We will be writing a program to pick that file and post SES in ECC using BAPI ( Idoc is not available to create

  • What BAPI's use the ERM of the SAP GRC AC 5.3 to create the roles in the R/ Updated:11-30

    Hello, Does somebody knows what BAPI's use the ERM of the SAP GRC AC 5.3 to create the roles in the R/3? Thank you in advance. Pablo Mortera.Pablo,    I don't have access to the system right now. Go to SE38 and search for 'Virsa' will list

  • I want to find out the RFC or bapi that log on the SAP? is anybody know? Updated:11-30

    i want to find out the RFC or bapi that log on the SAP?Hi, for BAPI's

  • SAP standard FM or BAPI for getting customer details from condition record Updated:11-30

    Can someone suggest some SAP standard BAPI or FM with the help of which we can get the customer details of all it's pricing conditions maintained in condition tables provided we have the condition record number with us.Hi, look at the below BAPI's BA

  • BAPI for changing delivery date and delivery time fields in LIKP table Updated:10-11

    Hi All,      Is there any BAPI or function module to change the delivery date and delivery time in LIKP table ? Please tell me experts if exists. Thank you, Raghu.try these: BAPI/FM to update LIKP and VTTK tables

  • Any Bapi or FM to clear open customer and vendor items. Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am looking for a Bapi or function module to clear the open items of AR and AP ie Customer and vendor open items, (Transaction Code F-04 , Post with clearing). Thanks in Advance, Diwakar.Hi Minami, for chenge address use FM : BAPI_BUPA_ADDRE

  • How to use ENQUE and DEQUE BAPI in Visual Composer Updated:10-11

    Hi All,        We are planning to update employee Address through Portal for that one we did one BAPI which supports ADDRESS Change of an employye, through Visual Composer we developed the application and we integrated into SAP Portal but we are not

  • BAPI is missing. How to get a BAPI in BOR? Updated:10-11

    Hi, in my SAP BW 3.1 exits a BAPI names MDDataSetBW. I want to use this BAPI in a ABAP-Programm, which is exists on a R/3 Enterprise. Using CALL FUNCTION ' BAPI_<..>_<..> don´t work. Wenn im browsing through the BAPI-Explorer (TSC: BAPI) at R/