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  • MIRO showing wrong accounting entries Updated:11-30

    Dear Forum, While doing MIRO for PO(Account assigned),one unwanted amount is flowing into accounting doc..PO contains ST,Ecess,HEcess conditiion types and MIGO contains GL Acc to GR/IR clearing acc..Now while simulating MIRO,its accounting doc is sho

  • How to Activate "Site" Field in MIRO - G\L Account Tab Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I need to make "Site" Field in Tcode MIRO - G\L Account Tab as inputable field for User which is currently not visible in screen. This field is available in Standard Layout provided in SAP as Invisible. I cannot able to make the fiel

  • In MIRO G/L account is not defined in Chart of accounts Updated:10-11

    HI Experts,           when i am doing MIRO G/L account is not defined in Chart of accounts,HOW can i solve this problem pls suggest me. regards ramakrishna kakaralaHi, What is the error you are getting? For automatic account determination,you have to

  • SAP Tables for FI Accounts Payable Updated:10-11

    Hello gurus, Does anyone know what are the SAP Tables for FI Accounts Payable and what TCodes to display these A/P tables? Thanks in advance. Best regards, GabAnd use transaction code SE16 to view the tables mentioned by Jan.  And to add check BSAK f

  • MIRO modify GL Account number upon posting Updated:11-30

    Hello! I'm trying to modify the GL Account being picked up and posted in MIRO. I was able to change it on the (simulate button on top) SIMULATE screen (where the GL Accounts, SMART Number, Amount ect is being shown before posting), I did that by inse

  • Data Transfer from SAP to FAS(Financial Accounting System) Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts,      Can u give any methods for transfer of data from SAP to FAS(Financial Accounting System) system, because naming conventions  and data for both the systems are different. Thanks and regards BalaNarasimmanYou will need to create interf

  • Miro Error in account determination: table T030 key PCOA KDT Updated:11-30

    WHEN USER IS USING MIRO WITH CREDIT MEMO.HE GOT FOLLORING ERRO. ERROR MESSAGE IS AS FOLLOWS Error in account determination: table T030 key PCOA KDT Message no. FF709 Diagnosis In the chart of accounts to be posted to, no accounts are defined for the

  • ERROR MIRO G/L ACCOUNT Updated:10-11

    Hello!! I have a problem with the transaction MIRO, trying to change the G/L account, the system displays all associated accounts, including those that are associated accounts receivable and when I try to change the associated account of the vendor b



  • MIRO - Intermediate GL account Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, In standard MIRO the system passes the following transaction Dr GR/IR account Cr. Vendor Account. I want this transaction to be split two transaction and should go to an intermediate GL account. So the entry should be - 1. DR GR/IR accoun

  • SAP table for customer account balances by document currency Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, We have a requirement to produce a monthly customer statement by customer currency or customer's document currency. Example is that the company code local currency is USD and the customer currency is EUR. The customer will be allowed to c

  • How To trigger last page in sap script of customer account statement Updated:10-11

    Hello all, I am working on customer account statement. It has it's own standard script(F140_CUS_STAT_02). But my client's requirement was completly diffrent,so i copied that to z script and made some changes like delete some window and some another w

  • While posting MIRO price difference account is not determimg for price vari Updated:10-11

    Hi Sapients, Please solve the production issue which we have faced yesterday while doing month end closing In one P.O 4 items are there,User has posted entries in below sequence Material type is TRADING GOODS 1)first MIRO with QTY 10 @100$ each,Later

  • How to re actived user SAP* after disable this account Updated:10-11

    hi guys, i have some accident with my sap Portal,  today i was install SAP EP with success, and then i try to create new user to change account sap*, but i forget give a new user to super user role . my question is how to reactived user sap* ? thanks

  • SAP B1 G/l accounts updation Updated:10-11

    Hi SAPSERS, We have a client who is using SAP B1, and they have a third party employee pay role software. They will post all the advances and any transaction in that software. Those transactions like P.F., Loan deductions should be updated in SAP B1

  • MIRO - Parked document - Accounting document Updated:11-30

    Dear all, When parking document with transaction MIRO, I would like that no accounting document is created, just logistic one. (up to now my research show that when it happens it is likely an error). Do you think it's possible (user-exit, Badis, ...)

  • MIRO-G/L account Updated:11-30

    Dear All, While during MIRO with tax code can there be made provision to change the G/L account manually at the MIRO level? Regards, IndranilI think there is no exit.. But i feel it can not be addressed through Exit also, bcz exit will not allow you

  • Determination of cost centre during MIRO for tax account Updated:11-30

    Hi, We have the following scenario.  We need to raise an invoice via MIRO where tax is applicable.  As tax is not claimable, the automatically generated tax line is posted to a P&L account.  For this, being a P&L account, cost centre is required. 

  • SAP  HR - Retro active Accounting Updated:11-30

    Hello SAP HR Dudes, May I know the details on Retro active accounting. If we enable this retro active accounting would it have impact on the currrent payroll? Please clarify. Thanks. Regards, SAP HR User 2012.Hi, May I know the details on Retro activ

  • SAP AFS-Retail Financial Accounting Integration Updated:11-30

    Dear all, we have a scenario where the same company that manufactures garments, sells them through its own stores. The company is planning to implement SAP AFS for the manufacturing part, and SAP Retail for the retail operation. Both operations are p