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  • Prerequists to create mini master data in sap hr Updated:10-11

    HI All, prerequists to create mini master data in sap hr Check the Search Forum you will get lot of threads regarding Mini Master Edited by: Sikindar on Feb 3, 2010 1:32 PMHi Chandra, Can you please tell me the prerequisites to create minimaster data

  • SAP HR Mini Master Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to prepare a functional specs for HR mini Master. Please help me that what are the mandatory things which I have to write in FS for technical guy? thanks & regards Moved from ABAP, General. Edited by: kishan P on Sep 16, 2010 2:01 PMThe ba

  • HR mini master-Personnel area change Updated:11-30

    Hi, How can we configure to change the personnel area in HR mini master record if an employee changes site? I tried in PA30 and PA40 but not able to change the same. Regards, JegashreeIF your Error is this than check the procedure Organizational reas

  • HR Mini Master for beginners... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need some hr mini master overview tutorial. I am mini master beginner with many questions. What are Mini Master basic infotypes, basic transaction... I tried to find on forum, google, but I have no complete view of HR MM. Please help!The basic

  • Best way to Upload HR mini Master ? Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, My client is implementing CATS using HR mini master. What is the best approach to upload Mini master data. Did SAP provided any standard program to upload the data into HR module or should I use BDC to upload the data in infotypes 0000, 0001

  • Employee Expense Management Cycle without SAP HR Master data Updated:11-30

    Hi SAPients, How do we can implement Employee Expense Management cycle in SAP without implementing SAP HR Master data for the employees (employee master data is flowing form Legacy system) I need your perspectives on this topic. Thanks in Advance, Su

  • HR Mini Master Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, We are in an implementation project, and the scope was changed adding the HR Mini Master in order to work with some workflows. My question is how does change the user and roles administration with this new feature? Thanks in advanceHi

  • HR Mini Master data extraction Updated:11-30

    Hello, Could any bosy please post documents/ templetes describing how to extract data from HR mini master into SAP. Regards Innovahi good go through these links,might help you to solve your problem

  • Download the MINI-Master from HR with a BAPI Updated:11-30

    I want to retrieve data from Info Types 001, 002 and 0050 from the <b>HR MINI-Master</b>. I also found a BAPI which could do this: <b>BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_MINIMASTER</b>. When I looked at this BAPI I realised that this BAPI had only Imp

  • Cats Mini Master Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm new to forums. Can anyone help me how to configure cats mini master. I would appreciate if you can help me with any documents related to cats mini master. ThanksHi, Please go to and click on below given link -

  • Best practise in SAP BW master data management and transport Updated:10-11

    Hi sap bw gurus, I like to know what is the best practise in sap bw master data transport. For example, if I updated my attributes in development, what are the 'required only' bw objects should I transport? Appreciate advice. Thank you, EricHi Vishnu

  • Partner functions for SAP Customer Master Updated:10-11

    I am in the MDM solution definition phase for SAP Customer Master at one of our Cients place. The requirement is to set up a central master data scenario where creation & modification of any customer record will be done via MDM. The following compone

  • Employee mini master for vendor Updated:10-11

    Hi All, What are the transaction codes to be given for  Roles and authorization for employee mini master vendor. Please let us know. Thanks & Regards, ChandraHi Semi, We are not maintaing IT0105 we maintain only for our client the following infotypes

  • Non-SAP to SAP Material Master Data Transfer Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Please indicate any standard tools in SAP and how to use it wherein we can migrate non-SAP material master data to SAP. Points will be awarded. Regards, LMHello Leo, There are a number of options to do this. You can use the standard SAP t

  • SAP Vendor Master Communication Details for SMART FORM Printing. Updated:11-30

    Hi Could you please advice Functional module to extract SAP Vendor Master Communication Details for SMART FORM Printing. Thanks in Advance. Regards RaviHi Ravi, I don't know about a function module, but the vendor master table LFA1 has a field ADRNR

  • Uploading HR mini master Updated:11-30

    Hello, I would like to know what the best way is to upload HR mini master records. We are doing a CATS project and I need employee numbers with infotypes: 0000, 0001, 0007, 0105, 0315. Can anyone provide me information on what BAPI's or other to use.

  • SAP Corporate Master Program eligibility criteria and cost of the course Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone, I would like to know the eligibity criteria for SAP corporate master program offered in Germany in all three universities(SCMT,TUM,Heilderburg) and the total cost the course would demand. As I am planning to support my master's by get

  • PA & OM mini master 1st phase & Full blown 2nd phase? Updated:11-30

    hi gurus!                   We have another problem. The thing is we already have mini master in the system before full implementation. The client is already using the production server. The new Ent & Personnel Structure has changed. So the second ph

  • How long does it take to implement HR Mini Master Updated:11-30

    I realize there are many variables, but typically how long does it take to configure HR Mini master (3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, etc...)? We would like to upload from Peoplesoft and continually have it updated. best regards,Hi, If you have all infor

  • HR Mini Master - HR-PDC Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've set up the standard HR-PDC with the subsystem and send down the HR Mini Master. I've set the background job and all ran successfully until we engage a new person or create an IT0050 record for an existing person. For some reason the new pers