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  • ML81N & MB21 User exit? Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, While creating Service Entry sheet (ML81N) - what the user exit? while Create reservation MB21 - whats the user exit? Please advice Regards RSPlease check user exit EXIT_SAPMM07R_001for MB21 User exit for ML81N EXIT_SAPLMLSR_020 EXIT_SAPL

  • SAP ISU - User exits at the end of move-in process Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have a requirement to send some outbound messages on completion of Move-in process in SAP ISU system. And send some outbound message on completion of Reverse Move-in process.   I tried to find the customer/user exit in transaction EC50E and EC

  • Sending special characters to non-unicode non-sap system: user exit Updated:10-11

    Hello All, We are sending data from a SAP unicode system to a non-sap non-unicode system via IDOC. The idoc is standard idoc GLMAST which contains gl account information. Some text fields contained in this idoc can contain special Polish characters.

  • Official documentation from SAP about field exits as obsolete Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I want to know if there is any official SAP documentation about the support of field exits. Because, I herad some time ago that they are obsolete and its use is not recomended from 4.6C onwards. Regards, EricCheck OSS note 29377.Read other 2

  • MB21 user exit or add in Updated:11-30

    Hi There is an user exit or add in  that validates the information field "good recipient" in the transaction MB21 to the vendor table LFA1? Thanks and regards. Edited by: buck485821 on Sep 7, 2010 8:45 PM Edited by: buck485821 on Sep 7, 2010 8:4

  • SAP recommended user exits Updated:11-30

    hi experts, in our project we are not incorporating BADI technology for extractor enhancements due to known performance issues and now its decided that we will incorporate a simple ABAP technique using PERFORM ststement that will allow a program to d

  • Work Center update during work order save (SAP PM) using exit IWO10009 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am updating the work center in the operation record of a work order using exit IWO1009. In the debug, the internal table for operation is updated successfully. But once the processing is done and I see the order though t-code IW33, I couldn

  • SAP BEx Customer Exit Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I've implemented the code below for my report to display Required Start Date (MM/DD/YYYY) by searching and processing either a single Fiscal Year/Period (PPP/YYYY to PPP/YYYY) input or a range/interval Fiscal Year/Period (PPP/YYY) input. Th

  • How to find CUSTOMER EXIT for a Standard SAP program Updated:11-30

    How to find CUSTOMER EXIT for a Standard SAP programHi To introduce the techniques of enhancement in standard SAP system. SAP creates customer exits for specific programs, screens, and menus within standard R/3 applications. These exits do not contai

  • Give me details about  customer exit, sap exit using characterstics variabl Updated:11-30

    give me details about  customer exit, sap exit using characterstics variableHi, Customer Exit: SAP Exit:

  • Portal application connecting backend SAP R/3 system Updated:10-11

    Hi All,            I am developing one portal application through NWDS. It's JSPDYNPage component.The applications functionality is basicaly is to connect it to backend SAP R/3 system & fetch some data in aparticular table & display that data in a

  • Diff b/w "Customer exits" and "User-exit" Updated:10-11

    Hi, What is the difference b/w customer exits and user-exit and also please explain me what are the various types of customer and user-exits. Thanks in advance. RamanaHi, Types of Exits There are several different types of customer exits. Each of the

  • What is diff b/w user & customer exit Updated:10-11

    Hi Good afternoon everybody, Plz differentiate user exit and customer exit. What is the way to findout user exits and how to modify it. Thanks in advance VenkatHi Venkat, Check the following description Customer exits: The R/3 enhancement concept all

  • IPC Pricing with AP 7.00 Database Access/Call function module user-exit Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, we are running SAP ECO on SAP ECC 6.0 with IPC Pricing AP 7.00 running in the VMC. I'm facing a new requirement. In an user-exit for requirements the access to the ABAP database is needed. (I know that the SAP recommendation is, don't hav

  • Difference b/w Customer exits and User Exits Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can anybody explain diff b/w user exits and customer exits . How to find out and Impement the coding .. Thanks Advance Rohan.AHi Rohan, Check this matter , this may be helpful to you. <b>CUSTOMER EXITS</b> The enhancement concept allows yo

  • What are the different types of exits available? Updated:10-11

    hi all, Can any explain different types of exits ? user exit ? menu exit etc? can anyone explain me each exit with an real time scenario regds hari<b>Types of Exits  </b> There are several different types of user exits. Each of these exits act

  • User Exit to be used in Substitution Updated:10-11

    Hello, We have recently got an requirement from one of the clients as they want to copy the material description to the GL text field (against Doc Type WA & WE) . I am able to find that this can be achieved by way of creating substitution, but I wand

  • NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.4 Developer Edition: SAP Server Not Responding Updated:10-11

    Hello, im using the developer edition of AS ABAP 7.4 of CAL. When I connect (via Remotedesktop) and starting SAPGui or Eclipse ADT, I got the error message "partner ... not reached" (Error No. 10061). Any idea how to solve this issue? I tried al

  • User Exit for PO (Purchase Order) Change Updated:10-11

    Hi, I want to know the SAP Standard User Exit that is triggered ONLY during changing / modification of PO(Purchase Order). Thanks in Advance. RKME_PROCESS_PO_CUST use above BADI for ME22N/ME21N,often we use method PROCESS_HEADER PROCESS_ITEM our most

  • Need help in finding tcode - in user exits Updated:10-11

    hi experts in user exits, i can find many exits name using <b>SPRO </b>or <b>SMOD</b>. and by this i can find the package also. my question is how to know where these exits are exactly used, ie., in which transaction these exits ar