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  • How to Add field to Selection screen of Tx. FBL5N Updated:10-11

    Hi All, In Tx. FBL5N, there is a field Customer number (on Customer selection screen). In addition to the above we need to add field Customer name in Selection screen. How do we go about it ? PS :- We have found steps to add fields to FBL5N output. B

  • Use of enhancement to add field in screen Updated:10-11

    please explain me how to add fields in standard transaction screen by using enhancement 6 in version 6.0 ?SAP provides standard transactions to enter data into database. But a client may want to maintain some additional information in SAP other than

  • Adding a Z Field onto an SAP Std  Screen Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I need to add my own Z field onto an SAP Std screen. The Z field already exist in the Append stucture of the table VBAK. How to do this? Will it come under a screen exit or field exit? May i know if i need to go for screen programming

  • Add fields in KOB2 & KSB2 report in selection screen as well as output Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have an issue in which i have to add fields in KOB2 & KSB2 report. i need to add below fields to KSB2 report. 1) Internal order 2) Vendor 3) Purchasing group I also need to add profit centre in selection screen for KSB2 Similarly for KOB2

  • How to add fields in custom infotype and update its screens Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts     I want to enhance a custom infotype ( Add some new fields, and add special function on its screen). This custom infotype is created in previous release.   is there any way to add fields in infotype? and let system automatcailly modify

  • How can i add field to screen exit ? Updated:10-11

    ver 4.7 trans.  me21n add field in screen exit . i implement screen exit MM06E005->SAPMM06E->0111 in the layout i try to add field  by pressing button in the toolbar ( dictionary field window ) , but when i press "save" in me21n  , i get m

  • Message on SAP login screen Updated:10-11

    Hi all, How to add a system message on the SAP logon screen. I just want to put display some content and links on screen where we enter client and username and password. regards, helpful answers are surely rewarded.Hi, Personalization of your SAP sys

  • Views in MM03, how can I add fields and changes fields labels Updated:10-11

    Hi !!   I need to change some labels that appear on Sales: Sales Org  2 (view on MM03, MM02..MM01)...    Im not sure what I can do this.. Im an ABAP Programmer(beginner) and I know how I can change labels of fields in programs(reports) that I did...b

  • How to Add fields in dynamic selection LDB BRF Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have requirement to add a field BSEG-ZLSCH in Logical Database BRF dynamic selection. I have tried doing the same by using below mentioned link but its not appearing in the report dynamic selection screen

  • Add Fields from table ADRC (Fields Name 1 to 4) for Open Item Processing Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Expert: Our client requires vendor/customer name to be displayed in the open item processing line layout for transaction code f-58, so they can double check if the vendor name is complete as intended.  We intend to add fields from table ADRC i