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  • Vendor payment through bank transfer Updated:10-11

    Hi, Is there any way of doing bank transfer using a manual transaction (i.e.other than F110) ? My customer wants to do the vendor payment by bank transfer similar to the cheque payment which we do through F-53 & F-58. Regards, Krishna A S VBank Trans

  • BC Datasource for Vendor:Payment Transaction Master Data Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, Is there a standard Business Content Datasource to extract the master data for fields that are visible in the Vendor: Payment Transactions screen? I basically need data from tables LFBK, BNKA and I wanted to see if there was a way to do i

  • Vendor payments using bank info from HR master data Updated:10-11

    Dear experts, We have setup all employees as vendors in FI to make reimbursements. Can we use the banking information in HR master data (IT0009) and make the vendor payments in FI. We don't want to maintain bank information in vendor master. So, by e

  • How to change VENDOR payment transactions in T-code XK02 Updated:10-11

    when I use BDC code to change vendor payment transaciton in XK02. There is a problem. AT the payent transaction view,bank details at the control table,When i want to change it ,i use cursor to decide which line change. But at the run time,it may be w

  • Mass change in fk02-payment transaction-bank name Updated:11-30

    Dear All : i want to do mass changes in fk02 - payment transaction tab - bank data tab - bank name field table name is BNKA , field name is BANKA Please suggest t code for same vijayAs far as i know the Bank name field is non editable and it flows fr

  • Need BAPI or FM to update  vendor  payment transactions Updated:11-30

    Hi , I upload  vendor master data now i am want to update  payment transactions  but  here in some cased multiple payments should also select. Thanks, AshaHi, I have written the code but it is not working . my code is as below: DATA : i_meth TYPE STA

  • Vendor payment with bank charges Updated:10-11

    hai, I want to make a payment to Vendor with bank charges. Like for ex. Vendor Bill amount is Rs.1000.00, i want to issue a cheque for Rs.980.00 and Bank charges Rs.20.00 so total amount Rs.1000.00 to be adjusted against bill. How do achieve this? go

  • Sap transactional banking Updated:11-30

    Hi,         For the last 3 years i am working in Bank.Now i want to shift into SAP field.I am interested to do SAP transactional Banking module. is it will be a right decision to shift in SAP banking ? Where to get training &  certifications  & jo

  • Vendor Payment Summary Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, What are the available reports in SAP for Vendor payment summary, which shows all kind of payments (Check payments (Check numbers), Wire payments, ACH etc) with vendor details in one report. I tried some standard reports which is not givi

  • FB01 for vendor payments Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, My question is regarding vendor payment entry from transaction FB01. My requirement is regarding  upload of mass vendor  payment entries. The accounting entry generated through vendor payment transaction F-53 cleares the open invoice an

  • Tables for vendor payments Updated:10-11

    Hi, Are there any tables available in SAP for vendor payments. I know some tables PAYR,REGUH,REGUP ETC. But these are for after the printingof check is happened. I want the table for manual payment,residual payment,advance payment etc. Vendor invoice

  • Trigger of Milestone for Vendor Payment Updated:10-11

    Hi,    Is there some functionlaity available in SAP for Vendor Payment similar to Triggering of Milestone for Customer Invoices? i.e when we confirm activities milestones are triggered which will remove billing block and vendor payments can be made.

  • Vendor Payment Document IDOC to Bank [Trans F110 or F111] Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I'd like help on how we can secure the payment document to the Bank. We are on SAP ver 4.6C and Below is our current process.  We use transaction F110 to make vendor payments. After this, we have created a program which downloads the payme

  • Error In Transaction F-44 for Foreign Vendor Payment Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, User is getting the Error In Transaction F-44 (G/L account 14281001 xxxx does not exit) while doing Vendor Payment to Foreign Vendors. When I checked in Vendor Master Data, Reconcilliation account is maintained for all Foreign(other) & Fo

  • Payment Run - Clearing between Customer and Vendor and Partner Bank Account Updated:10-11

    Is there a way to have the bank details for the payment to be pulled from the vendor master if an outgoing payment is created or from the customer master if an incoming payment is created? Our requirement is to consider both vendor and customer items

  • Uploading bank files to vendor payments. Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I am not sure if it is the proper forum to this question, but I am a bit lost¡¡ We have a company in the UK and we want to make SAP vendor payment propposals. First of all, we are making manual files (with real information) of the next sort

  • How do I create a new payment method in PeopleSoft 9.1 for Vendor payments via external bank program? Updated:10-11

    We have contracted with a major banking institution to utilize their credit card program to transact vendor payments.  Basically, we generate a formatted file from our Pay Cycle.  The file is sent to the bank, who in turn notifies the participating v

  • Payment transaction details in the Vendor Master Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts I have My client wants in the Vendor master data not allow access to  the Payment ytransacion details  for the Users ,I am trying to Supress it in the Account group but it is not happening pls help me to know why and any where in the SAP w

  • Creating Payment File in SAP after executing Automatic Payment transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi, Need to know how is the Payment file created in SAP after executing Automatic Payment Transaction and how do I see the file and the fields. Regards, KiranHi, If you are using EDI format for sending the file to the Bank, then you need to map the f

  • Uploading vendor payment data to bank server Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Can someone guide me how to upload the vendor payment data into the bank server (vendor banks) either online or by executing a program. Thanks and regards, ZubairHi, You can download DME file using Payment medium workbench (PMW) which will be