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  • SAP LSMW to upload values against characteristics in CL20N Updated:11-30

    Morning, I need to upload values against characteristics in transaction code CL20N using LSMW. I have tried batch input recording method, but I receive the error below. The setup of characteristics is as follows: Plants – Upload all plants Purchasing

  • How to transfer data from legacy system  to SAP Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I would like to know the process and the steps followed to transfer data from my legacy system to SAP. Suppose if i have all the data in the form of Excel sheet or doc type. How can i transfer this data into SAP. Please explain the steps

  • How to import data from legacy system to SAP Updated:10-11

    How do we import legacy data to SAP system? Iu2019m a trainee on SAP HR,  just wanted a brief description on that in layman terms? There are lot of threads related to issue  please use Search forum for Better results before posting the query search t

  • BDC/LSMW Doubt! Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends! 1)    Could u pls tell me when to use BDC & When to use LSMW I am a technical Person i want to load data using LSMW Then when to do that? apart from doent need programming effort. 2) My Second Doubt is From LSMW, Suppose i am doing lsmw i

  • GL CONVERSION Updated:11-30

    Can anyone please explain me how will the GL conversion be done by going through the follwoing requirement: Description In order to establish the opening balances in SAP, ending balances on May 31, 200X from the legacy systems must be converted. In a

  • Update file data into xk02 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I need to update file data into vendor master general data,company code data ,purchase org data in xk02 . Is there any BAPI for xk02 to update all the vendor master data into general data,company code, purchase org data. Please any one share

  • Mass Change for Vendor CIN (excise) Details. Updated:11-30

    Dear Masters, I have an issue to Mass change the Excise data in Vendors master (CIN) details. The concerned table is  (J_1IMOVEND) and the fields are 1) J_1IEXCD 2) J_1IEXRN 3) J_1IEXRG 4) J_1IEXDI Kindly let me know how can this issue be resolved. T

  • Creating tiered lists (outlines) Updated:11-30

    I am having trouble creating an outline formatted list with customized letters and numbers denoting each level.  Using the the inspector to change the number/letter style for each level of an outline changes all levels to that selection. Using "Harva

  • Mass printer creation Updated:11-30

    Hi All the experts, I have a task of creating the printers over 900, Please assist me  if there is any way to create the printers at once e.g by importing from excel sheet or from template. or any other task. I need urgent solution because I have to

  • MM - Mass maintenance MM17 Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus !! I have to extend about 2500 materials from plant "xxx" to plant "yyy", somebody can explain to me how is the procedure, I mean step by step, because I can not do it work. I really appreciate a handbook for trx. MM17. Thanks

  • BDC or LSMW for MR21 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can anyone help me in creating a BDC for MR21: •Create a batch input recording and generate a program that can be modified. A transaction code should be created to run the program, and users must have the transaction included in their profiles. T

  • Need SAP Segment Change or Update for LSMW Updated:10-11

    Our LSMW person is using a segment E1BPCHARACTDETAIL, in his LSMW Field Mapping. This segment is in an hierarchy that falls under E1CHARACTERISTIC_CREATE. Our LSMW person uses E1BPCHARACTDETAIL because he according to him it is the equivalent of BAPI

  • Error while uploading data in SAP (me01)using LSMW Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am using LSMW for the first time. I am trying to upload data to the Source List transaction (me01) using batch input recording. I created a new recording through LSMW itself. My source structure consists of 5 fields: <b>MATNR C(18) WERKS C

  • Creation of Multiple position with LSMW in sap om Updated:10-11

    Hi friends, I have to create 300 position for org. unit using LSMW. please help me out. Best Regards: PriyaranjanHi Go with T-code- PP02 while recording the PP02 Initial screen- 01 Current plan S  Position "Blank"   1000 Object "Blank"

  • MR21 Data upload using LSMW Updated:10-11

    Hi, Please help me in creating an LSMW for MR21 Transaction. I have a flat file, But i'm not sure about how this can be acheived thru Direct Input. Please also educate me on the other techniques of acheiving this Data Transfer. Thanks & Regards, SaiH

  • SAP Retail : Article Master Data Transfer using LSMW/ARTMAS05: EAN Error Updated:11-30

    Hi Bjorn Panter, I want to thank you for providing very informative articles on the Master Data of ERP Retail. We are currently loading articles to SAP from legacy and use your articles on ERP Retail as part of our knowledge warehouse. We have encoun

  • Conversion of data from legacy into SAP using LSMW(Direct input) Updated:11-30

    Hi guys,      I  need a help from u for the following scenario. The scenario is about  <b>FI & MM Vendor Master Conversion</b>.The brief description of this scenario is as follows:      <i>Conversion of Accounts Payable Vendor Master

  • LSMW - cannot be run in background since recent SAP Notes Updated:11-30

    Hi Sorry if this needs to be moved as not really S&A. We are on a 4.6C R3 system and are in the process of importing Basis Support Package 61 SAPKB46C61 and I now seem to have lost the ability to run an LSMW in background - the thing runs but does no

  • Data upload using BDC/LSMW (SAP-ABAP) Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, Is there any option available to delete no.of records from sap-database which are uploaded(Only transactional data) in test or production system by using BDCs and Lsmw ? Pls treat it as urgent. I 'll reward for best solution. Thx in Adv.

  • MR21 LSMW Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I've done a BDC recording for MR21 in a LSMW. when the recording is complete i was able to find all the fields recorded. But during the step of Field Mapping I was not able to find the fields in Target Structure(RECMR21). My source structur