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sap log for z-fields in VBAk

  • How to get change log for z-fields in VBAk(Sales order) Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Please help me in this. My requirement is get the change log for z-fields in sales order. In the sales order header level we have one tab Additioanl data. In this we have z-fields, if we change any of the field value, it is accepting the same

  • Change Log for Custom fields Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I need the change log for custom fields added in BP transaction codes. Basically, for tracking the changes of master data in CDHDR and CDPOS tables we will enable the checkbox of dataelement related to custom field. As for SAP fields in BP tr

  • Sap query and additional fields. Updated:10-11

    Hello guys. ABAP it's not my strong skill, but i need to develop some report. What i need: input: material, SLED, plant output: material, SLED, plant, values from characteristic field. I have created sap query with additional field type c. Below my c

  • Use SAP logging in my application Updated:10-11

    HI, I would like to use SAP logging in my application. i have written a web application on KM. i would like to enable SAP logging on it. can anybody point me t useful resources to use SAP logging in  application. Any help appreciated. Thanks, DiptiHi

  • Log. Block field in BPM detail report Updated:11-30

    What does the M or A mean in the Log. Block field in the BPM detail report for monitoring object "Blocked Invoice for Payment"?In your SQL: SELECT ename, job, your_function(sal, comm) your_calculation    FROM empDenes Kubicek http://deneskubicek

  • Protection of SAP Log Files Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know of any tools (SAP or third-party) to protect SAP log files (system logs, security audit logs, etc.) from alteration by an authorized user (e.g., someone with SAP_ALL)?  We are looking for an audit-friendly method to protect log files

  • SAP CRM Tables and Fields for Contract start and End dates Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, Please Provide me SAP CRM Tables and Field names for the below. SAP CRM Contracts start date and End date SAP CRM Conditions(PROO, K007 etc....) records start and End Date. Thanks and Regards, Tejacorrection 10 Replies Latest reply: 24 Ma

  • SAP Logs in NWA Updated:11-30

    hi all, I am unable to view SAP logs in NWA logs and traces..It keeps on processing, but we can see logs once in a blue moon only. Since, NWA is main and powerful tool for J2ee engine troubleshooting, we need this be perfect so that we can make use t

  • "Scene", "Description", "Comment", and "Log Note" metadata fields don't appear in Prelude Updated:11-30

    Can I use the "Scene", "Description", "Comment", and "Log Note" metadata fields in Prelude that are basic parts of Premiere's logging screen? I can't find them in Prelude. I would like to continue in the Premiere (C

  • SAP Logging Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am trying to use SAP Logging in my J2EE Web Application. When I tried adding the line of code "import*;" the compiler complained as it's not found. Then I tried adding by "set additional libraries" and foun

  • To find whether User name has SAP log in ID Updated:11-30

    Dear all         How to check up particular user name has SAP log in ID are notHi, Go to transation SU01. Drill down on user. Enter the user name & press enter. Check the user id for selected user name & click on Display. If the user has user id i

  • Problems with SAP logging,tracing in custom LoginModule Updated:11-30

    Hello, We are developing a custom logimodule for our J2EE application on WebAS. We are using eclipse IDE to develop the code. We want to use the SAP logging framework in the custom loginmodule. In this regard we have certain queries: - If we hard cod

  • SAP Logging Debug an Warning Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am workin on sap logging api using logging.jar, Debug, and Warning is not working on a was 7.0 environment where as it works fine on was 6.4 environment, any idea. Regards Abhijith YSHi Michael, my log-destion and log-controllor are as follows.

  • SAP Log Folder Updated:11-30

    Hi Sir/Madam where i can find the SAP Log folder in sap server Directory and which format is available how i can check it? Regards M.ArunHi Arun, 1) In case you want to look into work process logs of SAP you may look into following location         

  • Configure SAP Standard Asset Master fields Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts,                 Please guide me how to achieve the below configuration. Need to Configure 3 existing SAP Standard Asset Master fields so that they are "visible" for all asset classes and all company codes.. Inventory Group  - charact

  • Runtime Error in SE16 after adding fields in VBAK (ABAP-SD) Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have a requirement where I need to add a field in the header item of VA03,  So I have add new field or APPEND structure in VBAK. I appended structure ZZLAND1 having component field LAND1 in VBAK. In SE11, structure ZZLAND1 is activated and

  • Incident/Accident Log - Create description field in new tab page Updated:11-30

    Dear all, I have a question about Incident/Accident Log. In the Incident/Accident Log, a new tab page and fields inside it can be created using class and characteristics, respectively. The characteristic value field is limited to 30 characters length

  • Populating our log message along with standard sap log in ck11n. Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have developed a user exit which is used in costing of material using ck11n. Here i have to show our custom log message along with the standard log shown by standard sap system after costing run is complete. I got one FM-- CM_F_MESSAGE  whi

  • SAP Log on into Business Objects server not working (Error FWB 00014) Updated:10-11

    Hello, I recently installed Business Objects XI 3.1 Edge series, I am able to logon to enterprise and everything is working fine. I am even able to import roles from SAP system but I have two problems. 1. Logging on to enterprise using SAP user: I am

  • How to revert back a SAP NOTE? Dump- Field symbol has not yet been assigned Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, We r getting dump(cause: Field symbol has not yet been assigned) in production for ABUMN tx, so, when debugged, it came to know that, the Field symbol is coming from REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY!! So, for some reason the system message text is