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  • Sap* deletion in Production System Updated:11-30

    Hi experts,   I wanted to do TMS configuration which require to login to my Production System from 000 client. I am newly joined here. And i dont now any of user password (DDIC,SAP,BASIS)* for client 000. I have tried reseting it from my MSSQL Databa

  • IMP:-sap* deleted in 000 Client Updated:11-30

    Hi All, If some one deleted " sap *  i.e. superuer ID in 000 client with out any knowledge of the user. Kindly let me know how to solve this issue ASAP. With Regards PrashanthYou want to have user SAP* back into client 000? Check if parameter login/n

  • SAP* deletion in MSSQL2005 Updated:11-30

    Hi all,   I want to delete my sap* user through MSSQL2005 db. but fails to execute command. can anybody guide me in dis thanks in advance. VaibhavHi Open Microsoft SQL Server Managment studio. login with <SAPSID>adm user. click on new query. execute

  • How to delete Open Activities in the DTR Web UI? Functions are missing... Updated:10-11

    [email protected], we have some problems with open activities and files that are checked-out. To solve this we found this desciption by SAP: "Deleting Open Activities in the DTR Web UI Since open activities can be a problem if they cannot be found any longer -

  • Error while installing SAP Business One 9.0 Server Tool Updated:10-11

    Hi, Here is my landscape idea: I would like to have License server and application server installed separately. I had License server 9.0 PL09 and application server already installed. I uninstalled the server tool from my license server machine and t

  • SPAU. Adjusting Deleted Objects Updated:11-30

    Hi all, My manager has asked me to review SPDD and SPAU after an upgrade. In Deleted Objects, I have seen some dictionary objects in particular we have several "Table Indexes" here. Why has SAP deleted these table index? I haven't seen other cha

  • Where is the SAP logic to process the BDCDATA? Updated:11-30

    Hi, expert. Where is the SAP logic to process the BDCDATA that we passed on CALL TRANSACTION 'VA01' using bdcdata mode.....? On the other words, can I see the SAP logic to understand how SAP process 'CALL TRANSACTION' statement? Thanks.Martin, thanks

  • Client deletion monitoring Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys I started a client deletion.Its been 28 hrs for now but for the first 2 hrs I see 4.858  of   28.662 Tables are deleted but now it is 28 hrs still i see the same number of tables are getting deleted.When I see in sm50 I see BG wp  103066 SAPL

  • Creating a Perl script for SAP sytem profile parameter Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to create a perl script for all th eprofile parameter to check as a security directive ,so that whenever the system is started it checks for this profile parameter. As per my company sap directive ,these are the profile parameter i need to

  • Preinstall check failed - Unable to install SAP HANA Client Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Recently I had to format my system and after loading the Windows 8 I downloaded the SAP HANA Client, SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA JDBC Drivers for re-distribution from into the de

  • Deleting connectors within CC 5.3 Updated:11-30

    While debugging my other issue, we concluded that perhaps we should delete all our JCo settings and redo them just to be sure. I went into Compliance Calibrator and found that I am able to create new connectors and logical systems, but not delete exi

  • AE 5.1 and 5.2 - Configuring parallel workflows for "Delete" Request type Updated:11-30

    Has anyone configured parallel workflows for the "Delete" Request type?  I want to configure 1 for SAP and 1 for non-SAP applications, but have been unable to do it successfully.  The initiators I have created that do not work are: 1 - SAP initi

  • I want an information to retrive deleted records for a sales order. Updated:11-30

    Hi technicals,   This is suresh.I need a help from you . I have designed a BAPI which is going to retrive the New records ,updated records for a particular sales order based on the sales organization.But when i am trying to retrive the data for delet

  • RSDU_TABLE_DROP_PARTITION_MSS  Error. Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I am having this error while deleting requests from PSA" RSDU_TABLE_DROP_PARTITION_MSS Error while creating the clone table /BIC/B0000587000" I went through different suggestions and this is one I found. - Go to transaction SE14 - Typ

  • Issue while posting XML to BAPI_LEAD_CREATE Updated:10-11

    I am stuck while trying to HTTP post an XML to Gateway Service which calls the  BAPI_LEAD_CREATE in SAP CRM. The request is posted from the REST CLIENT In Firefox and i get an non descriptive HTTP 400 error in response <?xml version="1.0" enc

  • Error in Solution Manager 4.0 Installation u0096 Step 32 Create JAVE users Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am installing Solution Manager 4.0 on WIN server 2003 & Oracle10g. The installation has been successful so far but at Step 32 (Create JAVA users) the installation errors and the error log is as follows: ERROR 2016-09-10 06:39:28 CJS-30197 

  • MIR4 - Fiscal year change Updated:11-30

    Hello All, We have a reuirement to differentiate the SAP deleted MM Invoices (when fiscal year changed) and manually deleted MM invoices by user. CASE1: When an MM Invoice is subjected to fiscal year change, SAP automatically creates a new document,

  • Cancelled a SO tied to a Production Ord and Prod Ord still open? Updated:11-30

    Is it standard functionality that when a Sales Order that is tied to a Production Order is CANCELLED, the Production Order remains OPEN?  If so, is there any way to have SAP delete the production order when the SO tied to it is cancelled??Hi, I will

  • Archiving of Purchasing Documents Updated:11-30

    Hi Flocks, I am trying to Archiving of Purchasing Documents but i am getting the following error. please suggest << removed >>. "Delivery completed" indicator set No provision for IR Thanks in Advance you all, Saleem. Edited by: Sale

  • Local Client Copy Hanged Updated:11-30

    Hi All, My ERP version is ECC 6.0 DB is Oracle 10g OS: Windows. When i am performing Local Client Copy from 000 to 111, the copy is hanged and in SM50 it is showing 8     BGD     3580     Running          Yes                    15158     SAPMS38L