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  • How to realize cross-plant ATP check in 46c when creating SO Updated:11-30

    Hi all For cross-plant ATP check is not available in 46c when creating SO, is there other way to realize it? Can it be realized through user-exit or enhancement or development? Is there anyone can help me? Best regards Eggsee these user exits for VA0

  • Automatic  cross plant   ATP check in sales order. Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus in the company code A010, we have 4 plant , (P010,P020,P030,P040) Now we have a requirement : When create the sales order, we want system automatic check the plant P010 stock, if first plant stock is shortage, then system automatic check t

  • Feed correct plant after ATP Check Updated:11-30

    I have the following problem. Just before    CALL FUNCTION 'AVAILABILITY_CHECK_CONTROLLER' in Include:LV03VFMM I crated my implicit enhancement in which I use  CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_MATERIAL_AVAILABILITY' to get the correct plant at which the requested

  • ATP CHECK in all storage Location of the Plant Updated:11-30

    Dear gurus, we have the stock for the component in the storage location : Storage Location A 10 PZ Storage Location B 30 pz Storage location C 40 pz In the planned order for this component there is the storage location A. The ATP check ( in the trans

  • Sales Order ATP Check in SAP B1 Updated:11-30

    Is there a way to disable the ATP Check upon saving of a Sales Order using the DI API or any other built-in configuration settings?SC, Is the question that you have related to the SAP Business One integration for SAP NetWeaver (B1i) or is your questi

  • SAP APO : GATP:Ruled Based ATP check :Location Updated:11-30

    System look for best CDD plant out of 3 plants For example, there are 4 plants (P1, P2,and  P3, ). All can not meet the RDD (say 1st July) of the customer, however let’s say P2 can give the best CDD (5th July). System should choose P3. (May be in ano

  • Atp Check see all storage location of the plant Updated:11-30

    Dear gurus, we have the stock for the component  in the storage location : Storage Location A     10 PZ Storage Location B      30 pz Storage location  C       40 pz In the planned order for this component there are the storage location A. The ATP ch

  • Re: ATP check at storage location level in sales order. Updated:10-11

    Hi , I have a requirement wherein storage location is determined in my sales order,  the ATP check is done at plant level as well as storage location level , and the smaller of the two quantities is taken as the result of the ATP check. My requiremen

  • Error on ATP check when Creating a Sales Order Updated:10-11

    Hello, I encounter error  on ATP check while creating a Sales Order. The error is when I create Sales Order using material A, with or with out indicating the Plant and Storage Location, the Purchase Order quantity is returned on ATP check, but when I

  • User exit or Badi for changing the lead time in ATP check in VA01/VA02 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Currently, SAP standard functionality takes up the lead times maintained in material master to create the schedule lines in the sales order in VA01. I am looking for some user exiit/Badi/Enhancement point where I can change the lead time. Thi

  • ATP check at sales order by storage location Updated:10-11

    Can I do an ATP check against a plant/storage location level during sales order entry?  Basically, for a particular plant, if I have 2 storage location with the following quantities: 0010 = 100ea 0020 = 150ea Can I create a sales order for 110ea, spe

  • Block the ATP Stock for non-ATP checked items in BOP Updated:10-11

    Hello GATP Experts, We have a strange and interesting scenario here with STOs. Let me explain step by step 1) We don't do ATP check for STOs and hence a Z-check mode has been designed and it will be considered for STO documents 2) Now, let us conside

  • ATP check in VA01 Updated:10-11

    Availability To Promise (ATP) is configured to make better delivery planning on Sales Orders and Delivery. SAP standard ATP looks-up the availability of a material in a plant for a given batch if the material is batch managed. If the material is not

  • How to configure ATP check for "create standard order in SD (OR type)" Updated:11-30

    first, I had check my stock, I only have ten PC , but when I enter 100 PC in a OR order, and issue ATP check, it is carries out, why? I had set availavility check into 02 in MRP3 viewAvailability check 1. Availability check is an integral part of the

  • User exit in ATP Check for sales Order to trigger notification Updated:11-30

    Hi All please let me  know is there any user exit after ATP check or in ATP check for sales order to trigger a notication mail. Regards KishoreHi, User Exits For Availability Check are given below:- The user exits named here are planned for projects

  • To Turn OFF ATP check in APO-GATP Instead do locally in ECC. Updated:11-30

    Dear SAP Friends, Currently for Sales orders & Deliveries, we have ATP Check (Allocation Check + Product Check) happening in APO-GATP. We would like to turn-off ATP check in APO-GATP, instead want to do only Inventory Check in ECC locally. We want to

  • APO ATP - ATP Check for batch stock Updated:11-30

    Hi experts We have an interesting scenario on which i dont have much exposure. The client promises stock from specific batches. eg. a particular sales order can only be confirmed from a specific batch. The details of the batch is provided on the sale

  • Cross Plant Planning- MRP activation indicator turned after the creation of Material code Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, Working on Cross plant planning, where 1001 Production plant will stock transfer material to 8 different plants. Right now, only 10001 plant had MRP and planning file entry ticked in customizing OMDU. The other 8 plants have Materials c

  • Re: ATP check at storage location level. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, NEED urgent help. I want to know if it is posiible to have ATP check at storage location level only. I do not want this check to happen at plant level. Please reply. Thanks and regards, NileshHi Shankar, Storage location is defaulted in sales

  • Questions on ATP Check, RLT & Planning Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a couple of issues regarding ATP checks and Planning, and I was wondering if anyone could help. 1. We have a setup right now where we are using standard SAP availability check with Replenishment Lead time. In the Purchasing, we might have