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  • Re: ATP check at storage location level in sales order. Updated:10-11

    Hi , I have a requirement wherein storage location is determined in my sales order,  the ATP check is done at plant level as well as storage location level , and the smaller of the two quantities is taken as the result of the ATP check. My requiremen

  • Error on ATP check when Creating a Sales Order Updated:10-11

    Hello, I encounter error  on ATP check while creating a Sales Order. The error is when I create Sales Order using material A, with or with out indicating the Plant and Storage Location, the Purchase Order quantity is returned on ATP check, but when I

  • User exit or Badi for changing the lead time in ATP check in VA01/VA02 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Currently, SAP standard functionality takes up the lead times maintained in material master to create the schedule lines in the sales order in VA01. I am looking for some user exiit/Badi/Enhancement point where I can change the lead time. Thi

  • ATP check at sales order by storage location Updated:10-11

    Can I do an ATP check against a plant/storage location level during sales order entry?  Basically, for a particular plant, if I have 2 storage location with the following quantities: 0010 = 100ea 0020 = 150ea Can I create a sales order for 110ea, spe

  • Block the ATP Stock for non-ATP checked items in BOP Updated:10-11

    Hello GATP Experts, We have a strange and interesting scenario here with STOs. Let me explain step by step 1) We don't do ATP check for STOs and hence a Z-check mode has been designed and it will be considered for STO documents 2) Now, let us conside

  • ATP check in VA01 Updated:10-11

    Availability To Promise (ATP) is configured to make better delivery planning on Sales Orders and Delivery. SAP standard ATP looks-up the availability of a material in a plant for a given batch if the material is batch managed. If the material is not

  • Cross Plant Planning- MRP activation indicator turned after the creation of Material code Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, Working on Cross plant planning, where 1001 Production plant will stock transfer material to 8 different plants. Right now, only 10001 plant had MRP and planning file entry ticked in customizing OMDU. The other 8 plants have Materials c

  • Re: ATP check at storage location level. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, NEED urgent help. I want to know if it is posiible to have ATP check at storage location level only. I do not want this check to happen at plant level. Please reply. Thanks and regards, NileshHi Shankar, Storage location is defaulted in sales

  • Questions on ATP Check, RLT & Planning Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a couple of issues regarding ATP checks and Planning, and I was wondering if anyone could help. 1. We have a setup right now where we are using standard SAP availability check with Replenishment Lead time. In the Purchasing, we might have