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  • Very URGENT : BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE Component Allocation Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I want to create a routing using BAPI. I tried using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE, it is creating operations without any problem. But when I want to assign an Operation/Activity to a Component through New Assignment in Component Allocation through BAP

  • BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE / Material Component Allocation Updated:11-30

    I'm using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE in my own BAPI to create routings. The routing is being created when I turn off the component allocation table and all is fine. When I turn on that part, I get an error that states: A CMCL 105 Sequence or Operation are n

  • Reference Routing Component allocation to Opertaion table Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I am having one query.My requirement is I want to know for list of ref.operation sets(Group) and header materials,I want to know the operation in which component allocation has done in table.For ex,If 10 operations are there in the Ref,op.s

  • Allocation table notification (WA11) Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, Need your valuable inputs on below issue. When we are creating allocation table without any reference having Notification category as 'B', then we are able to trigger Allocation notification by WA11. System provides details of the numb

  • Problem creating Allocation Table with Reference to a PO Updated:10-11

    Dear Folks, I am having problems creating an allocation table with reference to a PO in T-code WA01. I read the SAP help that some prerequisites need to exist: ==> You can only reference order items flagged as being relevant to a stock split (the All

  • What SAP component support Flash Island in Web Dynpro for ABAP? Updated:11-30

    Hi  Experts, What SAP component support Flash Island in Web Dynpro for ABAP? I don't find flash island control to place it in the view. Thanks, DuyFlashIsland is a native UI element like table or image - not a reusable component like ALV.  What relea

  • Error in component allocation in BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE to creae routing Updated:11-30

    Hi I'm using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE to create BAPI with component allocation.  But my problem is I'm able to create operations but not able to create component allocation. The BAPI is giving me success message, but not creating component allocation. In

  • Component allocation to Euipment Task list Updated:11-30

    Hello frinds, I have a query related to Plant Maintenence. We have a euipment task list with different counters . In each counter we have operations and components assigned to those operations. When order is created some of the operations are not get

  • What is SAP component in OSS. e.g. BW-BEX-ET-BC-PREC? Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, Can anybody tell me what is SAP component for OSS? how to open a OSS notes? For example BW-BEX-ET-BC-PREC? What is it? Thanks in advance. Sharat.Hi Sharat, Whenever you open a OSS Request i.e Customer Message at you need t

  • Component allocation Updated:11-30

    Hi , I was asked in one interview, "What is the difference between component allocation & material allocation?". Component allocation means, allocation of components to various operations in a routing or production order. Material allocation

  • Routing Component Allocation and Assignment of Operation/Seq to components Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, We are creating a Order Bom (uses variant configuration) and Sales order routing using CU51. When in routing component allocation screen using CA02 , we can assign the operation and sequence to the components manually. Requirement is to

  • Component allocation missing in Routing, Updated:11-30

    Hi SAP Gurus The component allocation  for a finished material is missing in Routing. this is particular  with usage production BOM's. I have to manually fix it . What can be the error . Pls advise. regards KarthikHi, It seems that the BOM Components

  • Component allocation of material components in routing Updated:11-30

    Dear Sap Gurus, I am having a finished product in which it contains rawmaterials for making but it in my routing i am having operations of 10, 20,30,40,50,60 ( 10-shearing, 20-bending, 30-welding, 40-grinding, 50-bending, 60-grinding ) but in my rout

  • Component Allocation in Routings Updated:11-30

    Hello all: what is the essence of component allocation in the Routings(CA01), especially if we have more than single operation for the given material If component allocation is not maintained, how it affects the production cycle Thanks in Advance!!Hi

  • Component allocation in planned order and production order Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I want  table  or Function module for component allocation in production order and planned order.If component changes done in planned order or production order. In Table PLMZ and STPO I am getting component which are allocated in routing MAST

  • Function module/BDC/BAPI for Component allocation operation wise Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, I need your help on Component allocation in Routing (CA02) per opertion wise. Currently we are assigning the Component individually per operation manually The problem is if a BOM is having 500 Components/Materials and there are 10 opera

  • Problem in Component Allocation using RCPTRA01 for Reference Operation Set Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am trying to do Reference Operation Set upload with component allocation using RCPTRA01 program in lsmw. Even though i assign values to BIMPZ structure fields the component allocation is not happening. Could u please give some inputs ? Thank

  • BAPI For CA02 - Assign Component allocation for routing Updated:11-30

    Hello Gurus, I m searching for the bapi for the component allocation in routing. Since  routing is already created my work is to assign component allocation to the operation. i tried with the BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE  and /SAPMP/BAPI_ROUTING_PROCESS BAPI_

  • SAP Retail - Allocation of Rack Jobber Stocks? Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I am using SAP Retail and I have created some articles as Rack Jobber consignment inventory. Can I use allocation to push out these consignment stocks to various sites? Best Regards JunwenHi, U can use allocation table to process, only cond

  • How to fetch SAP component Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can anyone help me in getting the logic to fetch SAP component from a ticket. I want to give ticket number as the input and get the component as output. Please tell in which table (or tables) SAP component and ticket number are getting stored.Hi,