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  • Changing the G/L Account while Posting the Goods Receipts in MIGO Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have requirement in which G/L Account needs to be changed based on some validation while Posting the Goods Receipt in MIGO. I have created exit in OBBH by copying the standard SAP Program RGGBS800 in view V_T80D. I changed following entry i

  • Unable to do posting Updated:11-30

    I am a newbee to SAP payroll and just in the learning phase i am having issue posting   i try to post  by choosing other date and the server throws the error Short text     Syntax error in program "GBTTQFI0 ". What happened?     Error in the ABA

  • BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_POST - State Withholding Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I call BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_POST and pass it tax withholding information in the EXTENSION.  This is then used to populate Structure ACCIT_WT.  When there is Federal withholding, the BAPI works correctly and automatically creates the Fe

  • FI_ReportDevelopment Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, I developed this repot,but in output the all debit and credit values or not comming in standard table of sap BSEG it is showing all values can any body help me  how to get all regards. Thaks is advance. *& Report  ZSTMTCUST report  zstm

  • The data object "BSEG" does not have a component called "ZZREGION" Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, Getting ABAP runtime error while doing MIGO-Goods receipt . The data object "BSEG" does not have a component called "ZZREGION". Regards Ashucheck/activate  table bseg in se11 A.Read other 3 answers

  • How to join anla anlc bkpf and bseg in sap Updated:11-30

    any can u tel me how to join the anla anlc bkpf and bseg tables in sap.if any body having asset report send me plzModerator message - Welcome to SCN But please search for answers here before posting and do not ask the forum to do your work for you. T

  • Why SAP Table BSEG-BUZEI using Domain as BUZEI?? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I want to have possible set of reasons for below Query Why SAP Table BSEG-BUZEI using Domain as BUZEI? Not NUMC3 as domain? Here we are not using any Value table or Conversion Routine, they why SAP can not use NUMC3 as Domain for SAP Table fi

  • SAP Standard report on BSEG Updated:10-11

    Hi, Is there any report that gives information contained in BSEG  table. Thanks VenkatI guess thats what FBL3N does.Read other 2 answers

  • Unable to print BSEG-SGTXT in Main window - SAP Script Updated:10-11

    Hi I have an issue in Scripts. I want to print BSEG-SGTXT in my Main Window and below is my code but i am unable to print the text. while debugging, i am getting value in zsgtxt field, but i am unable to get/print in script. can any one help me why i

  • SAP R/3 Tables without Date fields Updated:10-11

    I am trying to import data from SAP R/3 into MS SQL DWH. There are tables which doesnot have posting date fields. Can anyone tell me how to map them with those Table which will have posting date fields, so i can create view in SAP and then pull that

  • SAP IDES ECC 6.0 Installation Problems Updated:10-11

    Hello SAP-Experts!<br> <br> I'm installting an SAP System for the first time and have some problems now. <br> The System I want to install is an IDES mySAP ERP 2005 /ECC 6.0 on MS SQL 2005 Database. (Based on AS ABAP) I have problems wit

  • SAP SCRIPT code problem Updated:10-11

    521 - Heading for trans. w/out sp.G/L indicators (item sorting method 2)- Transactions without special G/L indicators 522 - Heading for trans. with sp.G/L indicators (item sorting method 2)- &T074T-LTEXT& 523 - Heading for open item list of line i

  • RFINDEX - Errors in section Reconciliation INDEX vs BSEG Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, After converting a normal GL account into OIM, we have executed the report RFINDEX for consistency check. We have found errors in the section Reconciliation INDEX vs BSEG. But I am not sure what exactly the system trying to make me unders

  • How to store multiple files from SAp in to Application server? Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys,              Can anybody tell me how to store multiple files from SAP into Application my application i have to get the data from SAP tables BSEG , BKPF , BSAK and BSIK that to daily i have to do.             Any Logic  or Code for

  • Adding Data to the database for SAP Transactions Updated:10-11

    Hi I'm new to the whole ABAP. I would like to enquire about adding transaction data in SAP through ABAP but it must be immediate. I know that one can use a BAPI to add data and can rollback if any problems occur. But if no BAPI exists how does one wr

  • Iterating through bseg line items and picking the vendor line item Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am creating a report in which i want to show the list of vendors (with their WHT's). The output will be based on selection of a certain period(range). I guess i have to first iterate through BKPF and get those documents that lie in the given

  • SAP QUERY report for vendor line items Updated:10-11

    Hi I have created a SAP QUERY report for vendor line items with fields vendor no.,vendor name,amount,company code and period.But there is one line item i donot know from wher system is getting it picked with is not in that vedor account,when i compar

  • Unable to print multiple line items in Z-SAP SCRIPT Updated:10-11

    Hi ALL, We have a scenario where in we are calling the Driver program (RFKORD50) for Document Extract(F.64), Where in we have attached the Z-Script to the program(RFKORD50), Unable to print multiple items. 1) Checked with all the elements in STD prog

  • SAP Query- Reporting on SOD Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, I need some help in creating a report in SAP Query based on user's processing Vendor Invoices and also Vendor Payments? I would like to have the following columns to report on: USNAM u2013 User Name (from BKPF) BLDAT u2013 Document Da

  • Finding changes in SAP tables Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have problem with SAP - Cognos interface. It functions like an ABAP program that generates a file from spec. fields of some SAP tables like BKPF, BSEG, BSID, BSIK, etc. And this is all OK, but problem is that report always selects ALL data, and