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sap bapi to update vendor bank details


    Hi SAP gurus I have used LSMW for mass updates of vendor bank details by recording the Tcode FK02 But the problem is .. after I load the data, its replacing the old bank details with the new one which Im updating with. I want to keep the old bank det

  • BAPI to create vendor bank details and IBAN Updated:10-11

    Hi, here i am developing a program for IBAN creation for Vendors. BAPI_CREATE_IBAN is the BAPI which can create IBAN to update TIBAN table but there is no link with vendor. i.e we cannt view the details in XK02/XK03. So at the moment if we can create

  • BAPI to add Vendor Bank Details Updated:10-11

    Hi, Here i am trying to add bank details for Vendor(updating table LFBK)... Currently i am using BAPI_BUPA_BANKDETAIL_ADD, but its giving a return message that the businesspartner(Vendor) does not exists.  Please let me know if there is any other BAP

  • SRM-SUS 7.0 - Updating Vendor Bank from BP Bank Details Updated:11-30

    Hi SRM Gurus, We are implementing SUS (SRM7.0) and part of the requirement is that we need to update vendor bank details in our ECC6.0 backend once our vendors have updated it in our SUS portal. We have used BBPGETVD to transfer data from our ECC to

  • Updating multiple bank details for each vendor, through LSMW Updated:11-30

    Hi, We need to do a massive update on our vendors bank details, and I'm trying to do it via LSMW. I have two problems. Each vendor may have several bank accounts. In XK02 they appear in a list, and in LSMW the bank detail fields are inside arrays (fo

  • Vendor bank details report Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Experts, In the report If we gave any vendor number (codes)range can we get vendor bank details in that report .but no user exit, is any standard report there this is  my client requirement Please update me ASAP Have a good day Regards SuryaCh

  • Who knows a Std. global data type for vendor bank details (ESR modelling) ? Updated:10-11

    Hi, we are going to design some simple partner in ESR to be implemented in different backends using SAp global data types. What i cannot find anywhere in there is a structure containing the standard fields of customer / vendor bank details. As this i

  • Uploading vendor bank details Updated:10-11

    hi i want to use call transaction method to uplaod the vendor bank details. now i want to create a flat file for a vendor with two bank details. can anyone tell me how should be the flat file i.e., how to differentiate the two bank details for a sing

  • Vendor Bank details in vendor master data Updated:10-11

    Hi There are two tabs in vendor master data: 1. Payment Transaction tab 2. Payment Transaction accounting tab. Now i have 100 different vendors with all vendors having account in 20-25 banks. Even if the bank is same, these vendors have account in di

  • Vendor Bank details for India Updated:10-11

    Hello, how do I have to maintain the vendor bank details for an Indian bank? How are the country-specific settings for India in OY17? We have the following informations from our vendor: Bank name Steet City Swift Branch 1. USD A/c 2. EUR A/c Which in

  • SQVI - Report for vendor bank details. Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am using SQVI -- Quick viewer reporting tool to get the vendor bank details. for that i am using tables LFA1 LFBK BNKA TIBAN I joined the above mentioned tables by using table joins. I cross checked the vendors in Tcode: FK03. But i found t

  • How to get change in Vendor bank details Updated:10-11

    Hi, i have to do one modification in vendor bank detail program. The user wants the created date of IFSC code(LFBK-XBREF), for that I got the table CDHDR and field UDATE. But the problem is that I am not able to join that table with the exiting table

  • Do we have vendor bank details in MEDRUCK or any standard smartform Updated:10-11

    HI, Do we have Vendor bank details getting printed on standard script(Medruck) and any other standard smartforms. how can we test Purchase Order output. Regards, NagarajuHi, In FBZP, while defining the payment method for the country, you have an opti

  • Customer and vendor bank details Updated:10-11

    hello,   what goes in feilds bank key and bank account in customer and vendor bank details in the master data. is it required to have those. please let me know.Its not a required field, but if you are configuring ACH payment then you would like to ma

  • Protecting Vendor Bank Details Display Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, My company reimburse expenses to employee, for that purpose I have created seprate Vendor group for employee vendors. Authorisatoin for create/change/display vendors are also available to Purchasing department, which is fine for normal vend

  • Vendor bank details in F110 Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, We are not able to get vendor bank details in payment praposal or payment list when executing F110. we are using Payment medium program -RFFOD__U; and Name of print dataset-LIST3S as per our clinet country requiremtn we are using these

  • Cant Update iSupplier Bank details after approved,need to modify account no Updated:11-30

    I created the bank details in iSupplier and approved it. Now While trying to update the bank account number, in update page the field is not editable. The only fields that are editable are End dates and Bank Account Name. Is there a way i can make Ac

  • IBAN update for vendor bank details using  rfbikr00 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am trying to update the IBAN details of vendor using standard upload program rfbikr00.While doing the same, the IBAN is not updated to the corresponding bank details line, rather it is creating a new line with IBAN only. I am using the below

  • Error while creating vendor bank details using MAINTAIN_BAPI of class VMD_ei_api Updated:10-11

    hi, iam using maintain_bapi of class vmd_ei_api for bank details creation at the time of vendor creation. but im getting error: ' Invalid address:bank Country missing'.please suggest *    *** Bank details***************************************     DA

  • Problem update IBAN bank details with IDOCs segment E1KNBKM Updated:10-11

    Hi all, i use Idoc DEBMAS07 in which i use the segment E1KNBKM to create IBAN in customer bank details. If bank details do not exist, the IDOC is integrated, IBAN is created. If i recreated the same Idoc, with same data (just change bank name) the Id