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samsung x1200 charging problem

  • Possible Samsung Droid Charge problems. Updated:11-30

    I saw this post on another Droid Charge phone makes you wonder "what's up." Verizon has told me that the Samsung Charge has been quarantined due to a software update. I was curious as to any remote estimate of when it may be available

  • Update: VZW shipped me a brand-new Samsung Droid Charge in retail box Updated:11-30

    The VZW store that i went to was very nice and knew immediately what to do.  I was in and out within minutes. The phone arrived via FedEX and it was a BRAND NEW phone in retail box.   Again, this may vary.... others on this forum have reported gettin

  • Gave up and ordered the Samsung Droid Charge today, like 100 other Fasinate owners at this store Updated:11-30

    I finally decided on the Samsung Droid Charge.   Played with the X2 and Incredible at the VZW store, but wasn't too impressed with the screens.  Samsung still seem to have the best-looking screen.(not "better" than the Fascinate's screen... just

  • Macbook Pro 13 (Early 2011) Charging Problems Updated:10-11

    Recently I noticed that when I charge my macbook pro, the LED light on the magsafe would go green then orange to show that it is charging. However after a few minutes or seconds the orange LED light will go off (Stops Charging) and the whole process


    [color="#ff0000"]ZEN VISION:M MP3 PLAYER CHARGING PROBLEM?My MP3 player was charging perfectly for the first 4 weeks of its life with me. I usually charged using the USB port on my computer. When connected, the player would come to life and the

  • 2nd dead iPod Touch 4G in 2 months?  Battery/charging problems! Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone, It seems as of tonight that I will have to return my second iPod Touch 4G in the last two months. In both cases, it was an issue where the device would no longer charge, and became very hot on the top of the back panel when the device wa

  • Syncing and Charging Problem with 1st gen iPod nano Updated:10-11

    I purchased a 1st generation iPod nano via eBay about 3 months ago and have developed an interesting syncing and charging problem.  When I plug the nano to my iMac, frequently neither the computer nor iTunes will recognize it.  I have done "the five

  • Macbook Pro Charge problems Updated:10-11

    So I have a Macbook Pro I bought in August 2010, which over the last 3 days has started developing charging problems. It does one of the two of the following: I plug the charger in, the charge light will come on and the laptop will charge for about 4

  • Display problem, charging Problem Updated:10-11

    DISPLAY PROBLEM & CHARGING PROBLEM ACER LIQUID E700, INVOICE NO.S8001A/14-15/6959 INVOICE DT:02-02-2015rajuwilsonk, If the phone is not charging I would recommend getting in touch with your reseller or Acer technical support in your area for options.

  • 1st-Gen iPod charging problems Updated:10-11

    I have had a 1st-gen iPod touch since Dec 2008 and really love it. One annoying problem that I have found with it is a charging problem that I think that I have finally nailed down. I use a wall charger to charge my iPod while idle and while I use it

  • IPod Touch 4G Charging Problems Updated:10-11

    The third-party charger that I have been using for a year stopped working. I eventually figured out it was the charger, not my PC or iPod. So I use my old Apple charger that came with my iPod which stopped working somewhere in mid 2012 early 2013 (go

  • Charging problem with nokia 603 Updated:12-07

    Hi, I just bought Nokia 603 one week back but i had to give it back to nokia are for charging problem, anyway my point is all nokia hardly had problems with charging but now with nokia 603 it is really strange. Can Nokia please check in to thisPlease

  • TS2634 ipad 3 charging problem? Updated:11-30

    I have a ipad 3 that has a charging problem as of late. It will not  charge while it is on. I first have to turn my ipad off and then plug it  in and then the ipad will turn itself back on and will charge. Thats  the only way i can get it to charge.I

  • Missing Samsung Wireless Charging Pad with Purchase of Galaxy S6 Updated:11-30

    Hi Bestbuy, I recently ordered the Galaxy S6 on I saw a page that said Free Samsung Wireless Charging Pad with Galaxy S6 purchase valid 3/27/15-5/9/15. I noticed it wasn't added to my order. I also called the customer service line and th

  • Display & Charging Problem - X220 Updated:11-30

    I have the i7 X220.  It's been great, but I'm starting to have a few issues.  Just want to get some feedback in case there's something simple I need to do before contacting service and probably sending it in for repair (it was purchased March 2010).

  • [N85] USB charging problem Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I tried to charge my N85 with an [non-Nokia] USB battery charger (Lenovo 90W Slim AC/DC Combo Adapter) via the Nokia Connectivity Cable (CA-101) to keep down the amount of chargers I have to carry. But except of asking, which data connecti

  • Ipad 3 charger problem im using the original charger and it say is not apropiet for device.this problem star today. :/ Updated:11-30

    ipad 3 charger problem im using the original charger and it say is not apropiet for device.this problem star today. :/Take it to an Apple Store for evaluation and possible replacement. Make a Genius Bar Reservation

  • Macbook Pro (Early 2011) charging problems Updated:11-30

    Hey Guys, The Macbook Pro was bought in July of 2011 which is only a few months old .When I plug in my magsafe to charge the macbook pro it turns green, then orage to show that it is charging. However, after a few mintues of charging the orange LED l

  • I have car charging problems,my 4s won't charge with tomtom car kit,my old 3GS worked fine,tried a belkin charger had same problem Updated:11-30

    I have car charging problems,my 4s won't charge with tomtom car kit,my old 3GS worked fine,tried a belkin charger had same problem. Any ideas I'm pulling my hair out !!!Seems to be a hardware issue and you'll have to get it checked by visiting an Aut

  • Car Dock Charging problem? Updated:11-30

    My car dock does a great job of holding my Droid X in place in my car. However, whenever I connect an auto charger to the car dock (with the Droid X in the dock, of course), it never charges the Droid X at all. When I connect the auto charger directl