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  • List currency in S_PLO_86000030 Updated:11-30

    If I execute S_PLO_86000030, then change currency to any other currency, this list currency becomes GLOBAL default instead of USER SPECIFIC. Any way to make sure it is only user specific so as not to impact other users? Appreciate it, TriciaHi, You c

  • Difference in profit center (s_plo_86000030) report and billing report (Z ) Updated:10-11

    Dear  SAP GURUS We have develped a billing report - z reprt  - but  the std profit center report -( S_PL0_8600030) NOT matching with it in output? kindly advise me to check and see the logic on the z report so that we can confirm  the reason for diff

  • Report - S_PLO_86000030 -  G/L A/C Balance Updated:10-11

    Hi, In the above mentioned report we are not able to get Account Number. Only description is available. Is there any way get the Account Number in this report.? Bye, Rameshonce you have executed the report go to Settting- Characterstic display- selec

  • S_PLO_86000031 or S_PLO_86000030 Updated:11-30

    Hello SAP Guru's, Question.  I am trying to run a report that gives me transactions detail by account.  Is this the best report?  In addition, when I download this report (needed for auditors) it cuts off at 69,000 lines.  It appears that this is a p

  • S_PLO_86000030-Report Updated:11-30

    Hi, When I see this report GL balances -Profit centerwise it shows some items as unassigned items. Can you please clarify when all the items are profit centerwise, why it is showing unassiged? Can anybody describe this issue? Should I have to select

  • Need help in standard report Updated:10-11

    Hi  experts, Need to change account number decription as  long text  in starndard  GAL A/C BALANCE report G/L S_PLO_86000030 any idea would be great. Regards, venkateshAfter executing report S_PL0_86000030, you will get the ouput. On the output scree

  • Bank GL Report in Local currency Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Friends, My client requirement is that All accounts are to be maintained in Local Currency (MYR) and there is only 2 USD bank accounts (City Bank, MBB) to be maintained in foreign currency and also require converting to Local Currency (MYR) fo

  • Trial balance in error Updated:11-30

    I have run the TB using S_PLO_86000030 but my TB is not balancing: Can someone assist on how to identify what is causing the difference. Thanks. Dr $3,704,812,081 Cr  $3,705,297,120Hi Mahesh Thank you for your assistance. I used the S_PLO_86000030 Fi

  • Profit center Reports in new G/L Updated:11-30

    We have  setting like profit center wise splitting , what are the reports available in the system plz guied me full pionts will be assigned for quiery thanks in advanceHi, The PLO reports are very much available there under New General Ledger reports

  • Trial Balance displayed in GL Account currency Updated:11-30

    Dear experts, I am working with a client implementing an SAP All-in-one Best Practice UAE version. The Client asks to have a Trial Balance of the GL accounts with 3 currencies view. 1st view column:  Account Currency 2nd view column: Local Currency 3