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S_PL0_86000030 change list currency

  • Currency Translation on Key Date for AR Aging Updated:10-11

    Need your valuable advice! I have created an AR Aging query including both Open and Cleared Items based on 0FIAR_C03_Q0005 standard query. However the requirement is to do currency translation to Group Currency (USD) on Key Date. This Key date is def

  • Currency field in alv report Updated:10-11

    hi i have to display the currency field o/p with diff. currencies according to can i do that.Hi, see example program ERGP2070. It is doing something similar to your requirement. It is declaring currency as a separate field 'WRG'. and fo

  • SQL Open Sales Orders Value using today's currency rates Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I am creating a report for displaying the open sales order values (and other fields) using current currency rate (where applicable). I developed the below query. The only problem with this query is that it ignores the order rows in which

  • In Scripts how to print the values in currence format Updated:10-11

    Dear abap guru's, I am working on Purchase Order Script, copy from the standard script, after that wrote a one perform , in that added one new field to script, but value is printed like this formate : 1000.00, but i want to print 1,000.00 like this c

  • Error while creating a Foreign Currency Receipt using Create_Cash API Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am working on AR Receipts converison in R12 and trying to create cash receipts using AR_RECEIPT_API_PUB.CREATE_CASH. Receipt gets created successfully when the currency_code is USD. Receipt Method i am passing is 'Manual Receipt'. When the curr

  • Statistics Currency Error while posting Sales Order (No: V1453) Updated:10-11

    Hi Sappers, I am in process of making a company in SAP ERP SD - IDES, and while posting Sales Order, after I input Sold to Party, PO no, Del Plant and Incoterms and I press ENTER: The error comes up as: Statistics: The currency from in INR for date 2

  • Calculating local currency based on document date in goods receipt Updated:10-11

    We have a requirement in Poland that the local currency PLN should be calculated based on the document date when doing goods receipt, and not standard SAP posting date. I can only find note 619330 according to this requirement, but this note requires

  • Currency unit in Report painter Updated:10-11

    Hi, I met a problem when i maintain a report using report panter. Table FAGLFLEXT is used for the library, and I want to using currency translation function. I use Basic key figure "HSL local currency" and CC_HSL translation local currency for t

  • Index Currency in Report Painter Updated:10-11

    Hi, Is there any way I could include the Index Currency as a key figure for my Report Painter reports?Hi, Before running the repport go to envoriment / option and expert mode. Now you get extra buttons select currency translation. Here you can select

  • Parallel currency in Report painter Updated:10-11

    Hi I need help around the Report Painter report. One of our company code is located in Hong Kong and there are three currencies set-up for this entity. Local currency is CNY, Group currency is in USD, and Third currency is in HKD. Our report painter

  • Can we enter data in multiple currencies in BPC Updated:10-11

    Hi all, In BPC, is it possible to enter data in transaction currencies other than in local currency?  For example, if the local currency of an entity is USD, but I need to enter data for the same Accounts in EUR, MYR and SGD as well and not have the

  • Not Able to Load the data type "Non Currency"in Planning accounts dimension Updated:10-11

    Dear All, We are building Meta data in planning using HAL 9.2 ...while construction of accounts we were able to assign "Currency" Data Type ,but were unable to add the "Non Currency" data types to account members. We have mentioned &qu

  • Can't Delete Data in One Month in a calculated currency EPM 10 NW Updated:10-11

    Good Morning, I have an issue with data in my system. We are having issues deleting data from our calculated currencies for the month of January. We load our data to LC and then run currency conversion to populate our USD, CAD, etc report currencies.

  • Hi Team .. New currencies in SRM Updated:10-11

    Hi SRM team, Could you please explain how we can have currencies in SRM. In the Attribute CUR: "How we can get the values"? Thanks in Advance. CK Edited by: CK on Jun 22, 2009 8:38 AMHello, You have to run program BBP_GET_CURRENCY. Later you can

  • FIXED ASSET : Import FA in Foreign Currency Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to import FA which have been entered in foreign Currency (EUR & USD). 1 - Is it possible to do it ? 2 - If Yes, how could we do it ?Jean-Jacques, The forum you have posted your question in is for questions related to the SAP Business One S

  • The currency is not getting updated in the table VBAP Updated:10-11

    Hi , The currency is not getting updated in the table VBAP. The currency was suppossed to be copied from the header table VBAK for a Sales Order. When the user creating a Sales Order the currency WAERK is not shown in VBAP table. VBAK-WAERk is in EUR

  • REPORT S_ALR_87013558 - budget in Controlling area currency not correct Updated:10-11

    Hi , these are the budget column settings : Key figure          Overall in CAC Version     0     Plan/Act - Version Value Type     41     Budget Object ind.     P     Project item Debit type     1     Costs and credit-side payments My case is the fol

  • Itunes set to wrong currency Updated:10-11

    Just went to use Itunes store for first time on Ipad and it is set to pounds, not US dollars. I have used the App store many times for purchases and they are in correct dollars. It's just the Itunes store. I checked my account and it is set to the US

  • Need help in formating a form dealing with negative currency Updated:10-11

    Need Help!!! Creating forms in Adobe acrobat Pro I could format a number cell to calculate additions/subtractions of currency. If the result was negative I could get the cell to show the negative result in red text and show parentheses around them. H