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RzDeviceEngine quit unexpelctedly

  • My Safari will not load any secure website Updated:10-11

    Hello Everyone, Recently my Safari will not load any secure webpage that I try to connect to, i.e.: Google, Gmail, YouTube, PayPal, but Safari will load insecure webpages that I have either bookmarked or that I manually type in their URL.  Everytime

  • Macbook Air 2014 unbearable slow Updated:10-11

    Ever since I updated to Yosemite back in October, my macbook air has been so god **** slow. I can't get **** done on it, and my fans are overheating all the time. When I start IntelliJ, the CPU overclocks itself to 300%, same goes for photoshop. I ca

  • Panic 4, memory leak ? Updated:11-30

    Hello The past days ever since i installed memory clean ultie from the appstore and did a clean my macbook seems to crash right after i did the memory clean i removed the program from my applications so i dont know wether this is actually the problem

  • Installer Error: Code = 112 Updated:11-30

    Hey, I am trying to install software to support my wireless bluetooth mouse from Razer but the install keeps failing, however, it works on my other mac. Errors on my Macbook Pro Retina 15-inch Mouse: Driver

  • Can someone help me solve my problem report? Updated:11-30

    My razer mouse has been having a lot of issues lately so im not sure if that is the problem. Could someone who understands these please fill me on what might be causing my computer to restart. Thanks. Tue May  6 23:44:29 2014 panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfff

  • MBP Retina Late 2013 - Kernel Panic Crash Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any of you might have an insight into the Kernel panic that my new MBP just suffered from. I just booted up my computer after it was turned off all night, and it immediately crashed after logging in. Here's the detail

  • First Gen MacBook Pro 15 Retina Mavericks Reboots Randomly Updated:11-30

    Please help me find the problem, my macbook has been rebooting on itself, sometimes immediately following another reboot. In fact as I was writing this thread it rebooted again, thankfully the forum let me recover it. Below I've pasted the 2 crash re

  • OS X running slow after maverick update. Updated:11-30

    Some games (Roblox) became incompatible. I am not very good with complex fixes.. need something basic??? Wi-Fi has been slower and glitchy in games. Here is of my log... EtreCheck version: 1.9.12 (48) Report generated August 4, 2014 at 2:16:48 PM PDT