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  • Error in FM RH_STRUC_GET Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have an error FM RH_STRUC_GET, I have entry in Pa0001, pernr 81328 start date 02.05.2008 ,enddate 31.12.9999 position :20050130   MANAGER            MANAGER SUPPORT org unit: 00022828   SDH            SDH Consulti But when i run STRUC_GET u

  • Disable authorization check RH_STRUC_GET Updated:11-30

    hi, is there a possibility to use FM RH_STRUC_GET and to disable authorization check similar to  'HR_READ_INFOTYPE_AUTHC_DISABLE' for fm HR_READ_INFOTYPE? thanks for helpstupid question - solved by myself.Read other 2 answers

  • Is there a place where I can find all the field values for RH_STRUC_GET Updated:11-30

    Hello Gurus, I there a place or maybe some documentation that will explain or give the different values for the FM RH_STRUC_GET fields ? Thank you, JZHi Jorge In this link you have an example . RH_STRUC_GET Performance Now when I needed that for crm

  • How to find Job relationship using the Function Module  RH_STRUC_GET Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I am getting O-S-P relation ship using for an org unit using the function module RH_STRUC_GET. Further If I want the job relation ship, how it can be found out. Thanks in Advance, IrfanHello Irfan, Have a look at the table T778A for evalu

  • Working of 'RH_STRUC_GET' Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a following Org structure O (Org1) |_ S |   |_ P (P1) | |_ S |   |_ P (P2) | |_ O (Org2)     |_ S         |_ P (P3) I want to get P1 and P2 I am using RH_STRUC_GET function module to retrieve the same. This is how I am passing the param

  • Funtion RH_STRUC_GET Updated:11-30

    Dear all, I have a question about the function RH_STRUC_GET. CALL FUNCTION 'RH_STRUC_GET' EXPORTING   act_otype = 'P'   act_objid = employee number   act_wegid = 'B025'   act_plvar = '01'   act_begda = '1900/01/01'   act_endda = '2010/01/01'   act_tf

  • Delimited objects displayed in RH_STRUC_GET Updated:11-30

    Hi,   I am calling RH_STRUC_GET for a org unit ad trying to get all org units under it. The issue is its getting even delimited org units even though I have specified today's date as begda and endda. I assumed the begda and endda were to display org

  • Append 'RH_STRUC_GET' FM result Updated:11-30

    Does anyone knows, how to append 2 result from the FM 'RH_STRUC_GET' ?? Thanks for your help quentinQuentin You can either call the FM in a loop and build internal table with the FM output table contents. Alternatively you can try using FM RH_STRUC_G

  • RH_STRUC_GET get different result Updated:11-30

    All experts,     As i use this FM to get OM structure,  the evalation path it 'MSSDIREC'.  it can ge resutl,  but , i use two logon ID to check this, it gets different result,  how to do this?My parameters is like this: CALL FUNCTION 'RH_STRUC_GET'  

  • RH_STRUC_GET STRUC Updated:11-30

    Hi, the function RH_STRUC_GET returns an structure of type struc wich contains 2 date pairs: (VBEGDA, VENDDA) and (SBEGDA, SENDDA). Does anyone know which dates do they correspond with? I suppose that VBEGDA and VENDDA corresponds with the dates of t

  • Rh_struc_get  authorization Updated:11-30

    Hi,      rh_struc_get function module is failing for a user.Its working fine for other users.     Its a authorization problem.    i am using evalution paths like a008,etc.    Any specific HR authorizations to be given for this??    please provide any

  • RH_STRUC_GET time out Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone ! I still have a big problem with the RH_STRUC_GET FM. When i use it with an evaluation path that contain a lot of object. Is anyone has an idea how to bypass the Time out?? QuentinHi, You might have to consider running the FM for each pa

  • RH_STRUC_GET change version 4.6 to 6.0 lose of data Updated:11-30

    Hi, i'm using this function module "RH_STRUC_GET", and i found an error with the same parameters in the 4.6 and 6.0 version and the same data in the tables, the function import a table with 58 results in 4.6 version  and 57 in the 6.0 version. t

  • RH_STRUC_GET (HR ABAP) Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am using the fuinction module RH_STRUC_GET in a custom function module. When i enter an object id which does not exist it should raise an exception. But when i execute the FM it does not raise the exception , but gives an error 'Structure 0

  • 'RH_STRUC_GET' having issues after upgrade Updated:11-30

    Hi Wokflow experts, I have a program tha uses the FM 'RH_STRUC_GET' to get users from work centers. The FM interface is as below. It was working fine in SAP enterprise, but in ECC 6.0 this FM has stopped returning any values. It returns the exception

  • 'RH_STRUC_GET' FM problem. Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a problem with the 'RH_STRUC_GET' FM. it crashed when the number of object in my evaluation path the FM crash our server. Is there any way to bypass this FM ? another FM maybe ?? If anyone can help QuentinThx, but how can i use it ? wha

  • Evaluation path in CRM - RH_STRUC_GET not working !! Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I created a new evaluation path in CRM 4.0 to determine the business partners in an organizational unit. If I test it in PPSS it works absolutely perfect, however I have to use it in an ABAP and there I found out that FM RH_STRUC_GET doesn't

  • Testing FM RH_STRUC_GET Updated:11-30

    Hi All, i will like to test this FM RH_STRUC_GET. i thought it is used to get the position and organizational unit the user is linked to I proceed as follow: Se37 i filled: 0type:S 0BJID:persnr. WEGID:A008 Flag:? PLVAR:01 Begda:24.08.2010 ENDA:24.08.

  • FM RH_STRUC_GET and buffer_mode Updated:11-30

    Hi, The FM RH_STRUC_GET offer an importing parameter called BUFFER_MODE. I have come across severel buffer modes i existing coding, like X, F and D. My problem is that we are using the FM a lot. And I have a performance problem, that the FM doing a l

  • RH_STRUC_GET example Updated:11-30

    Hi, Does anyone have sample code that I can pinch. I want to get all the employee numbers that report to a manager. I assume the best way is using RH_STRUC_GET but there may be a better way? Thank you.Hi Satish, this FM works only under Organizationa