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  • How to send an idoc of lower release to an External RFC server Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am sending idocs from the sap system to an external rfc server(written using Sap RFC SDK). When an idoc is sent from the Sap system, I receive an IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS call in the external RFC server with the Idoc data. Everything works

  • Isolate app server from external RFC's, idocs Updated:11-30

    There is a server in our SAP R3 landscape that needs to be isolated both from user logon, external communiction like idocs and also load balancing of batch jobs to this server.  The user logon is no issue, config via SMLG by not including the server

  • Regarding rfc and idoc sender Updated:11-30

    hi    can any one provide me with some scenarios having idoc and rfc as senders.Hi To Configure the RFC to FILE scenario ,Proceed as Follows a.       Create an RFC Destination to XI in transaction code  (SM59) b.       Create new destination of type

  • Conv from IDoc to IDoc xml Updated:11-30

    Hello All, When SAP is triggers an IDOC to SAP XI, the conversion from IDOC to IDOC XML takes place in SAP XI(correct me If Im wrong here). Can some body tell me what is the mechanism behind this conversion from IDoc to IDOC xml....and there is no ad

  • RFC or IDOC or ABAP Proxy Updated:11-30

    Hi, What is the best way(R3 Side) for standardization? R3 <-> Legacy. I've read all related article on sdn, but i am not still clear on which best way RFC or ABAP Proxy or IDOC in real life. if you are, what is suggestion? thanks dennisOgawa, There

  • RFC,XIF,IDOC,BDOC Updated:11-30

    Guys, This is an entry level question. I am new to SAP. I would like to have a brief explanation of RFC, XIF, IDOC and BDOC. Alos how they are related. Will reward points. Thanks, NarasimhaHi Narasimha, RFC stands for Remote Function Calls So if you

  • Send/Receive IDOCs (XML) from/to SAP R/3 with XI-SOAP without XI! Updated:10-11

    Dear SAP specialists, (BACKGROUND) We are using the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for SAP 1.0, developed on top of the SAP DCOM Connector (we are using the version 6.20 Patch Nr. 177), with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002 SP1 in order to send and receive I

  • A problem about Simple RFC Server Updated:10-11

    I'm developing a Simple RFC Server by SAP dotNet Connnector. As a necessary step, I create a TCP/IP destination on R/3 system, however I meet some problem in this step as following:    There is a console exe file as Simple RFC server run on the windo

  • Splitting multiple IDoc XML files into single IDoc messages for R/3 Updated:10-11

    Hi all. I have a problem splitting IDoc XML files coming in to XI. I currently have an interface that takes in single store sale IDoc transactions (type WPUBON01) in an IDoc XML file. I then have some complex graphical mapping on the IDoc before send

  • IDOC XML Parsing Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone. I've got some lovely XML IDocs.  I'd like to read them into the IDOC Class Library and send them to SAP with JCo.......... But I can't get some simple code to parse the XML.  I've been sending XMLs to SAP for a long time and they were al

  • Idoc-xml to Idoc Updated:11-30

    Hi, Sender is a 'party' which generates an Idoc. Some of the fields from this idoc has to be fetched by XI and passed to the receiver R/3 system. Requirement : Party - > Idoc-xml - >XI--> Idoc-- > R/3                        (XI - Adapter Sende

  • Creating IDoc XML and sending to XI Updated:11-30

    There is a mechanism to create IDoc XML within SAP ERP through the use of Change Pointers in concert with a port of type XML File (WE21). This is well documented in this document.

  • SAP IDOC to IDOC.xml Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I have a scenario where I need to pass IDOC.xml from SAP to Legacy system: we need to pass Customer Master and Material Master to the same server.. I am using same File CC to send the IDOC.xml file to the location.... Is it possible to sen

  • IDOC testing: how to upload sample IDOC xml file while outbound IDOCtesting Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, can any one tell me , how to upload a sample XML idoc xml(data) file while Outbound IDOC testing; in WE19 tcode ( insted of manually entering the sample data, i have to import the sample XML/text file into the idoc fields). say IDOC is  M

  • Could XI/PI integrate R3 without RFC or IDoc? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Experts.            i got a problem,  there is a requirement that my customer  wanna to reduce RFC in their R3 by PI, they call it as "RFC migrates to SAP PI"            i am wondering that could SAP XI/PI get R3 Data directly  without RFC o

  • RFC to IDOC Updated:11-30

    Hi, My scenario is RFC to IDOC When the IDOC is received it triggers the ‘Create/change sales document’ program. for Create i have 1 Custom IDOC and for Change/deletion        i have another IDOC. The inbound IDOC should be able to handle Creation/Ch

  • Idoc xml msg Updated:11-30

    Can we track idoc xml msg directly from Integration Server?Hi Sridhar- You can use the transaction sxmb_moni to see your message. If your message is not available then update the cache.. Thanks, Vinod Message was edited by:         Vinod M JacobRead

  • How do you differentiate IDOC XML format and ordinary XML format Updated:11-30

    how do you differentiate IDOC XML format and ordinary XML format since they are used by IDOC adapter and RFC adapter???Hi, Cremas Structure starts with Header and followed by Segments... Normally it begins like this <CREMAS03><IDOC BEGIN="1&

  • Startrfc & RFC Server Groups Updated:11-30

    Good day. I was curious if there was a command line tool, similar to startrfc, that would leverage the <i><b>RFC Server Groups</b></i> (RZ12) as opposed to the <i><b>Logon Groups</b></i> (SMLG). We currently

  • DQM with CRM: message from RFC server to DS Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is there a way to capture the message sent from RFC server to DS? I'm interested in the message format. Thanks.I believe this information is included in the detailed log files from the RFC Server. Look under Chapter 4 of the user guide for the se