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returning username from caml

  • A1 returning "username/password incorrect" messages on websites Updated:10-11

    I can't find other posts with this problem so I hope I don't show my ignorance here, but I can't believe I am the only one... I recently purchased an IdeaPad A1-07 running Android 2.3.4. I attempted to update the system right out of the box, but the

  • Email manually deleted, verizon unable to return username name Updated:11-30

    My email stopped working one day after 8 years. I contact verizon who advised the email address was manually deleted. I requested that verizon return the email address to me because i've had this email for many years.  Verizon apologized but said the

  • Retrieving Username of Windows login of a remote machine Updated:10-11

    I want to implement Zero Sign On in my application,for that my server needs to retrieve the Windows login information of a client machine whenever a client machine is trying to access a particular url. System.getProperty("") returns Use

  • How to get the current logged in username from windows and put it into an AS var Updated:10-11

    Hello, I was hopeing someone would know how to get the current logged in username from windows and put it into a var, so I can create a dynamic text box to display it. Thanks in advance MichaelJust for everyone's info, this is the script I have used

  • How to pass Null in adapter return variable? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have AD as Resource. I need to implement that if some field suppose : UserName length is greater than 5 NULL should be passed as value for the field UserName on AD Resource Form else the user name present.I have made a prepop adapter for it .In

  • Function returns object Updated:11-30

    My question is- 1) what happens(physically on computer memory) when you create an object? do each object get its own memory in Heap and what is the life time of the object. 2) what happens when you return an object from a function? My doubt:- I think

  • Validate username and password......... Updated:11-30

    I am new to JSPs and have login code that i am using for my JDBC connection. How can i use this code to validate a web user's password and username? public class Login private String username; private String password; Constructor to create a new logi

  • Field to Display Username Updated:11-30

    We have an application with a large number of users that are supposed to do data entry. These users have been given usernames user1,user2,user3,... Each user has the actual name of the user associated with it by means of table which also contains the

  • Get Log on Username in system session .. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm developing a windows service and i need to get log on username but the problem is service is running under system account so it always return system as username, is there any way to get log on username thru service which is running under syst

  • PHP returning "undefined" variable to flash Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a touch screen POS login interface that takes in a four digit user pin and searches a database. It uses Flash, PHP and MYSQL. I need PHP to return the user name and access level. The AS3 code below is what I have so fa

  • Can not run complex report with ReportClientDocument using POJO beans. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Any help would be very appreciated I have been stack on this issue for the last 4 hours. My report has parameters, a ResultSet and subreports that themselves have both parameters and ResultSet. The report runs well in Crystal Report Designer

  • Problem in web application deployment in weblogic 8.1 Updated:10-11

    hiiiiiiiii freinds! i am a newcomer in the field of servlets and JSPs.Me and my freinds are developing a client/server chat application but i am facing a problem in transferring the control from one JSP to another JSP.I am using Oracle 10g and weblog

  • Why dynamic table creation with struts working only for JDK1.3.1_02 version Updated:10-11

    Row import java.util.Vector; public class Row private static int colsize; private Column[] columns; public void setColumns(Column[] columns) System.out.println("SetColumns"); this.columns = columns; public void setColumn(int i, Column column)   

  • EntityManager is not null then what can be the problem?findAll not working Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am just a beginner trying to learn JPA. I successfully added record to database but when i tried to display it it throws me null pointer exception. This is the code index.xhtml <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLI

  • STRUTS - Cannot retrieve definition for form bean null -aaaarrrrgh Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks, my head hurts and i become crazy... i know that a lot of people asked this question before, but i did not found any suitable solution. I have simple a jsp page, containing a form which should be handled by struts. I tried everything, but i

  • Fields in an interface Updated:10-11

    The fields in an interface must be static and final and can't be blank. If I have for instance an interface SecurityConstraint that would have the fields name and type. For that interface there will be various classes implementing it, and for each of

  • Security realm - Security:097533 - Developing own authentication provider Updated:10-11

    hi everyone, i Developing own authentication provider and i installed a security patch, so while i restarting the weblogic server  encountered the below Exeption: <10/05/2013 05:54:33 PM COT> <Error> <Security> <BEA-090870> <The

  • My simple bean will not work! Help! Updated:10-11

    I created a java bean based on a tutorial. After a little bit of trouble with the classpath, getting files in the right place, etc, I finally got it working. Whoo hoo! Now, I'm working on a second java bean and I cannot get it to work. I'm at the poi

  • Mount Home Directory when logged in locally Updated:10-11

    I want an application that would ask for the users name and then mount and open their home directory. This will be used when a user is logged on locally and not via OD/AD. Can automator do this or should i stick to apple script. Right now my apple sc

  • How do you allow a user to create a new password? Updated:10-11

    The way i have it set up right now the users are registered by the admin and a random password is provided for them to log in. When they login they're instructed to create a new password. They click to update their information. Included in this form