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  • "BP Category 1 does not fit the data in category 2"  "Replies Appreciated" Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, When i am trying to create an "Individual Account" in UI, I am getting the error "BP Category 1 does not fit the data in category 2". If i try to create a "group" then it says "BP Category 3 does not fit the da

  • CRM 2007 IC : error "BP category 2 does not fit the data in category 1" Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, When I am trying to save the data on the Bupacreate page it gives the error as follows. "BP category 2 does not fit the data in category 1". Can anyone suggest what is causing this error to happen and how this error can be corrected. th

  • Error: 'BP category 1 does not fit the data in category 2' Updated:10-11

    Hi,             i have written a program to create a contact person and the code for it is pasted below...when i run this program i get nothing but this message in the status bar 'BP category 1 does not fit the data in category 2'...can someone tell

  • Transfer the response data from response field of a webservice. Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am working on Consuming the webservice in the Adobe Form, My requirement is like i have to populate different set of fields from the responses i get from the webservice, based on the click of different buttons. Say i have to populate Fi

  • Ajx problem with jsp .not able to show  ajax response data in table rows Updated:10-11

    hi evryone i m new to ajax .i m not able solve this problem .pls help if anyone understood my problem probelm scenario is like this: take a example of shopping page where a field amount changes every time (time interval) ,the amount data is coming fr

  • Web service Response data - how to extract fields from XMl returned Updated:10-11

    Hi,     I am using a web service in adobe forms to get currency , by entering country name. I generated the fields i form by clicking on 'Generate fields ' it automatically generated the biding. The problem is that in response field , i get the whole

  • Response data not saved in PDF Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I created an interactive form with a web service. I filled in the form and sent all the datas in SAP through the web service. All worked properly except that I have a return message from SAP. This message is binded in my form as response fi

  • SUS PO Response date Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts ! When suppliers are on purchase order response and wants to reject item having a "Confirmed For" date in past, the system gives an error - Delivery date not possible; check your entry They are forced to set the confirmed for date and