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Reprints output from concurrent requests

  • Reprints output from concurrent requests Updated:11-30

    Hi, I copied the above Concurrent Program to a custom one and added 'XML Report Publisher' in the list of incompatible programs, because my custom program (Custom Reprints output from concurrent requests) should run only after XML Report Publisher co

  • Can't view output for concurrent request Updated:10-11

    I apologize if this is a common error - I tried to research this in the forums but didn't find anything that I haven't already tried. I checked the OPP - it is running with 3 processes - no error in the log that I can see. I checked the profile for t

  • Reg: Error in Getting Wrong output using concurrent request Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I created a rdf using oracle 10g report for below query SELECT EMPNO,ENAME,DEPTNO,SAL,MGR FROM EMP I Registered above created rdf in oracle apps with output format as xml when i ran the report using concurrent request, i am getting below outp

  • XML Output from Concurrent Request DBMS_XMLGEN Updated:10-11

    I am trying to create xml output for a concurrent request, using the DBMS_XMLGEN package to generate my XML? I have gotten so far as to be able to run my procedure and see the output in TOAD using dbms_output.put_line, but I can't seem to quite get t

  • How to open Report output in RTF format using concurrent request form. Updated:11-30

    Hi I have created a report using BI publisher and RTF format. This report is working fine in PDF format. User can submit report using consurrent request form and can see report preview in PDF format. Now user wants to submit another request and wants

  • How to view concurrent request of other users Updated:11-30

    We have upgraded recently to R 12. Would really appreciate if some one can guide me how i can allow the super user "A" to be able to view all the concurrent requests that were submitted by various key users of HRMS. I know in 11i there is a prof

  • How to get Log and Output File Names for a concurrent request Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am submitting a concurrent frm OAF with the following code in AM try{ OADBTransaction tx = getOADBTransaction(); Connection conn = tx.getJdbcConnection(); ConcurrentRequest cr = new ConcurrentRequest(conn); Vector parameters = new Vector(); par

  • Concurrent request submission displays Output in xml format ? Updated:10-11

    Hi , I am submitting a concurrent request from workflow which is an xml publisher report . my problem when the program is run individually it displays the output correctly in rtf format but when the same request is submitted from worklfow the output

  • Need to view concurrent request output(pdf file of XML report)from OAFpage Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am submitting a concurrent request from OA page (on click of submit button). As of now, to view output of the request user has to open SRS form. Now the rquirement is to submit the request as well as to open the output file of the request in on

  • The output file  for your concurrent request is not initialized Updated:10-11

    Application: Application Object Library(FND) Component Type: SERVICE_INSTANCE Component Name: Standard Manager(STANDARD) /*The output file for your concurrent request is not initialized. Cause: Your concurrent program execution was not preceded by ca