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Report status message 0x40000952 to MP

  • After SCCM 2012 R2 CU4 update Client won't report status message back Updated:11-30

    We had SCCM 2012 R2 CU3, just updated it to CU4 (all site servers and clients) last week. Right after the clients received the CU4 update (no reboot), I saw these started popping up the event log: The ConfigMgr Client encountered a certificate for Ma

  • Reporting Services Point status message errors. Updated:10-11

    My Reporting Services Point seems to work OK -all reports are available and run correctly both through the console and via the website. However, I am seeing the following warning in the SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT status messages every hour: "The SQL Rep

  • Report for - All Status Messages from a Specific System Updated:11-30

     I would like a report that is based on the console query "All Status Messages from a Specific System". I have tried to take the SQL Query from the smsprovider.log but with no luck. So there is where my SQL knowledge ends. Do any of you maybe

  • How can I insert the reusult of a failed test of a secuence in the status batch result status message box ? Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm totally new to programming. I started with LabView and test stand to make some test as VI's. When test stand secuence ends, the batch result box (batchmodel.seq) pops out for the several uut's tested in every socket. I'd like to add to the

  • Sending Status Messages by Email Updated:10-11

    I am using Status Filter Rules to send warning and error messages via email from several CM07 sites. The process hasn't been consistent. Messages created by the SMS_Distribution_Manager do not send the entire description field where other components

  • To display status message more than 50 characters Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I want to display status messages (not as a pop-up message) holding more than 50 characters. Please suggest me some solution to achieve the same. Thanks, AshaTry: REPORT ztest NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING LINE-SIZE 80 MESSAGE-ID 00. DATA: f1(50

  • Problem with SCCM 2012 R2 Component status messages Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a strange problem with Component status messages. When I try to view all messages from any component, I receive an error message stating that the data could not be recieved from the database. Reporting point is installed. And when I try

  • IDOC Status message Updated:11-30

    HI I have to pick IDOC status message in my report program.  For this I am referring the table EDIDS. My doubt is some times the IDOC status message is storing in the field ‘STATXT’ and some times the idoc status message is storing in the fields STAP

  • IDoc Status Messages Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Is there any Function Module or standard report which will list out all the Status messages of an IDoc...Basically i need to capture all the segments which are in error state... In EDIDS table i am not able to link to a particular segment. Pl

  • Spool Display of Report Status Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends My report program runs in back ground job. One internal table collects all messages (error messages and status messages) at execution. I need to display this internal table content as a spool display. Spool number has to be generated with

  • Help finding the SQL agent job status messages Updated:11-30

    I am building a report in SSRS which will show the status of all the SQL agent jobs ran on a particular day. IMHO, the status messages created in the job history are not that useful. So, I would like to show the status message which can found by foll

  • Enforcement states for a deployment report status is not refresh.. Updated:11-30

    Enforcement states for a deployment report status is not refresh. We have deployed patches by software update and monitoring status by checking report Enforcement states for a deployment. We have observed status difference in report and in actual PC.

  • Last Status Message ID -10040 - Program will not rerun Updated:11-30

    Ive deployed a package which reprts 99% success. if i look at the report of the succesful clients about half are reporting the state message above & the other half  10008 - Program completed with success. Have the machines with state mesage ID 10040

  • Report Keeps on "Opening the report" status Updated:11-30

    Hi all,<br><br> The reports in our application generated by our Forms application used to be generated very well by the Oracle 10g R2 AS.<br><br> But now, <b>when the user wants to generate any report, it hangs, the report do

  • Long text of status message Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, I have a scenario wherein I need to display a warning status message at the bottom of the screen. When the user clicks on that message, the long text of the message should contain certain extra information. For example: I give the warn

  • WSUS - "this computer has not reported status yet" Windows server 2003 Updated:11-30

    I just did a successful installation of wsus 3.0 Sp2 I am able to see all the machines but the issue starts there Each of the machine show this error " this computer has not reported status yet" i have tried but hasnt manage to resolve this issu

  • Continuing the "status message problems" issue... Updated:10-11

    in response to ralph johns suggestion to delete the buddy list file from my library to solve the outdated status message problem... RJ- haha.. i'm not sure i'm going to try the "beat it with a stick" approach quite yet.. i think i found out what

  • XML Report completes with error due to REP-271504897:  Unable to retrieve a string from the Report Builder message file. Updated:10-11

    We are in the middle of testing our R12 Upgrade.  I am getting this error from the invoice XML-based report that we are using in R12. (based on log).  Only for a specific invoice number that this error is appearing.  The trace is not showing me anyth

  • Report Error Message in BPM Alert? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I designed a BPM with a transformation step and a send step. For each step I have an exception branch where I want to trigger an alert, when something goes wrong. I already configured in TC ALRTCATDEF an alert category (Dynamic Text activated). A

  • Problem in showing progress image and status message. Updated:10-11

    Hi, friends, I have file upload program in which when user uploads the file i want to show animated progress file i.e. ( circle.gif ) when upload finishes it should display message : File < file name > uploaded successfully. How do i achieve it ? si