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  • Report painter, lead column doesn't display the key, only description is di Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I am facing a problem as the report painter report only shows the description for the objnr (charasterstic) and not the key and description thoughin the format key and description is set. Kindly suggest me the how to overcome this problem.

  • Report Painter - Dynamic Columns Updated:11-30

    Dear Expert, I'm preparing a report painter report with cost centers as columns. Is there anyway I can use cost center group as variable and then the no. of columns and column texts are populated based on the no. of cost centers and cost center names

  • Report Painter - Invisible Column Updated:11-30

    Hello All - I am creating a report painter report using internal order table. When I execute the report, I am seeing a column that I don't see when I am editing the configuration of the report. I have looked to see if the column resides on a differen

  • Report Painter - adding columns with any texts..... Updated:11-30

    Hello ! Whether probably in Report Painter to create additional columns (adhered to columns of data) and to write there manually demanded texts for lines ?Hello - I don't see Insert Diving Line after I click Insert Blank Line. Where is that? If I ins

  • Report painter - Choosing column heading text Updated:11-30

    Hi SDN I'm having a specific problem with getting the right column heading text into my G/L report painter report created in FGI2/FGI5. In the report painter form I have created the three texts for my column (short, medium and long text). In order fo

  • Report Painter - New Columns Don't Show Up Updated:11-30

    Hello All, We have a report painter report that was copied from an existing report in transaction CJE5 (for modifying the form) and then assigned in CJE1 (to a report). The copied report was functioning properly with an existing tcode assignment. Now

  • Report Painter - missing column in GRR1/GRR2 but appears when executed Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a report with 10 columns in addition to the first column that contains the descriptions of the rows, i.e. Sales Revenue etc etc.  The columns across are different projects. However, most strangely, the first of the projects does not appear

  • Increase the Lead Column of Report Painter Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends. I want to increase the Length of the LEAD COLUMN in order to type the particulars of Profit & Loss Accnt and Balance Sheet. There is an option under GRR2>Formatting>Report Layout>Lead Column. I am increasing the length after it is

  • Report Layout in report Painter Updated:10-11

    I created a Report in reportPainter. In the report layout, lead column section..I select Group Name to display the group name (set's id) in the report's lead column but not all the set's keys appear. It only appears children's ids but not the father'

  • Problem is report painter form defination Updated:11-30

    Hi Mentors, i wish to alter the length of the lead column and have to show a lot of columns in my layout form page (But system is giving error that length exceed.) How to cater this? Regds, SharmiHi Sharmi, For changing the length of the lead column,

  • Lead Columns in Report Painter Updated:10-11

    Hi All Is it possible to have two lead columns in a report?  My requirement is that i want to prepare a profit and loss account by using report painter. It should look like Expense           Amount           Revenue          Amount Exp G/L A/c      

  • Report Painter - Display two characteristics on one line in lead column Updated:10-11

    I have a requirement to produce a Report Painter report to display values by Cost Centre and Cost Element. The requesting user wants to see the Cost Centre AND Cost Element keys displayed on each row of the report, to allow for manipulation in Excel.

  • Additional Lead Column in Report painter Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus Please guide me how to add an additional Lead column in Report painter Thanks HirenHi HIren, There can be only one lead column in report painter. However within the one lead column you can identify more than one characteristic - e.g. cost ce

  • Report Painter - Key Figures in Lead Column Updated:11-30

    Hello - I am trying to create a report painter report. I would like the key figures in the lead column, but right now, I can only choose characteristics. Anywho know how to be able to select a key figure in the lead column? ThanksHello, You have to a

  • Lead column in KE34 - Report Painter:Create Form Updated:11-30

    Experts, How can I insert row in Ke34 lead column? How can I change the display text in lead column from short text to long text? Thanks in advance luiExperts, I would like to know how can I insert row in Ke34 LEAD COLUMN OR HEADER COLUMN? How can I

  • How to bring all columns in a single/first page in report painter Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, There are 9 columns in a report painter which includes 1 lead column. 7 columns comes in a first page including lead column and rest 2 columns goes to second page. This report is copied from another report where all columns comes in a fir

  • GRR1-Report painter balance sheet for non leading ledger Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I want to create a balance sheet for non leading ledger group using GRR1 report painter functionality. i have created also however in general selection i have selected non leading ledger under ledger characteristics. and when i am trying

  • Report Painter Report - Leading White Spaces in Cost Element Updated:10-11

    When calling up a report painter report, e.g. S_ALR_87013613, with cost element characteristic in Office integration/Microsoft Excel as output parameters, the cost element (row item) is indented with white spaces.  The number of white spaces seems to

  • Display Profit Center & GL Account in 2 Seperate Columns in Report Painter Report Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I am building a Report Painter Report for Inventory Balances. As psrt of my requirement I have to display GL Account & Profit Center ina different Column & their Balances for each month on this Current Fiscal Period. As/of now I am only

  • Regarding new columns adding in report painter S_ALR_87013611 Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I have requirement that, we have a Std report which is developed in report painter S_ALR_87013611. We want to add 2 new columns in the output. Those 2 new columns from a Z table. Can any body tell how to do this. Thanks, SureshHi, You