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relacion de bseg con vbrp

  • BSEG to VBRP AND VBRK Updated:11-30

    Hello, I need to link sales orders in VBRP and VBRK to their respective GL line entries in BSEG.  Dos anyone have a SQL query that accomplishes this?  I'm not sure what the relationships are between BSEG and these sales tables. Any help would be grea

  • Error con iPhone 6 Updated:11-30

    He actualizado spotify y solamente suena la 1ª canción, luego dejan de sonar aunque le de al play. Si reinstalo la app vuelve a sonar 1 canción y luego nada. En iphone 5 si va bienEste error se relaciona a menudo con el tiempo USB. Intente cambiar lo

  • In FBL5N report user wants the sales document number to be displayed, Updated:10-11

    HI, Guys Need ur help to sort out the problem In FBL5N report user wants the sales document number to be displayed, but the sales ducument number column is coming blank and this needs to pick from VBRP table As I discussed with Abaper, he reqiures a

  • Sales report with gl numbers Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I want to generate a report from SD showing details of Material description (items sold) and amount from G/L Numbers 400013, 400017, 400018, 400001 and 400005.with the gl number also displayed. pls help. thanks MaureenHi, You can get the De

  • Ayuda por favor. Updated:11-30

    Hola: Tengo problemas para autorizar mis libros en DIgital Editions 3.0 A pesar de que tengo clave y password en, no me sirve para desbloquear los libros cuando lo requiere, me aparece un mensaje de que no se relaciona mi correo con la clav

  • All time in my Creative Cloud panel the preloader not finish, concretly in tabs: Home, Files and fonts. Whats happend? Updated:11-30

    I buy the creative cloud subcription, but my panel not finish of update, all time show the preloader but nothing more... I need enjoy my creative cloud because i was pay for that...¡Gracias por contactar con nosotros! Hemos recibido su email correcta

  • Error cuando se tiene que instalar Updated:11-30

    Buen dia, ayer la noche compre el Lion y cuando se termina de descargar y se pone a isntalar luego que aceptas la licencia , a segundo que le doy con la flecha para que se instale me alta un error que no se puede instalar por que el archivo fue inter

  • Table download Updated:11-30

    Hi, We need to download the huge data from BSEG, EKBE, VBRP, BKPF table. Wetried to download this data from SAP but it falied.Is possible to get this information directly from DB2.If it is possible please tell me that Db2 command ASAP. Regards, RamHe

  • One to One link between VBRP items and BSEG items Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am working on a program where I have to link between VBRP table items against BSEG table items. But in BSEG, the invoice items are summarised based on Material Number, profit center etc.. Is there a way to divide them, like any other table

  • Relation field between table VBRK/VBRP and BSEG Updated:11-30

    Can any body guide on the common fields between VBRK/ VBRP and BSEG, except field "assignment".Hi, If you know the accounting document number, Goto SE16. enter BSEG table and enter. Enter the accounting document number in selection screen. E.g 9

  • How to link invoice line items VBRP to BSEG lines Updated:11-30

    Dear all, We're trying to link VBRP records to BSEG records. Only link we've found is the VBELN and nothing abouth line items. VBRP has line items indexed with POSNR like 10,20,30 ... etc. BSEG has lines indexed with BUZEI 001,002,003 ...etc. So we c

  • How to Join VBRK, VBRP and BSEG Updated:11-30

    Dear Guys I have Billing No from VBRP/VBRK and want to join these tables with BSEG to pick Accounting Doc No. How to Join these tables. ThanksHi, What you can do is to use FM AC_DOCUMENT_RECORD. Please check my example below: MOVE: 'VBRK'          TO

  • Exit_saplv60b_008 / transfer additional field from vbrp to bseg (SD-FI) Updated:11-30

    Hi together, I´ve populated an additional field 'ZXXX'for trx. va01 and adjusted the copying control in order to transfer this information into the billing document (e.g. trx, vf03). So far so good. But now I want to transfer this information to tabl

  • Incorrect cont. number in FBL5N and BSEG Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I hve created contract>sales order->Debit memo request>Invoice. Now ; Invoices were created correctly and all SD tables look right. The issue is after creating Invoice in SD while creating FI document the FI table BSEG is updated with

  • Pros and Cons not determining / having a Delivery Plant in Sales Order? Updated:10-11

    Hi Mates Here I have come-up with one more (weired?) requirement from my client. We have two plants manufacturing same product and supplying to all customers (some time in same sales order with two different line items). At the timeof creating a sale

  • Change of Vendor Master Re-con Account in MIRO Transaction Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends. Thanks in Advance, Requirement : While Posting the MIRO Transaction, Vendor Master Re-con Account has to be Replace by other Re-con account Using Business Transactions Events this can be achived and sucessfully replaced. also data based T

  • FBL5N t code and BSEG table is showing wrong contract number Updated:10-11

    Hi, The proces flow is contract number>sales order>DMR-->Invoice Now when I am checking the VBFA table it's showing correct contract number against invoices but FBL5N t code and BSEG table are showing wrong contract numbers. Why FBL5N and BSEG ta

  • GLPCA & VBRP Updated:11-30

    Hi, How can i join GLPCA & VBRP. In one of my requirement I need to extract Amounts from VBRP Passing through Financial tables.. Our sales table amount is not matching up with FI tables amounts... Regards PraveenSee the FI tables ... BSEG and BKPF...

  • BSEG Line item Value Updated:11-30

    Sir's, My table link is BKPF --> BSEG --> VBRP ---> VBRK ---> Konv. i want to ftech  Feild DMBTR and WRBTR from BSEG table using key belnr, but here lots of entry avalble same belnr, i want to fecth line BSEG-BUZEI line no 3. please guide me h

  • Invoice details in tables BSEG,BSID Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, 1.How to get the details of open invoice(customer invoice) from table BSEG, BSID or BKPF. 2.Which field in these table belongs to invoice number? 3.Will accounting document gete generated for every invoice created & cancelled? I dont want