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  • BDC Recording for uploading data into Fi01 Updated:11-30

    HI, I need to upload date from a file into SAP Fi01 transaction i used a sample program and added my bdc recording to it as per instrucrion there is a error while uploading. i believe it is at the place i am pointing in bold. it is at read dataset. c

  • Error in creation of a condition record Updated:10-11

    Hi to all, I've this error when I try to create a condition record : Implementation of Method FIELD_CHECK/DEFAULT_VALUE_SUGGESTION for BAdI /SAPCND/ROLLNAME for filter ZIUSERSTATUS is missing Message no. /SAPCND/MAINTENANCE719 Diagnosis Implementatio

  • Whenever a record is Edited the rows are not getting displayed in the repor Updated:10-11

    Hi all, When a new record is added or edited, It is physically getting added or edited according to the process, but those records are not getting displayed in the report.. Please Any body faced this situation... Help me to identify what error i am d

  • How do I use my web cam to record audio and video? I can get the video to work but no sound. Updated:10-11

    I want to record both audio and video at the same time. The video works fine but not the audio. I do use Skype without any problems using both.PwmBoat, This made me smile, because things like this do make me smile...  I never make videos on YouCam, b

  • CUBE Not getting All records from DSO Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts , We have a situation where we have to load data from a DSO to a Cube . The DSO contains only 9 records and while we r loading the data into cube , the cube is only getting 2 records . Thus 7 records are missing. Also The Cube contains mor

  • Pension payment period record issue in Retiree Payroll Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, We are implementing Retiree payroll with new set of wagetypes and payroll area. Now requirement is that there needs to be a provision of recording the balance period of pension payment and further it should be displayed in the form of r

  • RECORDING DVD FROM VCR Updated:10-11


  • How can I display all records as a end user? Updated:10-11

    I am applying for jobs with the state and every week they publish a list of new positions that have just been posted on the following link: and also at

  • How to delete the double records connected to one or more than one tables in SQL 2008? Updated:10-11

    Hi Can anyone please help me with the SQL query. I Im having a table called People with columns names: personno., lastname, firstname and so on. The personno. is having duplicate records,so all the duplicate records i have written with "double"

  • How to delete the record in Table Updated:10-11

    Hi Guru's, i have Table which contain no.of Records. i want to deleted one record. if i go to Table maint.Generator....from table itself.. how to do that... when we deleting the record. can we create new TR for that? can anybody tell me. Thanks in Ad

  • How to delete the records in BI for deleted reocrds in R/3 Updated:10-11

    Hi , We have a scenarion described below... We have a table in R/3 and updates happen to the table every week with a ZPROGRAM which deletes some of the records and recreates with some logic. Assuming : Initially, We did the load to BI and we got 200

  • How to delete the record in the file present in the application server? Updated:10-11

    Hi,   I have two questions.   i) How can I delete a record based on some condition in the recordx in the file that is present in the application server?   ii) How can I lock the users whiel one user is accessing the file on the application server? Th

  • How to Delete the condition record in CRM Updated:10-11

    HI, Can you please help me how to delete the condition record from condition table in CRM. Please explain the usage of FM CRMXIF_CONDITION_SEL_DELETE with examples. I have also read the documention of the function module. How to use this FM for custo

  • Combining multiple records into a single record (View) Updated:10-11

    Okay so here is my scenerio: There is a table I have made that details SQL jobs and the various details about them. What i wan't to do is make a view with specific logic implemented. Fields that will be taken across to this view will be: LastRunDate,

  • Why can't I open a GarageBand recording on my iPhone in GarageBand on Mac OSX? Updated:10-11

    I recorded an acoustic performance of my vocal quart last night on an iPhone running GarageBand 2.0.1 on iOS 7.1.2.  But I can't open it in GarageBand 11 (6.0.5) on Mac OSX 10.9.5.  What gives? Not only will it not open (and the software on my Mac pl

  • Validating records into a maintenance view Updated:10-11

    Hi folks! I have a simple Z table (say ZTABLE) and a Z view based on it with some related description (say ZVIEW).  The ZTABLE has a DEC field (called COEF) with 2 decimals and it should have only numbers between 0 and 1. I set the valid interval fro

  • Record and Playback performanc​e goes down at high frequency Updated:10-11

    Hi, We're testing record and playback using USRP-2920( LV 2013sp1, NI-USRP 14) To test it, we downloaded record and playback example code. Signal source is a function generator outputting 6 MHz bandwidth 8 VSB modulation signal. USRP Rx parameters ar

  • How to show more than one record at a form-like style report? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I developed a form-like style report I want it to show more than one record at once (At the same page) I tried that by setting the value to "Maximum records per page" property for the repeating frame to 10 but when I close the property p

  • See if a user has a record open Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We have been caught out by two users editting the same form (BP/Quote etc) and of course losing the actions of one user as it isn't until they ty and update the form that they are told that it cannot be done due to another user. Is it possibl

  • Is there a way to connect two analog mics recording in stereo to the iPad for recording? Updated:10-11

    I currently use an M-Audio Mobile Pre to connect two microphones to my MacBook Pro via USB. If I wanted to use my iPad (or even iPhone) instead, is there a way to get the stereo input into the iPad? Would the Line 6 Sonic Port sold via Apple work? Wo