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proxy port for printer

  • Printer is asking for a proxy port,how do i find that number Updated:11-30

    my printer is asking for a proxy port number ,how do I find that number?Hey tomdenise, If your network is not on a proxy, you do not need to enter a proxy. Here are the steps you need to go through to resolve this issue. 1. Find your printer's IP add

  • Proxy Host and Proxy Port Profiles Updated:11-30

    Hi Hussein, Could you let me know when we use Proxy Host and Proxy Port profiles. Where it will be used. Regards, Satya.Hi Satya, Are you referring to the following variables? If yes, then it is whenever you need the application to connect to the int

  • Getting Proxy name and proxy port using Hostname and port Updated:11-30

    Hi Colleagues, I my Application i am consuming webserice and i am setting proxy host and proxy port using the below code : httpItf  = HTTPControlFactory.getInterface(port); httpItf.setHTTPProxy("proxy", 8080); But this "Proxy" is getti

  • WARNING 20225 - PDF Port and Printer Updated:11-30

    I recently bought a new computer and installed Adobe Acrobat 7.0 on it.  (Previously I had this software on my older computer where it worked just fine and sufficed for my needs.) When I installed this on my new computer, I got the following error me

  • TS1490 What are the Proxy, Port and Server settings supposed to be? Updated:11-30

    What are the Proxy, Port and Server settings supposed to be for itunes (windows 8)? I havent been able to access itunes store for WEEKS, and i have gone through nearly everything to try and resolve it. other 2 an

  • Proxy port number gets formmated with a comma Updated:11-30

    When setting up a proxy for a connection the proxy port is formatted using the number formatting for the current locale. This results the port to be formatted as 3,128. Anyone else is experimenting the same? any solutions?you can also run this from t

  • What is proxy host & proxy port Updated:11-30

    i want know proxy host & proxy port of firefoxBy default Firefox does not use a proxy host or a proxy port. A proxy is only used when internet traffic needs to be routed through a certain computer or network device. A proxy is commonly needed in busi

  • Proxy port Updated:11-30

    How can I set my program to a proxy port?If your proxy host is and port 888, you should set proxyHost to "" and proxyPort to "888".    java -DproxyPort=888 ClassNameOr pr

  • Can Appletalk be active on two network ports for printing? Updated:10-11

    Here's the core of my question: Can I keep Appletalk active on my Airport network port (in order to print to a wireless print server on an HP Laserjet 2100M) and simultaneously keep it active on my Ethernet port (in order to print to a Brother HL 270

  • Airport Express ethernet port for printing? Updated:11-30

    I've recently purchased an Extreme (802.11n) for my wireless internet service which is working just fine on its own. In the other room I've set up my older Airport Express for only networking my printers. I don't want to hook up the printer to the et

  • How can I change the "port" the printer uses? Updated:11-30

    I want to access a Canon LBP3000 printer set as shared on a Windows PC. The Canon driver download does not allow me to find the driver when I try to add it to the shared printer. However, if I plug the Canon in directly to the Macbook I can install t

  • New workstation lacking parallel port poses printing challenge Updated:11-30

    I'm supporting a Netware 4.11 + sp9 small business network, which long ago had a custom DOS-like database application written to manage rental activities. The app allows the user to print out lists of things rented, etc. It has been working very well

  • Fiery/Xerox Print Driver script to install port/driver/printer Updated:11-30

    Hi There, Hope you are doing well. We have a mixed environment (windows 7 x64 and windows 8, 8.1). There are too many clients to install manually and no print server. There are a great many disparate tidbits to do this part or that part on the intern

  • 20225 error port and printer not installed Updated:11-30

    I installed Adobe Pro 7 on my new system with windows 7 on it and received a 20225 error port & printer not insatlled. How do I fix this?Hi Grandpappy3, Acrobat 7 has not been tested and is unsupported on Windows 7 machine. Please considring purchasi

  • Proxy ports problem Updated:11-30

    I have installed the Microsoft Proxy Server in my Internet Sever, everithing was ok and my old site was working. But now that I migrated the new site (Developed in Portal of Oracle 9i AS) from development to production and I installed the Oracle HTTP

  • IPad changing proxy port number Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to set the proxy server to, port 8080. Every time I do this, the iPad remembers it as port 80. Bug or user error?Got it working, please delete.Read other 2 answers

  • Using Pictbridge port as USB port (canon printer) Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a question concerning Pictbridge. I'd like to use my Canon Pixma iP4300's Pictbridge port as a USB port so I can connect my camera and transfer photos to my mac. I am all out of USB ports, so this would make this way more convenient. Th


    My Color Laserjet CP1215 is not connecting to my desktop (Vista OP Sys).  Diagnostics says it is a port match problem.  I have tried different USB cableS, restarts, different USB ports on PC.  Printer was working w/ PC and then abrubtly stopped conne

  • Java Applet - Proxy - port 80 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm a new user and i need your help. I made a web site that uses applet. This web site is perfectly if i using it from a internet connection without a proxy. With proxy, instead, i have a big problem: applet does not work. This problem is pre

  • Air Port express printing Updated:11-30

    My operating system is 10.5.1. My Hp PSC 1410 used to work through Airport Express when I used 10.4. Right now, when I go to the add printer screen, I don't know which driver to choose in the "print using" box. My printer isn't listed there and