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preparing blackberry hub keeps running

  • Preparing blackberry hub Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could i please get a simple to follow and precise answer on my problem. When I click on Text messages on my z10 the screen hangs with the message "Preparing Blackberry Hub". How do I solve this, i cannot  get to my contacts, I can't read my

  • 'Preparing Blackberry Hub' hanging after numerous restarts Updated:11-30

     Months ago, i had a few issues with the Classic having the system memory full spurious issue, where the system memory 'grows' itself until wont function.  Occasional top button restarts seem to keep this in check, however, this morning, having had t

  • Cannot access my blackberry hub nor make any settings/configurations to my device Updated:11-30

    Hi Yesterday my device started giving me problems which I have never experienced before. It firstly deleted my call log, then when I restarted it completely two days later it reset itself. I cannot access my emails nor configure my mailbox, my contac

  • Blackberry hub on Z10 not working, cant access accounts. Updated:10-11

    Hello I got a Z10 a few weeks ago, today the BlackBerry Hub has stopped receiving emails. It's still showing texts and Facebook notifications. When I try to view just one account it says it's on that account but still shows all the hub messages. I re

  • How to switch between messages in the BlackBerry Hub Updated:10-11

    With the release of BlackBerry 10 version 10.1, we've added a new gesture to the BlackBerry Hub that allows you to quickly switch between your next and previous messages. It's simple: while viewing a message drag your finger from the left to the righ

  • Blackberry HUB "Show Read Filed Emails" ON AND OFF button SERIOUS Gmail PROBLEM NEED BUG FIX ASAP! Updated:10-11

    Its been for years (starting from 10OS Version 10.2 ) I couldn't see filed/labeled emails in my Z30/Z10 Blackberry HUB of my Gmail account, but I just downloaded Blackberry Blend and it started to show all my filed/labeled emails, but I still cant se

  • An error occurred while preparing the installation try running this application again mountain lion Updated:10-11

    I have Macbook Pro. Previous OS was Mountain Lion 10.8.5. It was running smoothly. When I have tried to clean install the NEW Maverick 10.9 it didnt work. I erase the drive then restart for boot. nad my usb boot disk was connected. When the window ca

  • Calls in blackberry hub Updated:11-30

    Hello, everyone Have a problem with blackberry hub. In call tab all the numbers are without names although in contacts i have all of them saved. Tried reboot with 5 mins of waiting, tried restarting a hub - nothing helped. Any solution?Hello dashakup

  • Missing blackberry hub icon Updated:11-30

    I have lost the blackberry hub icon from my home screen. I can access the hub, by going through the messages icon. Would like to install the notification hub icon on the homescreen. How do I do it? I am using a Q5.adesdev wrote: please check the App

  • Complainin​g about the Blackberry hub Updated:11-30

    I just update my blackberry z30 last night but there was an error in the blackberry hub. The hub is always in landscape even i turn on the rotation lock.  But when i turn off the rotation lock, it was normal i can do both portrait and landscape.Turn

  • Uninstalled Apps still showed in BlackBerry Hub Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Am using a Z10. I installed Whatapps from BlackBerry World and didn't like it much so I got it uninstalled by holding press and delete the App. But in BlackBerry Hub it's still there, but not usable. How to delete it totally please!?Hi,  Than

  • Can not get accest to BLACKBERRY HUB. Updated:11-30

    It has been more than 24 hours that I can not get access to my blackberry hub or other applications. At first BBM was working but eventually that stopped as well. Igrann, Snap10, Whats app and all the other applications are not opening. Even my lapto

  • BlackBerry Hub reloads on every message event very long Updated:11-30

    Hi @ all, since I'm using BlackBerry OS 10.2(.0.424) on my Q10 the BlackBerry Hub tooks up to 20 seconds to refresh it's list when I recive a new message. Unfortunately the message preview on the lock screen doesn't work during the refresh, neither I

  • Blackberry Hub Updated:11-30

    Hello, sorry for my english, I'm french, and I need help: My Blackberry has decided yesterday to stop. I turn it on, and all the apps were messy, not in order. More, the blackberry hub was loading and loading, and it never ends... It stills load now,

  • Whats app with BlackBerry hub Updated:11-30

    Hello,<br>I just updated what's app application and it seems to have issues with the BlackBerry Hub. I can't access what's app chat from within the hub as I used to in past. In the updated version I have to open the app. Could you please fix. I use

  • Twitter on Blackberry Hub Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have an issue with tweeting from my blackberry hub. I have 2 twitter accounts on my twitter app. In the blackberry hub , I should be tweeting from my primary account. However, whenever I tweet or reply from my blackberry hub, it is doing so via

  • Need Help on Blackberry Hub Updated:11-30

    I am a student in college, and I am using gmail to control my department mail, since our department mail doesn't really exist. In gmail, I can send email to others by my department mail address, however when I use blackberry hub to reply email or sen

  • Remove app from Blackberry Hub Updated:11-30

    Hi I have installed an application before and uninstalled it from the application manager.But the app is still showing in the blackberry hub.Please help me to remove it from hub as well . App Name : hg10 ThanksNot sure what you are seeing, or why, bu

  • Appearing error in BlackBerry hub‏ Updated:11-30

    I've just upgraded BlackBerry10 OS to the latest version. with this update I've just had a problem with WhatsApp in my BlackBerry hub as soon as I upgraded. First of all it appears two icons in the hub. Secondly though I tried to remove Wh

  • What is the best powered usb hub to run with 3 external hard drivers with high speedy? Updated:11-30

    Hi guys I have a mac book pro, and I use 3 external hard disk, and 1 usb mouse and some times a sync my iphone and my ipad... It's really boring manage all this usb connections. I bought a usb at dealextreme