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  • Is it possible to call ms-dos command in abap program? Updated:10-11

    Hi, is it possible to call ms-dos command in abap program? Thanks.Hi Cemil, You probably have your answer here: [Re: DOS/Windows command in app server; You create your external command with SM69 (you can test it with SM49). Then you call this command

  • Can we use is null in our select statement in ABAP program Updated:10-11

    hi, I want to use 'is nul' or 'not null' in select statement of my ABAP program for any field. I have written below query but I am getting sy-subrc = 4 and getting no data. Can anyone resolve this.Hi, I think you've posted your question on the wrong

  • How to upload Excel file in BI using function module in abap program Updated:10-11

    How to upload Excel file in BI using function module in abap program?Hi Anuj, To upload the file , you can try a standard program "RSEPSFTP" . while you execute the program , a selection screen appears in which the inputs should be give as RFC d

  • How to get a parameter from BPC and use it in ABAP program Updated:10-11

    Hello gurus! I got a problem... SAP BPC will send parameters such as year, division, category, company code and so on via script logic to SAP BW. I need to get these parameters from BPC and use them in a ABAP program as a filter. This ABAP program wi

  • How to copy/download  all ABAP programs in a text with a single report  ? Updated:10-11

    How to copy/download  all ABAP programs in a text format with a single report/TC  ? How to copy/download  ABAP source code with all include programs ?.... we need to search & copy all include programs everytime....Hi, check this link downloading prog

  • How To Call a Broadcasting Template within an ABAP program Updated:10-11

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to call the Broadcast template via an ABAP program so it will execute?  The scenario that I have is we are doing validations via BW.  We put the data (for conversion reasons) through validation rules and then load a

  • Sometimes RSCRM ABAP program is taking much time Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am working in SAP BW 3.1 system. We have one RSCRM Abap program to send the data to Data stage team. We kept this process in process chain. Some times it takes much time. If i cancel that job and repeat this process it will complete in few minu

  • Triggering Event in BW through a ABAP Program in R/3 Updated:10-11

    Hello Friends, I am working on triggering a process chain in BW using ABAP program in R/3. 1.  I have created a test process-chain in BW which sends test email upon running. This process chain is triggered by an event "Z_START_PC". 2.  I created

  • How can user attach file to interactive form, and be read by abap program? Updated:10-11

    Hello, I created an abap interactive form, sent to the user, then user fills out the form fields, then it is uploaded back to sap, then my program reads this data and process it. It works. Now I want users to be able to attach any file they want, and

  • Schedule Jobs with multiple steps via ABAP Program Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need to schedule multiple programs via background jobs on a daily basis. Since all these jobs are to be run as a single job, the various programs have to be run as steps in a major job. I am however not very clear on how this can be done via an

  • How can i print data in smartforms from ABAP program. Updated:10-11

    Dear gurus: in my abap program i process require data, and saved in a internal table. how can l print the data in smartforms.? who can give me a code sample is better:) reward all helpful advise.Try this.... 1) Tcode --> SmartForms 2) Form name -->

  • How to create the condition record by ABAP program Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I want to create/change the condition record of PR00 by ABAP program. It seems that there have no such BAPI/standard function can help on this. Can any one of you point out a way to me?? Thanks in addvance. Joe GR.Joe,   Check with below

  • How to create Inbound Idocs in a ABAP program? Any function Module? Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, My requirement is : I have sales order data which I extracted from third party system in my internal tables. In the same box I need to create inbound Idocs and then consequently create sales orders. I have used the function module IDOC

  • How can I trigger an event from an ABAP Program Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone, I have a requirement, where I have to create an ABAP program, that has to execute (trigger) an event which belongs to a Process Chain. when I run the program, the Process Chain has to run. So, how can I do it? Thanks for your help, Feder

  • How to call a BW Query from an ABAP program? Updated:10-11

    How to call a BW Query from an ABAP program?hi check this link /people/durairaj.athavanraja/blog/2005/04/03/execute-bw-query-using-abap-part-i /people/durairaj.athavanraja/blog/2005/04/03/execute-bw-query-using-abap-part-ii /people/durairaj.athavanra

  • Getting Data from Maintenance view V001N into ABAP program Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, I have to fetch data from the maintenance view V001N in my ABAP program.  I have used select statement in my program but I am getting a syntax error  'V001N is not defined in the ABAP Dictionary as a table, projection view or database

  • How to extract data from BPC InfoCube via ABAP program? Updated:10-11

    Hi experts!! I tried to extract data from a BPC InfoCube via ABAP program, but I did'n have succeed. I used the function 'RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ' to extract data from standard InfoCubes such as '0COPC_C07' and it run OK! However, when I change the InfoC

  • How to check whether a batch input session is completed in ABAP program Updated:10-11

    I have created a ABAP program to create a batch input session (reference to RSBDCSUB). After the creation of the batch input session, I kick it to start and read the execution log. However, sometimes I cannot read anything from the execution log as t

  • Error in executing ABAP program. Error occurred when creating dataset Updated:10-11

    hi, when I use LKM SAP ERP to Oracle (SQLLDR) to extract data from SAP ERP server. I execute my interface, and it's stop at extract data step. This is message: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error occured in open tool execute method...Error in executing

  • Error while calling ABAP program from Data Services Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We have a ABAP program which accepts two parameters 1] a date 2] a string of comma separated ARTICLE numbers . We have used a ABAB transform in ABAP dataflow which refers this ABAP program. If I pass a string of 6 articles as second parameter