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  • PO attachments in PO approval notification Updated:10-11

    All, is it possible to display the PO attachments/ their information in the PO approval notification itself? If so, please tell me where to start. Thanks.Hi, If possible download standard POAPPRV (PO Approval) workflow. Copy PO Approval Top Process t

  • Notifications failed to send mail for journal approval with attachments Updated:10-11

    Issue : Notifications failed to send mail for journals sent for approvals with attachments. Error : [WF_ERROR] ERROR_MESSAGE=3835: Error '-6502 - ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small' encountered during executi

  • Attachments in Travel Expense approval not displayed in UWL Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, We here have implemented the travel expense workflow WS20000040. According to the current std functionality, when the requestor creates a travel expense request, he is able to attach any attachments along with the request. But when the reque

  • Add PO additional attachments links to approval Notification Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a requirement: when a PO approval notification is sent, I need to add another section in Notification to list URL Links of all po attachmnets. I am not talking about sending attachments in the email. My requirement is on notification it

  • When creating self service request contains attachments and it's approved Updated:11-30

    when creating self service request contains attachments and it's approved  is the attachments automatic transfer to the applet form or not?resolvedRead other 2 answers

  • Expense Report Approval Mail Notification with attachments Updated:11-30

    Hi All, we have a requirement, wherein the Expense Report Approval notification which goes to the manager approval should actually include the Header Attachments in the Email Notification that is sent, as per the standard functionality the notificati

  • How to include attachments to the standard PO approval notifications file? Updated:10-11

    Hi, Oracle EBS 12.0.6 and 12.1.3 Following the ML Note Adding an Attachments Table Using Personalization [ID 790344.1], I have added an attachments table to the PO Supplier Change Request page. I am able to upload attachments and can see them in the

  • Attachments to be enabled for approver as well. Updated:11-30

    Hello Colleagues, As per one of our prospect in India, they would like to have attachment section/block to be enabled for an approver as well. The scenario goes this way, Once an employee creates a trip request, it goes to a travel desk (first level

  • Authorization for adding attachments only while approving P.O Updated:11-30

    Hi We work with SRM5 SP14. we are intrested in adding an authorization to PO approvers for adding attachments/texts in the "documents" tab in item & header. Is this a customizing process or role change? Thanks HilaAnyone???Read other 2 answe

  • Jquery is not working after i enable the attachments in Share Point EditForm Updated:10-11

    Hi , I have customized the Edit form .After customization the attachment functionality is not working and resolved the issue by creating the new Edit form .The attachments section only works if i don't push any j query/java script functions.If i comm

  • Approver can't view Attachment in Shopping carts Updated:10-11

    Hello, We are on SRM 7.0 and facing issue as Requester put attachments .doc, .xls etc but when approver click on attachment it does not open. We are on SP 7 . I have checked the Note 1381247 , The configuration is there for Data type BBPS_ATTACHMENT_

  • Send Email from approval task form Updated:10-11

    In my reusable workflow, I have added an approval action. Everything works perfectly. What I want is - When approver comes to approval form, he should be able to send notification email to the initiator (From that form) that he has started working on

  • Travel Attachments not getting displayed in MSS Updated:10-11

    We are using ECC6.0 EHP7 with ESS/MSS in NWBC. During creation of Travel Expense, the employee is able to attach the documents, but the manager is unable to receive it. As we are having 2 level of approvals, we customized the workflow and when we are

  • Attachments in OIM11gR2 Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have OIM11gR2 PS2 integrated environment with OAM and OUD. We have an option to upload the attachments while raising or approving the request. While uploading we are getting server error. In the logs its displaying below [wls_oim1] [WARNING] [

  • Assigning a task based on an approval workflow Updated:10-11

    Hello, Is there a way to create a workflow that includes the following steps without coding: 1. A user submits an IT service request. 2. The request is approved by a Supervisor. 3. The IT Manager assigns the request to a technician. 4. The technician

  • File Attachments are blank - PDF IO Exception Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone, I have a Web Dynpro Java Application form that when submitted generates an Adobe Interactive form along with any attachments and starts a guided procedure. Today I'm experiencing a random error (see below), if I preview the Adobe form be

  • Add attachments using workflow api throwing error Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am getting the following error when i am trying to add attachments using worklist API.      Missing class: invokeBPEL.MetaData      Dependent class:      Loader: oc4j:10.1.3      Code-Source: /D:/pro

  • Adding attachments to PDF within ISR and possibly link to BDS in ESS Updated:10-11

    I have a requirement where the user needs to attach documentation to a request (ISR) for approval.  From my research on this forum I see that currently SAP does not support attachments in a PDF within ISR as only a small subset of the xml data to ren

  • Attachments(matrix) in Sales Quotation Updated:10-11

    Hi All,               In my sales quotation i want to add an attachemnt tab,in that matrix will be there.i want to browse from dialog box & add 'n' no.of items to the matrix folder & save it.can anybody tell me some sample coding to add multiple i

  • Need to Hide Objects Default method in Approval Task Updated:10-11

    Dear All,   I have a requirement, where I need to hide the default method that is getting displayed in the approval task of the workflow. The employee object and Trip objects default method are getting displayed in the preview of approval task. And s