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  • %PLATFORM_ENV-1-FRU_PS_ACCESS: FRU Power Supply is not responding on 2960XR Switches? what Updated:11-30

    Hi all, my customer has a lot of WS-C2960XR-24PS-I  (15.0(2)EX4) 24 and 48 Port switches, some are in a stacks, others not. All have 2 Powersupplies.(each 640 Watt) Now he notice this message every 5 minutes, but not on all switches. Looking at the s

  • Cat0-3750 upgrade. Error: system number 1 does not support the same feature Updated:10-11

    I am trying to upgrade or rather downgrade from ipadvservices (inadvertently upgraded to) to ipservices on a stack of Cat-3750s, but I get the following error message: Ios Image File Size: 0x00877A00 Total Image File Size: 0x00B04200 Minimum Dram req

  • 3750X stack with broken 715W power supply Updated:11-30

    I have a stack of 2 WS-C3750X-48P      15.0(2)SE6            C3750E-IPBASEK9-M        Each switch has two 715W power supplies. It happened one power supply is broken and stuck all stack. Why ? Thanks to all AlbertoHi Charles, yes the 2 switches act l

  • Switch Logs _Power supply Updated:11-30

    Hi , Can anyone tell me why we got following logs on Cisco IOS Software, C3560E Software (C3560E-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 12.2(55)SE3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)? Help me out. Mar 26 14:58:04.456 IST: %PLATFORM_ENV-1-FRU_PS_ACCESS: FRU Power Supply is not

  • %PLATFORM_ENV-1-PWR_RPS: Redundant power supply faulty or in standby mode Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are getting the below error on our Cisco 3560 Switch and the device is running on the image ":c3560-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE4.bin". 010790: Mar  2 00:19:35 PDT: %PLATFORM_ENV-1-PWR_RPS: Redundant power supply faulty or in standby mod


    Hi all, I have the above error appearing on my Cisco 3560E running Version 15.0(2) of the IOS. The port affected is Port 24; I've seen some previous discussions concerning a bug on Versions 12 of the IOS. I just need confirmation that this is not bug

  • Error in switch ports POE model, "Cisco Catalyst 2960S-24PS-L Switch" Updated:11-30

    I have problem with the poe switch Cisco Catalyst 2960S-24PS-L posts does not respond, and me the following error resporta was t %PLATFORM_ENV-3-ILP_PORT_POST_ERR: %s can't be brought up because it failed POST in Inline Power test. he source of that

  • Brand new 2960X and 2960XR not responding to cli commands Updated:11-30

    I have 2 brand new 2960X switches and neither are responding to cli commands via the RJ45 to DB9 cisco cable.  Text is displayed but when I hit enter on the keyboard nothing happens and the switches just sit at whatever the last boot ouput is. 2960-X

  • HT2513 ical doesnt change when information is put in it. Updated:11-30

    im tring to put information into my ical   when i do and hit return  none of the information is there anyone have a smiliar thing happen? thanksHi innetee9228: If the output of "show env all" doesn't change when you put the AC power back in, tha

  • Cisco switch 2960s Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a switch which is powers up but does not work. I saw the below logs the I connected to to an interface. Kindly assist. POST: Inline Power Controller Tests : Begin POST: inline power post failed for port 0 POST: inline power post failed

  • Switch doesn't show any log when AC is put in back. Updated:11-30

    I'm using two kind of switches i.e Cat2960S-24TD-L and Cat2960S-48TS-L with RPS2300 for backup power. One question was raising in my head during the power redundancy test on the switches. My question is how NMS can recognize that AC power is put in b