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Planned delivery cost report

  • Planned delivery cost report Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts , Is there any report showa planned delivery cost per P.O in SAP R/3  ??? RrgardsI do not think so that there are planned edelivery costs and actual delivery costs in sap.the frieght entered in PO termed to be planned and will get captur

  • Report for Planned Delivery Costs Updated:10-11

    Hi, Is there any Report for Planned delivery costs per month/day.One of our client needs separate report for frieght charges so that he can be able to pay service tax (GTA) for the same. Thanks PrasadHai, Did you check thro' Tcode MIR5.Read other 2 a

  • Bapi to post planned delivery cost of a purchase order Updated:10-11

    Hi every body,          Can anybody please give me the full details of the planned delivery cost data to post with BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE what are the manditory fields, I am using the following code , but  a few are posting , remaining r not pos

  • How to know miro is planned delivery cost Updated:11-30

    hi, any where to check eg table or report, can tell the miro posted document is for planned delivery cost. i think most of us notice that if display miro posted document, the indicator not there. only during edit or create, indicator is there. indica

  • Tax code error while posting Planned delivery costs in Import Scenario Updated:10-11

    Hi!!!!! I am getting on error while posting Planned delivery costs in MIRO for Import Purchase Order with zero value tax code v0. The error is "Tax code V0 country IN does not exist in procedure ZAXINN" For Import I defined a pricing procedure w

  • Planned delivery cost for the scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts 1. I have an requirement to post Invoice ver. for the Planned delivery cost (freight,customs duty,CVD etc) against the Scheduling Agreement just like Import Purchases with checking off the GR Based IV Indicator before doing the GR I tried

  • Planned Delivery Cost in MIRO for different freight vendor Updated:10-11

    Hi, Kindly share, how to get rid of above issue: 1) PO created with a freight condition (FRA1 with a different vendor assigned to it under item conditions tab) 2) GR done, & all accounting entries were OK, (including freight costs in FR1 or FR3) 3) w

  • Planned delivery cost in Import of Assets Materail Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a scenario, where we are purchasing (Import) Assets material from abroad. for this we have created Import PO with account assignment A. assigned the planned delivery cost in Condition Viz. Sea freight, Custom Duty, CHA charges and individu

  • Change the sequence of planned delivery costs in MIRO Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, In import an import PO the various CVD & ACD conditions are maintained in the PO . To enter the bill of entry , MIRO is used where the invoice is booked for planned delivery costs for the PO . In MIRO , this planned delivery costs appea

  • Planned Delivery Costs in IMPORT PO Updated:10-11

    Hi, What planned delivery costs are posted to GL accounts and material accounts. I want to post Clearing & Forwarding and Demurrage charges to material accounts.How it can be done. RegardsSolvedRead other 2 answers