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  • Pivot table - Grand total Error Updated:11-30

    hi, I am getting incorrect totals in my Pivot table. i.e The Grand Total is not giving the exact sum. pls direct me.. My scenario: I need to calculate the total expenses per region and quarterwise.i havent used any aggregation rule. In the Answers, i

  • Pivot Table Grand Total Updated:11-30

    Newbie Question: How do I add a Grand Total of my columns in a pivot table? Thanks- Charlie Epes Buffalo, NYHi Charlie click the pencil icon to edit the pivot table then click the sigma symbol icon to add the grand total. You can do this for rows or

  • Oracle answers pivot table grand total problem Updated:11-30

    hi All, I am working with OBI dashboard. I have a problem in creating a pivot table. To make it simple assume I have 3 columns: Sales, Target Sales, and %Diff. I added a total row but the problem is the total for %Diff is actually the average of the

  • Pivot view grand total navigation Updated:11-30

    Users want to navigate on pivot view grandtotal to next level report based on grand total value.I can only do column heading and column value navigation as per my knowledge.Anyway these values are calculated on the fly and not stored in the database.

  • 11g Pivot Table Prompt Totals Updated:11-30

    I've created a pivot table in which I have two columns listed in the Pivot Table Prompts area (formerly known as the pages area in 10g). When editing the pivot table, the Layout section shows a summation icon beside the words Pivot Table Prompts. I'v

  • Obiee spurious pivot table non-total figures Updated:10-11

    Hi, My problem is that a pivot table in conjunction with non-hierarchical columns presents figures where no figures exist at data level rather than pivot table totals. OBIEE version Essbase version I have an Essbase data source fo

  • Table grand total Updated:11-30

    hi, in physical layer, there are 4 physical tables. they are: region, area, city, value their relationship: region 1:n area area 1:n city city 1:n value in the Answer, if region and city are selected. it gives the correct results. the sql issued incl

  • Advanced Table with Grand Total Updated:11-30

    I have an advanced table created at the design time with property "Records Displayed" is set to 10. That means, i can able to see 10 records at a time. i have click on Next "Next 10" link to see the next 10 records. i have created a fo

  • Pivote Table Updated:11-30

    I have two measurement columns in my pivot table. One has values that need to roll up into an over all row total for a customer. A second column has one value that repeats but in the pivot table it totals all the rows as well but I just need the one

  • Hiding grand total value in pivot table view Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a pivot table in which i have 5 measures, out of these 5 measures i want to show the grand total for only the first one. How can this be done? Thxhi Phantasm, do as it is mentioned as kart. IT WORKS FINE, put agrregation rule as none and t

  • % of calculation in GRAND TOTAL in PIVOT TABLE Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I have a requirement to calculate the percentage based on the grand total in pivot table,but in row wise i am getting the percentage while in grand total level i am not getting correct values.I have tried with all the options like:average,S

  • Navigation of Grand total in pivot table Updated:10-11

    I'm currently working in report development Oracle BI wherein I need to develop a report using pivot table. I need to do summation at both row and column level and when clicked on the Grand Total level it should display entire resultset. According to

  • Grand Total in Pivot Table Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a pivot table with several measures and grand totals. The problem is that there is one measure where the totals show up incorrectly. By incorrectly I mean that this shouldn't be sum of rows, but a different calculation and I haven't found

  • Grand total of 2 measures in pivot table Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a requirement to show in a pivot table in which there are 2 measures - Male_count and Female_count. In the column I have Age_group such as 20-30,30-40 etc. In the row I have grade like assistant, manager etc. The requirement is to show col

  • Grand Total in Rows of Pivot Table Updated:11-30

    Hi, How to display Grand total in rows of pivot table. Thanks and Regards, KiranHi, Now i got your question. No, its not possible to add aggregation for the measures. Instead you need to create some two dummy dimension table and use them in the pivot

  • Grand total in Pivot Tables with Paging Updated:11-30

    I could help with this issue please when we apply paging PivotTables there a way to show Grand total all pages, and I've noticed that the Grand total vee only when the last page or show all results at once. For me it is important to see the Grand tot

  • Average of the Grand Total in the Pivot Table Updated:11-30

    all, I have calculated a Grand Total of sum 3 days trade in the pivot table using the Totals after in the Pivot table. I wanted to obtain the average of this Grand total. How can i achecive this in OBIEE 10g.? Please help urgentI did not understand y

  • How to Display a Detailed Grand Total Column in Pivot Table Updated:11-30

    I have a pivot table that looks something like this: I would like to display the 'Grand Total' column at the end so that it is separated by year, like this: Is there a pivot table setting that would allow it to display this way? I've searched high an

  • Rank on column-level Grand total column in pivot table  -  Need help Updated:11-30

    Hi , I have developed the report, which is having a pivot view. In pivot view i have a column level grand total. I need to apply the rank for the grand total column.. will that be possible.. if possible let me know.. Thanks KishoreMAY BE IT IS NOT PO

  • Grand totals in Pivot table in OBIEE Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a pivot table in which i want both row and column level totals. when i say summation-->after for both row and column i can see the totals but the column level totals are showing results(the row level totals are correct.) Any idea what mist